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  • Upgrade to a SP3 or a 4K monitor?

    One bug I have run into with the IOGEAR is that when I use the system tray IOGEAR utility to disable my left most monitor, the taskbar on my main monitor becomes empty, completely empty. I have to disable the middle monitor first, then the left most monitor, then re-enable the middle monitor if I want the middle monitor enabled.

  • Upgrade to a SP3 or a 4K monitor?

    I've had my Surface Pro for a year now. Without it I doubt I would be as far along in developing my Windows Phone app. However, the limits on screen real-estate, the tablet screen plus one monitor has made it difficult for me to continue with my ever expanding complexity of my project. My desktop machine I have been using before (and still have) supports 4 monitors.

    So, I've been thinking of doing an upgrade and get a surface pro 3 or alternatively a 4K monitor.

    Problems are; the surface pro doesn't support the full resolution of 4K, but I do have a powerful laptop that does, and could switch to using the laptop, though not my preferred solution. I could also just use the 4K at the lower resolution than what it supports natively.

    The Surface Pro 3 solution is far more expensive, since I would want at least the 128 GB version as that's what I know I can live with through my experience with my Surface Pro. Also, I would prefer to buy a "Broadwell" or Core M version of a new Surface Pro, and they aren't out yet.

    Yesterday, well 2 days ago now, was the first time I got a look at a physical SP3 device at a store. I sure want one badly.

    And I've made my choice:

     I've decided, and purchased (thanks to Paul Thurrott (hey Thurrott didn't change to Thermott this time :) ) for the suggestion / idea ) a USB 3 Universal Docking Station. I bought the IOGEAR model.

    The docking station has solved my wireless mouse problems, by off-loading the Wi-Fi to a Ethernet cable witch greatly interfered with the smoothness of my mouse when heavy Wi-Fi usage was taking place (Mouse Without Borders should be awesome again, but I don't really need it any more now).

    And of course the station adds two extra monitors above and beyond what the Surface Pro supports. So I have two 1080p monitors and one 1600 x 1200 (DVI) that can pivot ( to 1200 x 1600 :) ) and I can use the too small for my eyes tablet monitor as well (I run the emulated phone on it so I have touch).

    I'm still considering getting a 4K monitor (Samsung for CDN $550 to $600) but I am concerned that text will be too small on the 28" ? size. The 36" is far to expensive, around $3,000.

  • Respect

    One of the many lined up at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby describes the chaos, the disappointment


    Then there was the riot at 3 AM, but I am still searching for a video on that...


  • Will the Internet continue to exist for decades to come?

    TELUS connected a fiber optic cable to my house just a few days ago. It's not inside my house yet though. I prepared the capability for TELUS to bring the fiber optic underground into my house while I was replacing my main water line that sprang a leak this past winter. Oddly, just below where two empty bottles were buried is where the leak happened, what a coincidence...

    TELUS didn't use my new underground pipe, but I did bring some electrical wiring through so I could put a light night lamp stand pole structure in the future.

    By the way, does anyone know if a 50 year old Coke bottle is worth anything?

  • Microsoft axes TwC

    This is good because it will help reduce Microsoft's Carbon Foot Print.

  • Project ​Documentati​on System

    My Unit Test projects are my primary documentation.

  • Back in the days of DOS, we just installed that latest version and carried on.

    Back in my early days of DOS, we booted up on the floppy disk that had the operating system then we swapped disks for the floppy that had WordPerfect or Lotus123. Sometimes you would format a floppy and have certain DOS files on it so you wouldn't have to put the DOS disk back in when called for occasionally.

    Some computers had dual floppy drives. I lusted over the new computers that had the new hard floppy disks instead of the 5 and a quarter real floppy disks.

    My first computer with a hard drive had only 40 MB of storage. I suppose that was the beginning of "installing" the operating system.

  • Bill Gates’ energy views are a turn-off


  • Windows 9: lose Charms bar, add virtual desktops

    , kettch wrote


    There's nothing wrong with debate that results in both sides sticking to their opinions. Where it gets tiresome is that some people's idea of a debate is vitriolic rants.

    ... Am not!

  • dancing Sven...

    Vin Diesel voices Groot in the French Canadian version. "Je Suis Groot"