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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Stay on Target
  • 48/2(9+3) = ? New 48/2(9 + 3)/3(9 + 3)?

    @Proton2:  Spaces have nothing to do with it at all.  Wolfram Alpha treats 48/2*(9+3) exactly the same.  http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=48%2F2*%289%2B3%29

    Since the order of operations defines division and multiplication as having the same precedence, they must be treated from left to right, that is, you must divide in this case before multiplying.

    What does temperature have to do with it?  Absolutely zero. Wink

    I think I trust Wolfram Alpha over OneNote, even if I didn't already know BEDMAS. 

    Even if you are having trouble believing that it should be left to right in this case (aside from the parenthesis (or bracketed) portion, consider:

    48 * (1/2) * (9+3) = 48 * (1/2) * 12 = 48 * 0.5 * 12 = 48 * 12 * 0.5 = 48 * 12 * (1/2) = 576/2 = 288


    48 * ((1/2) * (9+3)) = 48 * ((1/2) * 12) = 48 * (0.5 * 12) = 48 * Devil =  288

    There are many rational ways to evaluate the expression using left to right precedence of the multiplication and division operators.  However, the only way to get 2 is to assume everything to the right of the divisor is automatically part of the divisor because it's not in parenthesis, and ignore left to right order when evaluating the expression and that's wrong, because consider what kind of mess we'd be in if we didn't choose either left to right or right to left!  What if we have:


    Left to right,

    48*1/2*1/4 = ((((48*1)/2)*1)/4) = (((48/2)*1)/4) = ((24)*1)/4) = (24/4) = 6, or alternatively:

    (48*1)/2*1/4 = (48/2)*1/4 = (24*1)/4 = 24/4 = 6, or you don't even need to consider the brackets:

    48/2*1/4 = 24*1/4 = 24/4 = 6, and the result is always the same.

    Assuming everything to the right of the divisor, however is not nearly as intuitive:

    48*1/(2*1/4) = 48*1/(2/4) = 48*(1/0.5) = 48*2 = 96

    Or, how about 8/2/4/5*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5?  Left to right it's simple, just perform each operation in order from left to right. 


    8/2/4/5*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 4/4/5*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 1/5*2/5*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 0.20*2/5*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = .40/5*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 0.08*2/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 0.16/6*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 0.0266...*1/8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = 0.0266.../8/1*5*1/1/1/1*5 = (1/300)/1*5*1/1/1/1*5) = (1/300)*(5*1/1/1/1*5) = (1/300)*(5*5) = (1/300)*25
    = 25/300 = 0.0833.... 

    (I took a shortcut, seeing that 0.0266.../8 = 1/300).  A pain to type out, but on a calculator it's easy to verify.

    However, assuming everything left of the divisor as part of the divisor is crazy, and no fun at all.  Try it and see for yourself ... I started and I certainly don't want to do it.  It's just not rational to do it that way; we have to choose, left to right, or right to left.  It happens that we have chosen left to right.

  • Please join us for the Nineys!

    Have a nice trip all ... I'll be there Monday night at about 10:30pm, so I'll probably be beat....  However, my email is my username @gmail.com, so feel free to contact me too. 

  • Please join us for the Nineys!

    You guys are all getting there so early!  I'm not going to be there until Monday night - I think 10pm.  It didn't even occur to me to see if the pre-conference workshops on Monday were included.   Too late now.  I have everything set up, and yesterday I got an email saying we get limos to and from the airport and that's great too.  Smiley 


  • Erik Meijer want to standarize NoSql

    @felix9:  Thanks ... definitely interested and I will try to find some time to read....

  • Single Digit Community?

    @magicalclick:  I guess I haven't been as active as I would like.  I also changed my user name a while back, switching to my real name, and that changed how I post.  I used to be more anonymous, and feel like I could say stuff that might be more controversial, and less fearful of making mistakes or wild conjectures about the possibilities of various technologies.  However, sometimes it is just about being really busy ... I am on a new team and still trying to learn the codebase and earn my stripes, so I've been focused on that.  I scan the Coffeehouse daily to see what's up, and don't have a lot of time to post.


  • Single Digit Community?


    I'd contribute a lot more but I don't want to waste everyone's time. Tongue Out 


  • Predator: A Smart Camera that Learns

    I just watched this video ... Predator is an object tracking system, with learning algorithms that improves the tracking over time.  It allows you to select an image from a video to track, such as fingers in a certain gesture, or a face, and more.  It looks very promising.

    Perhaps not too surprisingly, "[Zdenek Kalal's] external PhD examiner was Andrew Fitzgibbon from Microsoft Research Cambridge (Principal Researcher that developed Kinect)." [ref]

  • Channel 9 Live at MIX11 - Who do you want us to talk to (on your behalf)?

    Bart de Smet

  • C++ Videos

    Lately I've been doing a lot of C++ work for the first time in years, so it's timely. Wink I especially benefited from the STL lectures.

  • Heavy earthquake in Japan

    I felt sick to my stomach reading/seeing/hearing about this, this morning.  Watching the tsunami wash buildings, cars, and people away in seconds is heart wrenching.  I'm also glad you're doing ok, Sven.