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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Stay on Target
  • Grrr. DLL Hell. Again.

    @BitFlipper:  I just updated to the latest version of Dependency Walker (2.2) due to some issues I was having with mis-reported errors and so on.  Have you made sure you have the latest?  It helped with my issue, at least.  Might not help in your case.

  • PlayTo

    @androidi: Thanks for the advice ... I'll try out your scheduled tasks when I get a chance and see if it helps.

  • perhaps NSFW - Unauthorized use of Scott Hanselman's image? I think so :)

    , Ian2 wrote

    @Richard.Hein:Yes, didn't really think it through. Doubly worse as I actually really like Scott Hanselman.

    I was responding to this part, "So you're the guy doing the audio transcripts of his blog then?", not the rest which is obviously meant to be a joke.  If Dentaku is the guy doing audio transcripts, and he posted this to be malicious and defame Scott, then it seems like libel to me, and I think this thread should be removed.

  • perhaps NSFW - Unauthorized use of Scott Hanselman's image? I think so :)

    , Ian2 wrote

    So you're the guy doing the audio transcripts of his blog then?

    (I believe he is chatting with his daughter in this image btw)

    I would be furious if that's what is going on. Libelous.

  • PlayTo

    @kettch:  That would also be useful.


    It really sucks that the original Xbox with XBMC is still superior to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

  • PlayTo

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @Richard.Hein: We try to use PlayTo to stream to our TV, and that also sucks because you can only set it up from the desktop PC which is in another room.  I have resorted to using my Surface RT to remote to my desktop, to click PlayTo to view recorded TV on the TV in front of us.  Not exactly slick. Even then PlayTo often refuses to register our TV (sounds like the same problem as with Xbox which makes me think its Windows 8 and not the TV or xBox).

    It's definitely Windows, but I also had the same problems with Windows 7.  I thought it was my NAT but after a ton of trouble shooting steps, it's definitely not the problem.  I don't know why they haven't made any improvements ... OH WAIT ... yes I do know why.  Because they want people to only buy media from Xbox Video or other providers. 

    Too bad MS, that strategy will backfire completely.  I will just set up a server and forget the Xbox for media streaming entirely if they don't fix it.

  • PlayTo

    And while your at it, let me use SmartGlass to stream local media to the Xbox One.

  • PlayTo

    Why does PlayTo suck so bad?  There are a number of problems with it that still haven't been fixed after multiple OS versions and now Xbox versions. 

    First problem:  The PlayTo option only shows up if I either reboot both the Xbox and the computer from which I wish to stream, or if I disable the network adapter and re-enable it, then usually (but not always), it will become available.  Scanning for hardware or devices doesn't help at all.

    Second problem:  Connecting to device takes forever, and often fails for no apparent reason.

    Third problem:  Cannot rewind or fast forward, most of the time.  If you try, it will restart the video from the beginning.  Occasionally you get away with rewinding, and occasionally you get away with restarting the video and jumping to a location in order to "fast forward" the video or "rewind" it to a specific location, but usually trying to start the video someplace other than the very beginning just fails.

    Microsoft, fix this stuff or let me browse my network files and play them directly over the network, or bring back Media Center and get that working.  I can't believe what a huge step backwards it is on the Xbox One to play network media.



  • The World's biggest patent troll

    The article makes it sound like it's a patent for controlling certain kinds of electronic signal, related to LCDs, but can't and doesn't go into details.  Therefore it's impossible to know if this is just a troll (well, from the article he is not just a troll, but actually has done some novel/patent-worthy stuff before/after) or if people really have violated a novel patent.  It could be anything.  It's good that the law has changed.

  • Fungi Defense

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @Richard.Hein: or it's another case of parallel evolution (like mammal hearts and bird hearts, and our eyes and octopus eyes).

    Yes, that's one of the things I meant by connected, although I wasn't specific.  Also, it could just be connected in the case that networks are just an ubiquitous thing that is present in nature, and networks perform computation by the very nature of network growth\formation\restructuring over time.  For example, if the universe is connected via a network of dark matter, it may compute (as suggested by Stamets in the video).  One of the most interesting things I've read in a while about the formation of life, is this possible underlying thermodynamic cause:  https://www.simonsfoundation.org/quanta/20140122-a-new-physics-theory-of-life/ 

    So, in other words, perhaps life is inevitable due to the laws of thermodynamics, and a fundamental component of life is the ability to compute, but the ability to compute (may) invariably requires a network, or a network is a feature of structures which perform computation.  Computation of information is essentially reducing entropy inside a closed system, while releasing heat and thus increasing entropy in the external environment.

    EDITED typos, grammar, attribution.