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  • Is There an Afterlife?

    , W3bbo wrote


    I'm assuming this is a reference to the "I didn't exist before I was born, so I don't care if I don't exist after I die" school of thought.

    I'd like to mention that one does not necessarily imply the other; it exists to only make death more palatable.

    Actually, no, that's not my school of thought.  It's complicated, yet simple.  It's the words used that would make things seem complicated.  Let me attempt to state it simply.  Consider "memes" to be "spirtual molecules", and monads to be spirtual atoms, a la Leibniz.  Just as a meme can live for a time, then die, it can be resurrected; such as when a jar containing some text, or ancient greek knowledge buried for hundreds or thousands of years is resurrected into the consciousness of humanity.  Now, monads, according to Leibniz cannot be created or destroyed; they always exist.  They are just converted to information from energy, or from energy to information.  If the universe had a beginning, then all monads always existed since the beginning.  They just change forms.  Like a meme goes from thoughts to words to paper to bits etc....

    In addition, you, a monad, are only represented internally within my mind, as yet another monad, and vice versa.  Every monad has within it a kind of picture of the rest of the universe - also a monad.  I think this is how relativity works, because we all have our own internal view of time and space relative to one another, similar to how a monad has a representation of all other monads relevant to it, within it.  This is also how I think the universe can be both static and dynamic at the same time. 

    It goes deeper.

    EDIT:  Spellling Leibniz

  • Is There an Afterlife?

    , ScanIAm wrote


    Go on...

    I was just messing with you.

    However, on a more serious note ... people do need to be taught how to behave.  Don't think so?  Well, just imagine any society that you think is "backwards" or "primitive" or "barbaric" in how they treat some people.  Being nice or cruel to people is learned behaviour.  Children by nature do not share their food or toys, for instance.  Studies have been done showing this is true, almost 100% of the time until kids reach a certain age after being taught to share.  (Finding links left as an exercise for the reader.)  People would rather take less money for themselves if it reduces another persons share to be equal rather than greater than their own.  That kind of thing.

    In terms of books ... how many people would argue about Aesop's fables not being true?  "There's no such thing as talking rabbits and turtles and they wouldn't be having a race ... all BS!"  Are the stories true or false?  The point of the story, gets missed entirely when people focus on things like whether or not it is 100% historically accurate.

    I believe that consciousness is not necessarily restricted to the body, like software isn't restricted to one piece of hardware, but what that means after we die ... I don't know.  I think Kurzweil's crazy idea that eventually we'll be able to ressurrect people with technology is quite possible, but it raises a lot of philosophical and moral questions.

  • Is There an Afterlife?

    ... I don't need a book to tell me stories about how to treat people, either.

    That's debatable.

  • Is There an Afterlife?

    Is there a BeforeLife?

  • Tablets are a fad

    @ManipUni: I want a waterproof  tablet for the bath/shower.  That's where most of my thinking happens. Smiley

  • The Speed of Light

    Pi and c are numbers ... they are nice round numbers too ... in base Pi and base c.  It's all relative.  Wink

  • The Speed of Light

    @Sven Groot:  Those books sound interesting.  I should check them out.

  • Glad to be off the Microsoft API treadmill

    I kind of agree with rhm, that there's this API treadmill ... but I've always thought it is part of being a developer, not restricted to MS devs.  Do you really think the frameworks, libraries and APIs you use are that mature?  Then there's probably something new coming around the corner, don't you think?

  • The Speed of Light

    I am excited at the possibilities.  However, even if the results are duplicated, it doesn't say relativity is wrong.  It could be for other unknown physical reasons, and that's just as interesting.  Like it travels through another dimension, and takes a shortcut.  We'll see!  Very interesting results, obviously, as the whole world is excited about it.

  • LOL, I just found this old thread - It seems "relevant" somehow...

    @BitFlipper:  Good call. Wink