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Richard Anthony Hein Richard.Hein Stay on Target
  • SSD , are you ready ?

    @ScanIAm:  It shouldn't be a requirement, no.  Soon, hopefully, the IT department will consider it a requirement, however!  Wink  Kind of like 2 monitors is now recognized to be a requirement for developers, so should SSDs (some figures I've seen claim a 30% rise in productivity with dual monitors).  No, technically, you can get by without them, but you know that productivity increases when you replace the slowest part of the system.  Also, you can delay upgrading hardware a bit longer, considering that an SSD is just about the most amazing upgrade I've ever had in terms of sheer performance improvements.

  • SSD , are you ready ?

    I have to say that I got two SSDs last year (one for my desktop and one for my laptop), and it makes life so much better when using VS2010 or pretty much any application.  I find that things behave like you think they should.  Toolbox loading and project loading is fast and hardly any hiccups ever.  It's just a joy that you get used to and can't stand being without (i.e. when going back to a work machine where you have no SSD).  I absolutely love my SSDs - except the one that failed after a couple of months.

  • No-one has mentioned "The Nineys" survey on the home page ...

    @kettch:  It's far less of a bind now that they are paying for the flight and hotel as well as the conference pass. 

    It sounds like most of us have slacked on keeping our passports up to date, myself included!  I'm going to get my passport photos today.  It's supposed to take about a week, but could take a month.  I still have time, but I had better get it done, ASAP!  This will be the first trip to the US where I've had to have one, since the new rules came into place.

  • C# biggest awesome

    Thanks for the information, it is good to know.  It does say, however that it's only important when: "... you have locals that hold onto very large data structures and that function will remain executing for a long time then set those variables to null when you are done using them (e.g. in between the last usage of a variable in a large function and calls to a bunch of web-services in the same function which will take a long time to return)."  To clarify things, as mentioned in the link, the full CLR does analysis to figure when a local variable no longer is in use at JIT time.  However CLI implementations are not required to do so, and the CF doesn't, due to resource limitations.  Good info, thanks Felix9.

  • C# biggest awesome

    , IDWMaster wrote


    Don't be lazy with cleaning up after yourself! Even in C#. Just because it has a garbage collector, doesn't mean you can be that lazy. Always call Dispose() on IDisposables (including MemoryStreams, and ESPECIALLY Bitmaps), and I'm in the habit of setting everything to null when I'm done using it (not sure if it actually matters though; performance-wise). There are still SOME memory leaks in C# to watch out for. 


    <sarcasm>I set everything to null 5x just to be sure, and terminate all lines with 5 ;'s just in case.</sarcasm>

    Disposing is important, yes, but setting stuff to null?  Pointless noise.  Stop it!  Perplexed 


  • Windows to Windows ad nauseum

    Interesting, thanks for posting it. Big Smile


  • No-one has mentioned "The Nineys" survey on the home page ...

    , Ian2 wrote

    You're gonna need a bigger boat. attendees get a FREE ticket to the Shark Reef in Vegas (first come, first bitten). sharkreef.com

    Cool Big Smile

  • C# biggest awesome

    I agree that events/delegates are at the top of the list.  I also appreciate LINQ, and generics, but that's a .NET thing, not C# per se.  Many of the newer features are excellent, like extension methods, object initializers, automatic properties.  Most of all however, the way that the C# designers have embraced change and implemented features, like the new async CTP stuff, is really great.

  • No-one has mentioned "The Nineys" survey on the home page ...

    Hey I just got an email from Laura, saying that they are paying for our flight and hotel!  Awesome!  Big Smile

  • [LINK] Slides from Erik Meijer's NoSQL is CoSQL talk

    , contextfree` wrote

    @fanbaby: Huh? Category theory has been a huge influence on computer science for decades already, it's hardly a new thing, let alone a Microsoft thing. Although Erik Meijer's work at Microsoft has done a lot to popularize some of the ideas.

    After a quick search I see some references going back to 1975.  That was kind of surprising.  I thought the real first implementation was not until 1990's in Haskell (monads).  Please enlighten us further on the history, if you know.  Thanks!