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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf
  • Paradigm shift? The quCPU is here.

    @Ion Todirel: In 500 years we won't have to talk; we'll just directly upload and download thoughts.  Wink 


  • Paradigm shift? The quCPU is here.

    @magicalclick:  Yes, I've heard about that.  Sounds promising!

  • Paradigm shift? The quCPU is here.

    ,JoshRoss wrote

    Who needs qubits when you have a Q*bert? My @!#?@! mind should go on one of those shows about hoarding.


    Q*bert would be a perfect game to include in the first consumer game for a qc. Smiley  Except unlike the classic version, you would never be able to tell if he was alive or dead, or moved or didn't move, all your moves and the enemies' moves would happened simultaneously, and you wouldn't know who won or if it was over until you checked the score.  Everything would just be a blurry cloud except the scoreboard.  Wink

  • Paradigm shift? The quCPU is here.

    In other amazing news, researchers from Harvard have generalized the laws of reflection and refraction:

    "By incorporating a gradient of phase discontinuities across the interface [of a boundary between surfaces, such as the glass of a mirror and the air - RH], the laws of reflection and refraction become designer laws, and a panoply of new phenomena appear," says Zeno Gaburro, a visiting scholar in Capasso's group who was co-principal investigator for this work. "The reflected beam can bounce backward instead of forward. You can create negative refraction. There is a new angle of total internal reflection."

    Also, Korean researchers have made 3D OLEDs that have tiny prisms that direct different light to different eyes.  That would be much easier to do with the knowledge gained from the Harvard research above, and could be done at the nanoscale.  Then perhaps we could build a quCPU from those, and not have to cool the quCPU down to superconducting temperatures.


  • Paradigm shift? The quCPU is here.

    The first quantum CPU has been demonstrated by UCSB physicists.  Big Smile

    The quantum integrated circuit includes two quantum bits (qubits), a quantum communication bus, two bits of quantum memory, and a resetting register comprising a simple quantum computer. "Computational steps take a few billionths of a second, comparable to a classical computer, but the great power is that a quantum computer can perform a large number of calculations simultaneously," said Matteo Mariantoni, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physics. "In our new UCSB architecture we have explored the possibility of writing quantum information to memory, while simultaneously performing other quantum calculations.

    "On the quantum von Neumann architecture, we were able to run the quantum Fourier transform and a three-qubit Toffoli gate –– key quantum logic circuits for the further development of quantum computing," said Mariantoni.


    Every programmer will have to learn quantum mechanics now.  We are going to need a new programming language.  Scared

  • nsquared seamless computing

    This was up on http://blogs.msdn.com/b/surface/archive/2011/08/30/nsquare-shows-a-vision-of-seamless-computing.aspx:

  • Windows 8 news I've been waiting for

    @vesuvius:  I got some news today about Windows 8 that I can't talk about; but I can say, don't worry.

  • Scientists prove Global Warming caused by the sun, not humans.

    Look 30 minutes into this video:


    Uranium:  800,000 tons of ore => 250 tons of natural uranium => 35 tons of enriched uranium + 215 tons of depleted uranium => 35 tons of spent fuel, radioactive for ~10,000 years.

    Thorium:  200 tons of ore => 1 ton natural thorium => 1 ton fission products (no uranium or plutonium or other actinades) => 83% of 1 ton stable in 10 years and usable + 17% radioactive waste for ~300 years.

    Thorium reactors are also dramatically safer, because they are under low pressure and much easier to stop the reaction with safety measure like "freeze plugs".

  • C# Script?

    Anders demoed C# 5 with a REPL at PDC 2008: http://channel9.msdn.com/blogs/pdc2008/tl16

  • Jamie should be happy...

    Looks good.  I did miss the Up button.