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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Stay on Target
  • Kinectless Xbox One - $399 & Netflix w/o Gold

    , spivonious wrote

    @MasterPi: Taking Kinect out means that we'll get another generation of games that don't use the Kinect. That's bad news. I think the main reason for it is to get the price down to PS4 levels.

    Not requiring Gold for entertainment apps is fantastic news. It's been one of the items making me hesitate. I already pay for Netflix and can get it free through my PC, my blu-ray player, and my phone. What should I have to pay Microsoft to use it on the Xbox?

    I agree with both paragraphs 100%.  I'll add, that to me, Netflix is the best thing ever for the Xbox One.  Being able to pin my kids shows is awesome for her, for my wife, and for me to launch anything on demand.  Netflix really is by far themost used app in my home and sells the Xbox One, to me.

    However, it is better with the Kinect because I can shout out a favorite for my daughter from the kitchen and BAM, it's playing.  Going back to even Kinect 1 and the Xbox 360, sucks - I've tried it.  The Xbox One Netflix client still needs work, but it's good enough.

    Microsoft, if possible, should buy Netflix, or buy up as much of Netflix as they can, imho.

  • Scientists add Letters to DNA’s Alphabet by The Koyal Group InfoMag News

    , ScanIAm wrote


    It always cracks me up when this is used to justify genetic tinkering.  I'm completely pro-tinkering, but this is obviously a case of picking a good possibility from a myriad of both good and bad.

    They could easily have said "The accomplishment might eventually lead to organisms that reduce our bones to jelly and result in the ruination of all that we hold dear."

    I mean, it's possible, right?


    Yes, but it already happens, naturally.  Some viruses and bacteria cause illness and reduce bones to jelly and we need to a) find out how that happens and b) stop it.  Knowing how they work may increase the number of custom, dangerous viruses possible, but it's not the only way to increase the danger.  We could do nothing and some militant group with some reason to hate some people can harvest a dangerous virus without any knowledge of biology at all, and still infect people.  And again, it could just happen naturally.  Viruses cause many health problems and disease, and we're just beginning to understand how many problems, from cancer to birth defects, are caused by viruses.

  • Erik Meijer and MONADS on infoq.com

    @Charles:  Looking forward to that.  :)

  • Erik Meijer and MONADS on infoq.com

    , fanbaby wrote


    I've watched 12:55 of this video and it's funny, but I still don't get category theory (in math or programming) ;)

    This was an excellent - the Lift operator is worth the price of admission.  I'm still trying to figure out how it works, though, because even though Erik says map and flatMap and lift in RxJava are implemented exactly like he demonstrates, the actual RxJava code is much different with helper interfaces, let alone Scala vs. Java differences.

  • Governor General Binary Code

    I didn't have a chance to watch the whole thing but I find it interesting.   There is no way that the digits are purely random.  Why would someone bother putting it in if it doesn't have meaning?  Heraldry is full of meaning from the colours used to the animals and the objects ... all symbolic, so there's no way I'd believe for a second that it doesn't say something.

  • Bill Gates sure that Google Glass will be successful

    I had an idea for something very similar about 2 weekends ago.  I dubbed it the "Watcher Watcher".  It would be software which uses facial recognition to automatically inform/send copies/or block photography.  The idea went from thinking about a demo of facial recognition that can scan an audience and then automatically send them any photos by looking up their info in an attendees list and using email, social network info, etc..., to having legally enforced requirements for any camera to have such software so that if you are being monitored publically, everyone is at least aware of all the photos and videos that are being taken of them at any time.  Hence, "Watcher Watcher".  I figure it would be very difficult legally, but it was just a "what if" kind of thought.  To be able to go to some web site where you can view every picture or video taken of you - ever - would be a bit disconcerting, don't you think?  It could even have a real time stream on your home page.

  • Vortex based mathematics.

    @magicalclick: From what I've seen so far it seems like a combination of magical thinking and nonsense. I'll couldn't even stand to watch a few minutes. To be fair, I'll try to watch one all the way through, but mathematicians love new theorems even if they have zero practical applications, so I think the response from serious mathematicians is telling - there is nothing here but nonsense.

  • Microsoft open sources Roslyn compiler suite

    , Bass wrote

    From what I can see from the code, it seems to be a full C# and Visual Basic compiler from what I can tell - with an API.

    Here is another pretty big thing they open sourced, WinJS.

    This might be the best thing MS has ever done for developers.  I want a vacation to play with this.

  • ... And now the build stream stopped working during Anders session

    @androidi:  They just fixed it.  Really annoying.

  • BUILD 2014 sessions

    WTF, there is some audio bleeding into the stream ... some bloody parenting show or something.  How annoying!