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Proton2 Proton2 Gary George Mount
  • Vortex based mathematics.

    This would be a fun exercise to pick apart the so called math.

    I've been trying to find if my favorite physicist had written anything about this, but came up empty.

    The reason is obvious for someone like me with a fair bit of math capabilities. The author claims that the math is so complex that few people have yet to master it. I know that in string theory, it could take perhaps a thousand pages of math to explain some of the concepts. Personally I have been trying to get beyond chapter 1 of my Quantum Mechanics book let alone study string theory.

    Anyways... evildictaitor is ... gulp... right.

    The complexity of string theory:


  • The IPC barrier has been broken

    My world is getting more complicated and easier.

  • Cortana, where are you?


  • Windows Phone 7 & Universal Apps

    One advantage of this new Universal Apps is I can now forget about having a solution that contains all the various project types I want to support that includes WP7, WP8 and Windows (Modern / Store / Metro),

    I will now have just a solution for WP7 and everything else will be done in a solution that contains the Shared Universal App stuff. I still have some details to work out such as what method to share code that isn't platform dependent, play with the bits for a while, but life should be simplified.

    It is perhaps because I only have a WP7 device that I remain committed to a WP7 version of my app. By the way, my surface tablet has got me spoiled for high resolution screens and my current phone is inadequate in this regard. My next phone will definitely have a big screen.

    I was pleased that I could do phone development in the Windows development visual studio and not have to use the VS Express for the phone separately. I experimented on my laptop though that doesn't have Windows Pro, so the emulator couldn't run. I'll try on my secondary Desktop Dev machine later. My Surface Pro machine doesn't have enough storage space (128 GB) to install all the Visual Studio stuff, so it remains as my WP7 dev machine.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    I have come to the conclusion that the less government you have in your life, the better off you are.

  • Good thing I waited for the universal app

    I sure do want to try this out. I'll just install the RC on my desktop machine or my laptop though and leave my dev machine (my Surface Pro) as is for the time being. I only have a Windows phone 7 device though for the time being.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to get two buttons into a couple of columns in a grid just below a multi-select control with that control spanning across the two columns. My XAML skills need a little bit more work. Reading the Charles Petzold book Programming Windows Phone 7. Yeah, I shoulda started a couple of years earlier than I did.

  • My Metro / Modern IE broke

    , contextfree` wrote

    I have a really obnoxious problem with Metro IE on my tablet whereby it somehow thinks/tells pages my screen is wider than it actually is, so pages don't quite fit on my screen horizontally. :@ 

    It just started recently, too ...

    I often get that when I undock or remove my external monitor. I go into settings and adjust the screen to zoom to 150%. Sometimes you can fix the problem by moving from full screen to half the screen, then back again.

  • Is this what happened to Malaysian Flight 370?

    , JoshRoss wrote

    @Proton2: At least you were thousands of feet above the ground. Wind shear can be really scary when landing.


    We were practicing stall recovery. You learn and develop an instinct to apply 3 rules in succession.

    1. Apply full power

    2. ....

    3. Make profit.


  • Is this what happened to Malaysian Flight 370?

    I was flying a plane once when all of a sudden it started to fall like a rock. It was like being on a rollercoaster plunging from the first highest peak, except you're thousands of feet above the ground. After me and my flight instructor safely landed on the ground, I decided to peruse other hobbies.

  • My Metro / Modern IE broke

    , magicalclick wrote

    Both website works fine on my Metro IE. Not sure what can go wrong. In last resort, you may want to recover your OS.

    Thanks. One of the websites (dellingpole) is working now but JoNova still isn't. I suspect it has something to do with an ad that gets served up.