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  • Kinecting the dots

    Screw it.  I'll post my ideas anyway.  There's no way I can do them all.

    Code name RoomDrum:  Turn your room into a drum set with effects processing.  Map things in your room by drawing a polygon overlaying a display of your room, to sounds that can be played by percussive motion.  Sample sounds from, say, the couch cushion, amplifying them and adding effects to the sound, thus building up your own unique set of samples from your environment.  Then drum away on whatever you want ... glasses, table tops, remote controls ... whatever ... add loops and effects as you go.  Difficulty:  Can the Kinect track drum sticks?  What about speed of the sticks?  If not, we can just use hands.  Additional features:  Map scales to areas ... either the entire range of notes broken down into intervals of adjustable size and shape (i.e. in a polygon overlaying whatever region of the room, divide the polygon into intervals), or choose specific scales (i.e. pentatonic, enigmatic, whatever) and keys.

    This one I'd really like to make.

    Yes, W3bbo, I know there are lots of Kinect music sample/POCs/demos. Tongue Out  However, the one in my head is awesome!

  • Kinecting the dots


    BTW, I think most of your ideas are good, depending on how they are implemented, and W3bbo is a wet blanket. Tongue Out  I was going to post some ideas, but don't want W3bbo's point-by-point break down of why my ideas are stupid, unoriginal, and doomed to fail. Tongue Out


  • Learning C# for career development

    , blowdart wrote


    Get off my lawn youngster. You'd be surprised.

    Ditto ... I feel the age discrimination. Tongue Out  I started programming on a TRS-80 nearly 30 years ago.  It's hard to believe how much I still have to learn. <sigh>  It's a double-edged sword.

    Seriously, though, it's true that when I started, everyone was older than me, and now, just about everyone is younger than me.  So, it does frighten me to imagine that I have to one day get into management just to stay employed.  I hope the industry is really changing and realizes that experience matters and not just whether you can get your young coders to give up 60 hours a week of unpaid overtime to "change the world".

  • Learning C# for career development

    @poetofzwan:  There's a lot you can learn taking a CS degree, but whether or not it's required ... it depends on your current knowledge and your goals.  Where do you see yourself, as a developer, in 5 years? 

    A degree can help you figure out the things you should know ... but only you can really put that theory into practice, and prove to employers that you are capable of fulfulling a role they are willing to pay you to fill.  Self learning and online courses will also give you that knowledge, but do you have the self-discipline and desire to do it on your own? 

    Also a degree will prove a certain amount of theoretical and practical application, but it's just enough to get an entry level position, unless you are a superstar or supplement your learning with sample code that you create over time.

    It's a tough decision.

  • Kinecting the dots

    I wonder how long before someone uses this research to improve Kinect object recognition and tracking.

  • C++ AMP

    Very interesting ... I'll try to squeeze some time in this weekend to watch and read up on this, while also trying to find time to play with the Kinect SDK ... not enough time in the day!


  • really microsoft... really?

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  The blog is a blog ... sure we can politely ask the blog owner to put a link in, but seriously, is it that hard to do an actual search for yourself?  There's a ton of links related to Powershell, why should they necessarily have the download as the top link?  Adding "download" to the keywords refines the search, and it seems to be the logical thing to do rather than post to the Coffeehouse complaining that it's hard to find.

    http://search.microsoft.com/results.aspx?form=MSHOME&mkt=en-us&setlang=en-us&q=powershell has the download page as the 3rd link. http://search.microsoft.com/Results.aspx?q=powershell+download&mkt=en-US&FORM=QBME1&l=1&refradio=0 has it as the 1st link.  'Nuff said!

     [Edit:  Removed harsh language.]

  • really microsoft... really?

    @Jaz: Umm, "powershell 2.0 download" ... first link.

  • Channel 9 Live Event

    , Bas wrote


    Well, mystery solved. Damn, I'm going to miss it. When will it be available on demand?


    , jeffsand wrote


    Yes! Within about 24 hours of this broadcast, all materials will be downloadable on @ch9.

  • "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September."

    @contextfree`:  Point taken, but while the whole package out of the box may be a big deal, all of these things have been possible before and while it's good that things will be easier, what's new enough about all of this to be as big a difference as Windows 3.1 vs. Windows '95?  New APIs that make what was possible before, slightly easier, isn't that big a deal.  Support for ARM, was announced a while ago, and demoed at Mix'11.  Touch isn't new. 

    Why switch the conference from "PDC" to "BUILD"?  There's something going on deeper than what has been announced, otherwise MS devs wouldn't be saying, "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September"; everything you mentioned has already been officially announced (except the new version of COM, AFAIK).  One thing is for sure, I'm going to do my best to make the conference this year.  I'll be sorely dissappointed if things don't pan out along the lines I've predicted.  I've been wrong in the past, however, so I won't be too surprised, either way.