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Ray7 Ray7
  • HoloLens

    , kettch wrote

    @bondsbw: It seems like a phone-powered payment system is only going to be truly useful if it can be just as fast, convenient, and inclusive as a wallet. If it works with some of my cards and some of the stores I frequent, and doesn't support my loyalty cards, then it's not going to be terribly useful.

    You'd need to be able to tape your driver's license to the back of your phone and be able to survive an average day.

    Well, the convenience thing is not a problem IMO, but you are absolutely right; if your phone is out of juice then it won't work and you're back to your credit card (and here's hoping you haven't forgotten your pin number by then).

    The take-up amongst the banks and the credit card companies is going as fast as one would expect, given that this should slash fraud costs if they can make it as widespread.



  • HoloLens

    , bondsbw wrote


    I love the concept but the execution isn't there.  Yet.  Apple Pay can only be used in a limited number of retailers.  It is competing against other digital payment forms.  It is only marginally more convenient than swiping a credit card... it just means I have to dig the phone out of my pocket instead of digging my wallet out.  Sure, that might be easier if I already have my phone out, not sure about any other time.

    Hence the connection to the Apple watch, which means that you only have point your wrist at the reader. 

    Still, I'm not sure that digging out a credit card, sticking it in a machine and typing your pin number is less inconvenient than digging out your phone and putting your finger on your button. I think most people can get hold of the right mobile phone faster than they can get out the right credit card.

    Your mileage may vary of course.

    Another hindrance from cutting the card is that Apple Pay isn't ideal for pay-at-the-table restaurants or the drive thru.

    Not sure why this is the case. If the portable reader supports NFC then it should be suitable for just about anywhere. If you can reach over to take the tray then you should be able to use the phone to pay for it. 

  • HoloLens

    , cbae wrote

    TBH, your post sounds a bit like sour grapes because your favorite company wasn't the one that announced this product.

    Says the person who just sputtered out three mega-defensive messages on the trot ;)

  • HoloLens

    , Bass wrote


    You mean like a contact lens size device, or something directly implanted into the eye? :)

    Or a device that projects the 'holograms' into the air, without the need for the big specs. 

  • HoloLens

    , magicalclick wrote


    You are saying smart phone, tablet, smart watch are ulgy. So, they will release their designed version 3 years later and say they revolutionized the world.

    Yup, and they won't be lying.

    When you come up with it, it's an invention

    When you get the world to use it and show the competition where they've been going wrong so they can benefit too, it's a revolution.

    Apple never claimed to have invented USB, or smartphones, or tablets, but they were instrumental in getting them broadly accepted outside of the geek market.  Tablets have been languishing in specialist markets for a decade before Apple got involved.

    They're not exactly languishing now; in fact, they've been causing serious dents in the PC market for some time now.

    So when Apple says they've revolutionised a marketplace then I don't think it's unfair to say they did.

    And you say that Apple will not come up with their version for three years? Make that ten.

    The first prototypes of the iPad predate the iPhone, but Apple didn't release them because they didn't have the tech to make them thin, light or powerful enough to be any different than the dross that was already on the market. Before they could do that, they needed to do a few other things first, the most important being to create the world's best mobile processor design shop, in house.

    Apple doesn't enter every market, even if that market is massive. What they're looking for is an enabler. The tech pundits are all over the Apple watch, dissecting it from rumours and prototypes (apparently there are 3000 of them in circulation already). They're classing it as Apple's next big thing or next big failure. Unfortunately, they're looking in the wrong direction. Apple's next big thing has already landed: Apple Pay. Apple wants to revolutionise how we pay for stuff. Did they invent mobile payments? Will they bring about the end of the insecure credit/debit card? Probably.  Early users have noticed that they get an alert when a linked card is used, in some cases this has happened before the owner realises the card was stolen.

    The Apple watch is really another extension of Apple Pay.  You can take your phone out of your pocket to pay for stuff, or you can just move your wrist closer to the reader.

    Now, VR helmets? Still not sure. Having snooped around the web, it does appear to be something they've been looking into since 2006, but Apple looks into a lot of things that either don't bear fruit, or turn out to be real stinkers. If they go into VR then it will have to be something that people will use beyond geek curiosity . . . and it can't make consumers look weird while they're using it.

  • HoloLens

    , Ian2 wrote

    @Ray7:I have no doubt that Apple Red apple will also be developing some kind of VR device and with MS showing it's hand Raised hand it will be interesting to see what they, and others do.

    MS has invited everyone to their party - let's hope as many as possible turn up to make it as big and bright as possible!

    It's an interesting idea, but bear in mind that Apple is a design house, and this:

    is not the kind of image that a design house wants to portray. 

    From a product point of view, I'm not sure that this is mass-market enough for Apple. I can see tech folk buying these by the truckload, but as a consumer gadget? Not sure.

  • HoloLens

    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    Apple never really did anything others didn't do first, they just did it better :>

    100% true. 


  • Is Microsoft about to do an Apple?

    At the rate Apple was burning through cash, the injection from Microsoft wouldn't have kept Apple afloat for more than a fortnight. 

    The deal wasn't about the money; the non-voting stock buy was extracted from Microsoft in return for settling a number of long-running patent disputes. Jobs could have fought for a billion dollar settlement in court, but the company didn't have that kind of time. What they needed more than money was a commitment from Microsoft to keep developing Office for the Mac; without it, Apple was dead in the water. 



  • Microsoft working on new Chrome-like browser

    Not sure that Microsoft's mobile bowser share is going to make that much difference, one way or the other. 

  • China plans "Windows eradication"

    , TheTraveler wrote

    Isnt Russia doing something similar?

    Same problem, same solution.