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Proton2 Proton2 No Global Warming for 18 Y 1 M ​wattsupwith​that.com
  • Branded Tech Shops

    There are 5 or more Microsoft stores in Canada :


    big xbox

  • Surface Pro Owners Club

    Good idea. I don't think I ever checked that. It's set to sleep. Since I use my device a lot around the house, often closing the "lid", I think I will keep it as is. With the Windows 8.1 update, I find I like going to the start screen and selecting my shutdown options from there.

    When I first saw the blue screen, I thought I had a bricked device and I was wondering how to get it fixed and what about all my data on the device. Fortunately after a while, I guess after it cooled off, it worked fine. I couldn't even do a recover from media when it first happened, but I don't remember if it was because my media, on USB key, had some other files I copied there and hence would not work, or if it just wouldn't work regardless. Anyway, a cool down period always has put it back into working order, though now I never let it get into that blue screen condition, due to over heating, because of my protocols I implement.

    Note, my coffee mug, a stainless steel double walled container, sits inside a pouch just to the rear outside of where the cased Surface Pro is located, and the sun shines on that, and I have often been surprised how hot it gets when I go to retrieve the coffee "personal cup" (10 cents off with my purchase of coffee at Starbucks (I'll break even after 250 coffees :) ) ).

    My smart phone got so hot once that it said the ram or rom was not installed. It just so happened that I dropped the phone that day and thought it might have go loosened, but it was just the heat as after a while it was working again, though it underwent a hard reset :( . One and only time over 4 years of usage. HTC Surround 7 with Windows Phone 7.Mango.

    That reminds me, last summer I finally sorted all my coins and had $200 in quarters alone and $500 total, what with loonies and loonies, dimes, nickel and pennies (that are no longer in circulation but still valid money). I understand Americans still use paper one dollar bills, and don't have two dollar bills (in wide circulation).

  • Surface Pro Owners Club

    My Surface Pro has had problems booting up and entering a state were it displayed options of how to proceed, restart, reinstall from recovery media.

    I discovered by using scientific reasoning that I should turn off (complete shut down) before putting it away into my back pack, and when I get home, to take it out and let it cool for a while before plugging in the power and/or turning it on. After that, I never experienced the boot up problems.

    One day this past summer I got to a McDonald's restaurant and started using my Surface Pro, and it suffered the same boot problems after I had been using it for a few minutes.

    It has been working fine these past few months with no problems, as long as I follow my protocols of shutting off before putting it away (both into a case and the case into my back pack), and letting it "air out" when I take it out of the backpack / case when I get home. Note, I've always been on a bike (the human powered version) while transporting and having these problems.

  • ipad air 2, you just have to hold it right

    What's the barometer sensor used for, personal weather forecasts ?

  • Windows 10, first thoughts.

    Congratulations to the participants of the discussion on skeuomorphism, you have been nominated as members of a special club

  • Windows 10, first thoughts.

    New current line highlighting in Visual Studio 'vs14' ctp 4

    highlight text input location

  • Windows 10, first thoughts.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Anyone missed charm bar? I have tendency to slide corner up my mouse to bring out Charm bar to turn off my PC. But then I realize win10 took it out. I actually like charm bar, it has that unified options, except no devs use it. And i hope they could have move it to right side of the screen.

    WindowsKey + C, still brings up the charms. Swipe in from the right on track pad on my laptop still brings it up as well.

  • Ebola spreads to USA

    , ScanIAm wrote

    if nothing else, it's never a good idea to use absolutes...

    Are you absolutely sure about that?

  • Ebola spreads to USA

    , IPowerPanda wrote

    Plane from NYC to Las Vegas surrounded by ambulances; reports of passengers with possible Ebola symptoms.

    I had Ebola symptoms once (fever).

  • Windows 10, first thoughts.

    , Niner502267 wrote


    You can still user F11 key aka full screen mode. I know it is not exactly the same, but it is a close one.

    It's not the fullness of the screen, it's more the UI that I got used to. My Win10 machine has no touch screen and had 4 monitors. Its a HP laptop, using USB 3 workstation thingy . I discovered you can bring up the charms with the track pad (swipe in from right).