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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • Secure Office Instant Messenger

    @jinx101:  Lync via Office365, no management other than adding user accounts

  • "Map as drive" broken in Windows 8.1? [RESOLVED]

    Same for me under 8.1, never used it under 8.

  • almost there! iconia - 10" tab with win8 - 399:

    @Ian2: Every review I've heard about that device been shocking, especially the screen on it.

  • Screen capture api

    Hi all, I was just watching this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huj5bD-x-2c and was wondering how you'd go about sampling the screen to get the colours.  The guy says his app runs about 3% CPU at 75Hz, so I assume that it's not just a straight screen grab.  Is there a way to hook into the DWM (or something) and sample small regions of the screen that would still work with hardware accelerated GPU rendered content?

  • Visio Windows 8 Store App released

    @cheong: Got a reply from the windows store people after reporting the app


    Thank you for response and concerns in regards to the integrity of the Windows Store.  being a democracy we must allow absent censor/discrimination alot of apps into the market.  There is a app developer agreement and certfication requirement criteria that each app has to met. 

    Upon release to the store there are random app reviews, consideration of the impact of value, consideration of the reviews/ratings apps may receive from consumers or even valid violation that can later present the opportunity for us to act. 

    Please note we don't take our responsibilities or offereings lightly.  The Windows Store is the venue that is in place to allow app developer to share, develop, and sale apps to a large market.  But reassured that we do take the measure to protect our business, reputation, and our consumers. 

    You concerns have been shared and any and all necessary actions if required will be taken.


    I also note that the apps have now either been removed or had their descriptions changed to say explicitly that they are how to videos.

  • Visio Windows 8 Store App released

    The Visio one in the UK store is 'Microsoft Office Visio® Pro 2013' and is listed in the 'Tools' category.

    , cheong wrote

    Now I see... These Apps put themselves in "Music & Video" category, so they pose themselves as tutorial of various MS Office applications. I think that's why Microsoft allow these Apps there.

    And if you look at the details, it just said "MS Outlook 2013...." not "MS Outlook 2013 Pro ...." so maybe it's misleading, but nothing is technically wrong there too.

    Maybe Microsoft should setup guildline that if it's an e-book, it should state it clear in the description.

  • Visio Windows 8 Store App released

    It's in the UK store as well now!  Reported, but quite pathetic this was allowed through!

  • Copy event schedule to queue

    Could you add an option to copy my event schedule to my queue?

    For example I have my schedule for build, but to add it to my queue I have to go into each video add it and go back, it would be handy to have a quick copy all function.

  • Ron Jacobs

    @DaveWill2: That's the guy, shame to hear this; I learned a lot from his shows here on C9 over the years



  • Anyone using SSD for development work only?

    I have a 300+ project solution that we benchmarked on SSD and spinning rust.  SSD saved us about 10 seconds of a 200 second compile. The bottle neck in our solution was the Silverlight projects, nothing we could do could make them compile faster!  Even tried RAM disks after that and the compile time didn't drop noticeably.  This was on a top of the range i7 with buckets of RAM and SSD for OS. 

    The biggest win for us though was in opening solution and source control operations, made a real difference in usability there.