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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Stay on Target
  • ScottGu promoted to EVP

    Hey, I just read that Scott Guthrie is taking over as EVP of Cloud and Enterprise (essentially all of DevDiv, I guess?).  This was Satya's old role, more or less.  Although he was acting chief, he now has more power to do what he thinks he should do and obviously some big support inside MS.  Let's hope Scott is still able to stay engaged with the community despite his growing responsibilities.  Congrats Scott. :)

    EDIT:  Source - http://recode.net/2014/03/31/microsoft-names-scott-guthrie-as-permanent-enterprise-chief-spencer-to-head-xbox/

  • Massive Silicon Valley CONSPIRACY (yes, really) to fix developer wages

    I've been following this story as well.  A lot of Jobs' emails can be attributed to just him expressing his preference and everyone else's emails are just trying to kiss his butt.  I guess if I had known Steve Jobs I'd probably try not to piss him off, too.  Kissing butt is no way to really be friends, IMO.  So, was the butt kissing worth it?  Not only did the butt kissing hurt a bunch of employees, but they also must have broken some laws and in the end came off looking like a bunch of butt kissing sociopaths, who owe a lot of people a lot of money.  Lawyers must be licking their chops.

  • Ian2, here's your chance to see Kate Bush again for the first time since 1979

    , Ian2 wrote


    Was that "wow" deliberate? 😊

    I was going to say, "wow ... she's unbelievable", but then I didn't.  ;)

  • Ian2, here's your chance to see Kate Bush again for the first time since 1979

    Wow, I don't think I've heard her before ... she's very good. :)  Thanks for sharing.

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    @Bass: I see what you are saying, but I'm not sure if you have to go all the way to a general, true/real/AI ... Whatever ... To be able to use statistically based models that get you far enough... But then again, that may be all the brain does. Statistical empathy models.

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    Let's assume one day we'll be able to put an MRI that is safe and cheap into a helmet form factor, with an Oculus attached.  Then you could at least make models of faces.  Let's assume that active memories and thoughts could also be reconstructed with a certain level of accuracy.  Then you could make models in realtime of not just what someone is currently seeing, but what they are thinking, and reproduce those thoughts in VR.  There's no reason why this would just be limited to facial visual perception either, it's just that the human brain has a lot more going on when looking at faces, so that such a model has more data to perform the statistical analysis on (I think).

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    Yale researchers reconstruct facial images locked in a viewer's mind.

    Bass, I give a rats *.

  • Are emoticons racist?

    Probably not deliberately.  If I was asked to make some emoticon faces, I'd probably make them white because I'm white, without consciously thinking about race at all.  So they probably had some white and some Asian designers.

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    After sleeping on it I realize I let the surprise of this acquisition and my "prejudice" (I think that's what you meant, magicalclick, because discrimination, stereotyping and hate really does not fit, but "pre-judging" yeah, ok, I admit it) against Facebook get me all worked up for nothing.  I am sure that Mark Zuckerberg really just has the best intentions in mind for his users and the world and "all the things" that he wants to connect and model to better understand.  Note the 3rd high-level goal that Mark stated in the conference call was to build the knowledge economy.  I let that sink in for a while, wondering what that could mean.  Part of it is building platforms, like he said, but what else?  I think he really wants to build a knowledge economy, just that simple.  So a social network that allows knowledge to be used as currency, essentially, if that's what he's after, sounds like a good idea to me.  I hope such a knowledge economy will replace our fragile economic situation world wide.  An elite technocracy might seem similar to giving power to the elite running the temples, but now we have real knowledge that's totally right and not just made up stuff, so it's not the same at all, and our sources of knowledge are open and free for anyone to contest, correct, expand. 

    What could possibly go wrong?  Knowledge is power and power is good.  For those who have the knowledge it's good.  So it's better to just jump on board now and use knowledge to fight back against ignorance and knowledge to help and improve and just be a better world.  Yeah, sure, some people will use that knowledge to destroy, hate, kill, but what can you do about that?  They'd do that anyways. 

    Also, it doesn't matter if we try to stand in the way of everyone and everything having a massive AI following for every second of the day, of every day of our lives, from cradle to grave, because of all the great benefits to humanity it will bring.  An AI can tell us what to do when we need to do it, help us with diet, medicine, education and well, every aspect of our lives.  It will, of course, be entirely benevolent because it will be programmed that way - to maximize the best possible scenario for everyone at the same time world-wide.  So, yeah, sometimes you won't get your way, but on the balance, everyone will be better off, because the AI will equalize everything for everyone without any prejudice or consideration about who they are.  Finally, the gap between the rich and poor will evaporate as everyone is elevated to their highest potential, and the AI redistributes wealth as appropriate to those in need. 

    The best thing is that happiness will be something you can easily simulate, and one could be living in a hole in the ground and still experience living in palaces in a utopia.  I know that's far off, but it can happen. 

    So let's just be hopeful about an amazing future.  I hope Oculus and Facebook really do make some awesome stuff together.  If I got a chance to work there, I would do it.  I would totally do it to make sure I am one of the ones that would program the AI to do the right thing, and has the ideology I want, embedded into it. 

    Seriously.  This is all just paranoia, and I'm sure nothing bad will happen, and if it does we'll all be able to stand up with a unified voice to stop it and will fix it.  A single corporation and/or AI could never oppose the entire will of the free world.  If we can anticipate the possible bad scenarios, in advance, we'll be able to divert such possibilities, no matter how subtle, sneaky, and long term the plan of an AI might be to reprogram human brains to conform to the will of the AI.

    Maybe watching "World War II in Color" recently, and then being recommended by YouTube, this video on propaganda http://youtu.be/hG9K5gU4Y18 which was apparently made by North Korea, has made me paranoid about how propaganda operates and all my concerns are totally unjustified.  We're going to end up in a world with AI and VR and all that and the Singularity is near so let's just march bravely into the new world. 

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    , magicalclick wrote


     But the level of discrimination here is staggering. All the justification on your stereotypes and hate, and no, that's exactly what discrimination is. You find reason to crap on when it hasn't happen yet. And you pretend you have legitimate reasons, so you can feel good about yourself. It doesn't matter it will happen or not, it hasn't happen yet. What you are doing is exactly discrimination.

    "Discrimination"?  "Stereotypes and hate"?  Are you kidding me?  Facebook has already proven it cannot be trusted with users privacy, because this stuff has and is happening right now.  The only part that hasn't happened is the use of VR to do it.  And use of the words like discrimination and stereotypes and hate is totally out of whack.  I'm venting concerns over personal privacy and ultimately, freedom for "every person and thing" that's connected on the internet from invasive marketing tactics, not spewing hate.  The only thing that came even close is saying I despise their marketing tactics.