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Pete Brown

Pete Brown Psychlist19​72 Pete Brown (I have more than one machine that goes "ping!")

Niner since 2008

XAML and Blinky Lights dude

  • Pete at Tech Ed 2011: Cogent DataHub WebView in Silverlight
  • Pete at Microsoft: Tsitsi Gora on being a Designer at Microsoft
  • Pete at Microsoft: Glenn Block on WCF HTTP
  • Pete at Microsoft: Joel Barsotti and CalMAN in WPF
  • Pete at Microsoft: WCF RIA Services Team Interview
  • Pete at MIX10: Josh Blake on Natural User Interface and WPF Multi-touch
  • Pete at MIX10: Emil Stoychev on the CompletIT Silverlight Site
  • Pete at MIX10: David Kelley on the Prototype WPF and Silverlight Retail Experience
  • Pete at MIX10: Mime Cloud for Umbraco and More
  • Pete at MIX10: Cory Plotts on Snoop for WPF

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