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PeterF PeterF Aragon IT
  • Embed video like Channel9 on my website?

    Well, the Channel9 website is generated on the fly using ASP.NET, but the video control has been customized. They use a control-less Windows Media player mode and the rest around it are images to form the Channel9 skin, with javascript onclicks etc to interact with the activex control.

  • Embed video like Channel9 on my website?

    With MS Frontpage you could use the Media Player Add-in

    Overview wrote:

    This add-in enables new capabilities for FrontPage users including the ability to: Easily embed the Windows Media Player 9 Series or 10 Series control into FrontPage web pages and SharePoint sites; Control the look and feel of the media playback experience; Easily convert your media files for efficient network delivery. Publish to a Web or streaming server automatically. All this from within the add-in's wizard without having to write any script!

    Good luck,

  • Hey Microsoft, fix Outlook 2003...

    Loadsgood wrote:

    * Now this will test whether or not Microsoft are listening*

    I guess you got the answer Wink

    Thanks Tristan, it was not the most intuative feature to find out by yourself, but it should have been the default option for that folder. So no more p* enlargements adds being previewed Tongue Out

  • Bush - 2004 Elections

    Sorry to bring it up as I managed to ignore this thread the last few days, but after I saw this documentary a few days ago where they showed a lot of children born with birth defects, from both civilians and military, I'm not sure American network would show that around this election time. Children playing on fields were the geiger meter flipped out of the scale. Very sad.

    Please do a little bit of research on nuclear contamination in Iraq caused by the uranium anti-tank shells. Some may also consider that a war crime. The nuclear energy branche are certainly glad they didn't need to invest in storage of nuclear waste.

    I'm not american, and it shouldn't be the business of non-americans to worry or get involved with discussions of who is the next president to come, but whoever it will be, I hope (s)he learned to respect other nations and not think to expect respect when not showing it themselves.

    My last 2 cts on this topic.

  • WMP10 and Rating Migration Tool

    If info center is the view to display album information, go to the Library view and click on More Info.

    The language shouldn't matter.

    Have a nice weekend,

  • WMP10 and Rating Migration Tool

    When you install WMP10 it should convert existing data from WMP9 during the first run and remember all the ratings as far as they are not encoded inside the files.

    Good luck,

  • Windows Media Player 10

    jonathanh wrote:

    I can't repro this - in step 5 I'm able to select the Bliss visualization just fine.

    I finally found the skin chooser in the view menu.

    I installed it here in the office and saw that the default is the Windows Classic skin. There it works perfectly indeed. But at home I prior had the beta release, and the default after the upgrade was the Windows XP skin. In that skin you will be able to reproduce the behaviour.

  • Windows Media Player 10

    I seem to have found a minor bug, is anyone able to reproduce it?

    1. Install the Energy Bliss plugin
    2. Select the WM10 Bliss visualization in normal mode
    3. Go to the Skin mode
    4. Left click on the visualization area so it will change the visualization
    5. Right click on the visualization area and try to select the Bliss again

    I'm not able to select the Bliss visualization until I first change to another visualization.

    What I also miss is the option to change the skin, but I haven't used it often anyway...

    What I also would like is to change the shortcut keys to the Winamp ones (zxcvb) plus left and right arrows, just so much easier to do score work.

  • Can someone give Scoble a Mac?

    Developers make money, The organization they work for will afford a TabletPC for testing when they plan to develop an application for it, it's an investment.

  • Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Team System available

    Thanks for the tips.

    I'm going to install it tomorrow, since last tonight my (soon-to-be-ex-)ISP decided to reset the cable modem, so I had to leave for work with the download still not finished at 70%.