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PeterF PeterF Aragon IT
  • Let's chill out folks

    Keskos wrote:
    Why do you keep posting your pictures? LOL

    I asume Karim knows how to use the logging function of his server to make sure he got the right IP matching the computer you are using. Your over-eagering way of wanting the last word and refreshing the page for updates should have given him enough sample data to give a good estimate...

    If it's not this, ignore my theory. Then I'm clueless Wink

    ps. I have the last word again (for now) Smiley)

  • Let's chill out folks

    I have the last word! Wink

  • Let's chill out folks

    You don't know when to quit do you? In the beginning I gave you the benifit of the doubt. You have a uncanny way of attracting attention in a negative way, and if you really are this Alex guy, then you should really start thinking who is the real cause of problems in stead of blaming everyone else. The only thing the others could be blamed of is luring you out of the house by provoking you.

    Trying to kiss up with the admins is... well how could I put it... it's like you are not able to control the situation anymore.

    Whatever you are going to do from now, I wish you the best of luck.


  • Msg for c9 admins: The destruction of c9 has started...

    There is a certain point where ignoring doesn't help anymore as the need for attention gets bigger for certain people, such as ruining perfectly normal topics in threads. But it is caused by just a few people, and it remains in the coffee house, I got used to it.

    I'm only waiting for the moment certain people get it into their head that they need to get offline more and practice a bit on their social skills, as they don't seem to learn them online (as it has been going on for months now)

    Some have become experts in offending even when they want to stop being offended. Would it be lack of attention? Single childhood? No friends? One can only guess...

  • Fly eating robot

    Disturbing is that it works on the scent of human excrement. Will it follow you into the bathroom whenever it needs a refill?

  • Resources - C# Express

    Kaelan wrote:

    Really? I never managed to get this feature working... I even got errors in my form designers where once I left the IDE they couldn't find their resources.

    Rather use this method:


    so for getting an image:
    Bitmap bm = new Bitmap(GetType().Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("image.png"));

    And don't off course forget (besides adding image.png to the project) to set the Build Action to Embedded Resource.

    That way it also works when the objects you instantiate reside in other assemblies.

    Good luck,

  • 1000 Americans killed in Iraq

    For one they were patriotists, for the others they were seperatists.

  • 1000 Americans killed in Iraq

    Blind patriotism

  • 1000 Americans killed in Iraq

    I only wonder how long it would take for the Dollar to be at such an unpopularity level that certain regions would trade in Euro's just for principe

  • 1000 Americans killed in Iraq

    If we are going to do history, don't forget where the true roots of most Americans are. Mostly immigrants from Europe, getting cheap labour from Africa, populating a country where the true inhabitants are kept safe in reserves.

    ps. not trying to offend, only trying to make a short summary.