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RicksterCDN RicksterCDN Dude - I'm an IT Geek.

Niner since 2012

I am one of those "Regular IT Guys" who currently works for Microsoft in my dream job as a Technology Evangelist. My technical background comes from being self taught (first computer was a Sinclair ZX-81) with no formal university / college training in computer science. I've earned my living collecting a salary full time for 20+ years in the IT field as an admin guy, consultant, trainer, coach, mentor – focusing on infrastructure technologies – mostly in the Microsoft world.

I live by my curious nature of figuring out how things work – breaking things and putting them back together (most of the time).  I learned very early in life that you can always turn things off and start again if things weren't working quite right. Besides stuffy corporate technologies – I also geek out with consumer tech gadgets and online services – wondering how I can make things work together – while trying to maintain the "Wife Acceptance Factor".

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