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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Stay on Target
  • Interview with Clint Rutkas and Dan Fernandez about the Kinect controlled Lounge Chair

    Who gets to keep the chair?

  • Application for blind : can it be done with WP7 ?

    , ZippyV wrote

    I don't see how blind people would use any smartphone if it has a smooth surface. A mouse is just as useless.

    I know two guys (good friends of mine, actually, who I met through the same friends) who were both blind from birth, and they both use computers and smartphones incredibly well.  They are definitely power users in every way, and they use their smartphones way more often and with more skill than I do.  Their phones talk very, very fast (unintelligible to me for the most part), reading off the menus and whatever is being navigated to.  It's actually quite amazing.  For PCs, they use screen reading software that is quite advanced.

  • the TechReport paper about TouchStudio

    , felix9 wrote

    ah really ?? which part ???? Scared

    They say that you have access to all the "senses" of the phone (or pretty much all of them), which includes various forms of I/O.  In the video they add camera input, for instance, and you can see some of the other "senses" in a list if you look around and pause the the right times.  For example, at 6:50ish you'll see a list of options for controls to add, including a confirmation message box with ok and cancel buttons, a number box popup for inputing numbers, and some more.

  • The hardest part about programming is...

    , Bass wrote

    Comments are often used as a crutch for sloppy code. Comments can also and often lie, they are ignored by the compiler and thus can say anything no matter how incorrect. Code can not lie. It does what it says.

    Clean code shouldn't need comments. The only time you should use comments is if your code is doing something extremely strange and you couldn't figure out any clean way of doing it.

    I'll bet the guy who wrote the 10 year old C++ code I am debugging for memory leaks thought it was obvious what he was thinking, when he wrote it.  Alas, no documentation *at all*.  A whole load of low level memory manipulation to fit into one can only presume was 640K of memory ... <sigh>.

  • The hardest part about programming is...

    @harlock123: Comparitively speaking (to other libraries from other companies), the MSDN docs are pretty good, especially considering how much stuff there is to document. 

  • the TechReport paper about TouchStudio

    @felix9:  Not sure what you mean.  It can do I/O; they do examples with user input in the video.

  • The hardest part about programming is...

    Working without requirements.

  • MIX videos in IE9

    I've had a few issues with some videos starting in Silverlight, but stopping after about 10-20 seconds and then they won't start again until you refresh the browser.  Then it plays again but stops at about the same spot.  Only by refreshing and then skipping ahead in the player past the point of failure, in that order, does it play the entire video.  This is only for a few videos.  I haven't had any problems with the WMVs, however.

  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    What language features of any languages do you feel a bit "jealous" of at this time, and would like to see make it into C#?  Which languages do you think of as being inspirational, and/or competitive to C#?  Do you spend much time trying out new languages yourself?

  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    Could you discuss how Rx influenced the design and implementation of C# async, and also, whether language support will be added for Rx in the next version of C#?