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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • Anonymous methods

    Sven Groot wrote:
    PerfectPhase wrote: One other thing is there a general perpose parameterless delegate in the framework?  I tend to use ThreadStart but it's a bit missleading when you read the code back


    Thanks, feel kind of silly now as thats in the help file.....

  • Anonymous methods

    Sampy wrote:

    Works fine on the latest VS in my private branch.

    What's the latest version of VS like, I can manage about 3-4 compile-run sequences with the Feb-CTP before VS's memory useage tops out at over 500Mb and the UI becomes too slow to use?


  • Anonymous methods

    That's a shame, using anonymous methods in control.invoke seem, well, natural.

    One other thing is there a general perpose parameterless delegate in the framework?  I tend to use ThreadStart but it's a bit missleading when you read the code back

    Thanks anyway,


  • Anonymous methods

    Oh, I have the Feb CTP and get

    Error 1 The best overloaded method match for 'System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(System.Delegate)' has some invalid arguments D:\devwork\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.Lines.Standard\Visualiser.cs 54 10 VirtualBox.Lines.Standard

    Error 2 Argument '1': cannot convert from 'anonymous method' to 'System.Delegate' D:\devwork\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.Lines.Standard\Visualiser.cs 54 24 VirtualBox.Lines.Standard


  • Anonymous methods

    I have a chunk of code that looks like this

    public delegate void MyDelegate();
    private void DataReceived (object sender, GenericEventArgs<byte[]> data)
    MyDelegate d = delegate


    Surely there must be a way to write it like this

    private void DataReceived (object sender, GenericEventArgs<byte[]> data)
    rtbLog.Invoke(delegate ()

    Just can't see how!


  • how original!

    harumscarum wrote:
    Was flipping through the channels and I saw this: http://www.nbc.com/nbc/The_Office/ . *sigh*

    Looks like thats another great show trashed



  • I Fully Support Mr. Grimes, .NET is NOT the right technology for US as a C++ programmer

    leighsword wrote:

    everything is OK before Longhorn is released.

    Not 100% sure on this but you should still be able to call into WinFx via COM Callable Wrappers from unmanaged code. 

    Any way all the existing API's should still work with longhorn, you just will not get seamless access to all the cool new toys Smiley

    And there will always be a need for unmanaged C++ for kernel/driver type work, right tool for the right job and all that.


  • Response.​Redirect?

    Rake wrote:
    it just says line error

    Server.URLEncode()-ing the Session("username")

    Please tell me you didn't actuall type the '()-ing the..' bit but instead typed

    Server.URLEncode (Session("username"))

    having first checked that Session("username") is not null?


    As for redirect



  • No IP Adress Assigned

    weecohiba wrote:
    I have had a wireless network opertaing for over a yera now. I have a server, through which  three laptops hang off and connect to the internet. Now all of a sudden the server is not assigning an IP adrees to the laptop. This seems to be intermittant, some times it works ok other times I cannot conect. This can happen to one or more laptops and at the same time the other laptops work perfectly. I can see the wireless network and can connect to that ok, however when you ping the host it says 'destination unreachable.

    I've had this happen on several wireless systems,never found a good answer, I normally end up puting a staic address into the 'alternative config' tab under TCP/IP


  • Command windows control

    Does anyone know where I can get a simple winforms control that functions as a command prompt?  Something like the command window in VS.  I don't want it do actually do anything just fire an event to me when the user presses return, and provide me with a way to write some simple text back to it CLI style.

    I know it wouldn't be that hard to write from scratch but it's late and I can't be bothered Smiley  I'm sure something like this must be common requirement and be in a library somewhere!