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PopeDai PopeDai I moustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later.
  • Windows 9 Leaks

    As someone who is running daily builds of Windows (well, I upgrade once every few weeks rather than every day) I find it amusing to read the comments "X is sooooo fake, lame gay fake screenshots" in response to something that's real, or vice-versa. :)

    It's a shame I can't say anything that would get me fired, I'll just enjoy this 'ere popcorn and read the threads.

  • This has to be a joke

    It'd be a mistake - no disrespect to Mojang, but the vast majority of Mojang's value comes from Minecraft, and Minecraft as a game won't remain popular forever (I played it intensely through 2011-2013 but I just can't get back into it anymore) and then the company's value will drop tremendously. 

    That $2bn would be far better spent, for example, buying Motorola (again) or even buying Comcast to compete with Google Fiber.

    ...that, and I would be tremendously jealous of Notch (not that I already am).

  • Back in the days of DOS, we just installed that latest version and carried on.

    , blowdart wrote


    Except you could display .hlp files - you just had to download the viewer.

    That step (to download the viewer) is non-obvious.

    I see no reason why we couldn't have included it in the "Install Windows Features" part of Windows with an automatic prompt upon attempting to open a *.hlp file. The get-out clause "However, the Windows Help program has not had a major update for many releases and no longer meets Microsoft's standards." is very weak considering the perceived quality of actual shipping Windows components. The fact the Start Screen shipped in Windows 8 without an alternative Start Menu cost the company far, far more (billions?) than any potential security vuln in WinHlp32.exe could have.

  • Attach VS debugger to project started with CTRL+F5 with single ​click/hotke​y?

    Have you tried implementing a debugger-check loop?

    while( !System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached )


  • Windows Forms...

    , MasterPi wrote

    @PopeDai: Eh? The point I was trying to make was it's a technology you can still use and you have control over whether you want to use it of not.

    Gah, sorry - I read your message as "It's dead at the moment so don't use it".

  • Meanwhile, at Microsoft

    , JohnAskew wrote

    W3bbo's cool.

    I'll let him know :)

  • Windows Forms...

    , MasterPi wrote

    It's dead the moment you don't use it.

    I disagree. WinForms is "mature" and not under active development, however it is still fully supported - besides, it's still a wrapper around native Windows controls, so you are effectively assured a degree of forward-compatibility.

    The only bad thing about WinForms I can legitimately say is that there needs to be more controls, and I'm a bit annoyed that some of the newer native controls don't have WinForms wrapper, and you still need to resort to component vendors like Infragistics or Telerik for things like panes/draggable-tab UIs.

    WinForms still has its RAD advantages over WPF, of course. Oh, and WPF applications are absolutely hideous on Windows 8.x because the Win8 WPF theme was based on the Basic skin, not the (slightly better looking) Standard skin.

    If I were creating a new project with a straight-forward UI, I'd still use WinForms. And I'll state that WinForms is still used internally, even for new projects (internal tools, etc)

    (These are my personal opinions and not the company's, yada yada)

  • A case for moving desktop motherboards to non-user expandable RAM and adding a user swappable GPU socket

    TL;DR: buy a Mac Pro 2013 :)

  • Is anybody else seeing VS blowing up a lot of late....

    Installed the latest VS update releases? No add-ins or extensions?

  • VS 2013 Pricing

    When Apple introduced the app-store with the implication of smaller, more regular updates and download-only software it also dropped the prices of its software considerably: Final Cut Pro X was $700 originally, now it's $299.

    ...so I'm a bit surprised to see such charge so much for VS Ultimate - $4249 for VS Ultimate 2013 is a bit of a kick in the balls. I don't know if any of you lot remember the $29 upgrade from VS2002 to VS2003, and even then you didn't need to use VS2003 to target the latest OSes, you could even use VC6. But if you want to do stuff targeting 8.1 you need VS2013 - it seems a bit mean.