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  • Problem with Win10 File Explorer

    Well, that was short lived. The problem is back.

  • Problem with Win10 music.

    If you are on the latest Win 10 build...

    Known Issues:

    As with the last build, you're getting hot-off-the-presses code which means there are a few issues. We'll be publishing WU updates shortly to fix the first two, but the remainder will not be fixed for 9879.

    • In some cases you may get a black screen when trying to log-in or unlock. The only option is to hold the power button to hard reboot.
    • You will be unable to connect to Distributed File System network locations.
    • Some systems may see disk growth of 20GB+ due to driver install duplication. On systems with low disk space this can block setup and cause a rollback to the previous build.
    • Skype calls will disconnect and Music will stop playing if those apps are minimized.
    • There are several known issues with screen sharing with Lync.

    - - -

    Looks like you will have to wait for either a hot fix or the next update release next year.

  • Problem with Win10 File Explorer

    Well, my hunch was right. I copied out the files from my skydrive and onedrive folders, then deleted them, and the problem has gone away.

  • Problem with Win10 File Explorer

    I tried out a couple of other accounts on this machine, and they don't have this problem.

    I wasn't able to complete the OneDrive setup when I first logged on, so that's one area I am investigating.

  • Problem with Win10 File Explorer

    Any one else having problems with the latest build of Windows 10 and its file explorer?

    The "Home" seems to be the problem. As long as I don't try to display "Home", it seems to run OK. I can't click on the icon on the task bar to get it to not crash, but I can bring up a folder that is on my desktop, then explore to other locations from there, as long as I don't click on the "Home".

  • Profound & thoughtful video sharing thread

  • Censorship

    , kettch wrote


    It's always nice to see that social media doesn't bother with such antiquated concepts such as evidence or due process. I've seen people completely destroyed even though they were proven innocent. However, because the Interwebs had already made up it's mind, it wasn't much consolation.

    But we are talking about direct quotes written or spoken by the person. That is the evidence.

    I notice absolute silence from the usual suspects in this forum on Gruber, by the way .

  • Censorship

    , figuerres wrote

    I think the real issue here on a more general level is the idea of a George Orwell / 1989 "Big Brother" case.

    Did you know that George Orwell wrote "1989" in 1998 ? He switched that lasts two years. :)

    Hate speech is illegal in Canada, against an identifiable minority. I haven't heard of any court cases lately however. Social media today seems to do the job of ostracizing such speakers. In other words, instead of going through an expensive legal process, let the speaker ruin his/her career etc. all on his own.  

  • Finally ordered my Surface Pro 3

    You can also use msconfig.exe to shut down cores, and maybe virtual core functionality, though that might be in bios settings, except its UFEI now.

  • Solar energy technology advancement