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  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    Not necessarily in order.

    1. Data tape drive
      $650 IIRC, $50 per tape that stores 1.6 GB (3.2 claimed with compression). I only ended up buying 4 tapes, and one of them was faulty but I never knew this, making for a terrible experience.
    2. CD rewrite drive
      $16 per disk (at first) and often get unreadable data
      afterwards. I gave up on this tech once portable hard drives came out and got cheap enough, and memory fobs.
    3. BlueRay player
      Only used it once, maybe twice.
    4. Many of the WindowsCE devices I bought. Spent many thousands total over a few years, always hoping the latest one would finally be good enough (never was). One HP device with a keyboard cost me $1600 for example (again IIRC).
    5. Hand scanner
      For digitizing paper documents. 256 grey scale colors, and while scanning, the software would often crash. Also needed a steady hand, though I had some success using a drafting table and its "arms". Todays table top scanners are wonderful in comparison.

    I'll finish this list later.

    Do you have any regrettable purchases for the cost and the little value you got out of the purchase?

  • My latest work toy...

    I don't think you would want to use Lithium unless you needed mobility, I mean, come on, gold is a better conductor than copper, but you don't see solid gold used much if at all. You see gold used on the outer surface to prevent corrosion in certain situations however. Audiophiles often splurge for gold contacts in their audio components.

    Anybody remember when aluminum wiring was used in homes because it was cheaper, except for the fact that many houses burnt down because of corrosion, then arcing at the junction boxes ?

  • My latest work toy...

    81 hour power outage in 2008, yet the skytrain system kept on running :

    "At Stadium passenger station, two Uninterruptible Power Supply units kept lights on, as well as critical systems like video monitoring and guideway intrusion, security and alarm systems. Within an hour and a half, a diesel generator was hooked up to take over from the UPS and crews monitored it for the duration of the 81-hour outage, making sure it had enough fuel. A second generator was also on standby. "


  • Hackers trick coffee machine into making ​uncopyright​ed coffee

    Is this what's called "rich world problems" ?

  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??


  • What the leader of the free world does to improve his image

    Had to be some kind of political message didn't it. I bet he had a number of advisers spending days on what code to write for this event.

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate the guy, I just don't like some of his politics.

    - - -

    As someone who has spend a lot of years studying computer science and programming, I'm not sure what to make of this Hour of Code event.

    I think it might be time I wrote out my thoughts and history (of computer programming), but its going to take me a few hours or days. I am most likely an expert on this topic and should share my thoughts, on a new thread devoted to the subject though.

  • 1 is not enough

    Having just "1" in a title of a thread just isn't enough to get me to click on it to read it. Also the poster has never been on this forum before and the only 2 comments by it are on that thread.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion


  • Artificial intellegence could save mankind

    , magicalclick wrote

    Well, it is still based on student interests. Very few students are passionate enough to study AI, it is a tough field to graduate from.

    No. You are wrong.

    "In a brief telephone interview on November 12, Ballmer emphasized the importance of strengthening the faculty for "the next era of computing," in fields such as machine learning and computational theory, which he said were key to propelling "the next wave of innovation and research." Expanding the faculty cohort from 24 to 36 would "enable the Harvard computer-science department really to be built for the future" computing era. He was delighted, he said, to "support the great people" in the department now."


  • Artificial intellegence could save mankind

    "Few areas of achievement can claim as broad a range of influence as computer science can. But what more can we do to accelerate change? It's a question I thought a lot about while running Microsoft, and the answer is simple: support the very best talent at a place where talent can be fully realized. To that end, I am helping support an increase in the size of the computer science faculty at Harvard by 50%. There is, in my mind, no place better positioned to catch the next wave in computer science than greater Boston. I'll give you four reasons why:"