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ScanIAm ScanIAm This is an...
  • Bill Gates’ energy views are a turn-off

    @magicalclick: That's exactly the problem.  You and everybody else ranks environmentally friendly as the lowest ideal.

    There is no 'god given right' to energy and power.  It's a luxury, and if the price of that luxury is to take a dump in my air, then please stop doing that.


  • Internet or a web of networks

    It's kind of obnoxious that the billing doesn't reflect the actual 'cost' in any meaningful way.  The difference in cost of sending 100 bytes vs 1000 bytes isn't an order of 10 no matter what kinds of costs you try to include, and yet providers of all forms try to convince us that there is a correlation.  I get that it's hard to keep everybody happy when it comes to billing, but every 'reason' for billing to be the way it is can be summed up by 'because we can'.

  • Bill Gates’ energy views are a turn-off

    , CaRDiaK wrote

    I agree with renewable in developing countries too. 

    Just like many of them skipped land lines and went straight to mobile. There are lessons that have been learn't and technologies that have been developed that can be applied to help these countries more efficiently.

    I came to say this, but you beat me to it.

  • Internet or a web of networks



    This says it all.  I am willing to bet that there is actually working hardware on both sides of those unconnected connections, but what Verizon wants is cash.

    I used to have to read through billing documents for voice and data.  Telcos would charge for the data, the wires, the power, a connection fee, and then any other made up fee they thought they could get away with.  It eventually became a full time job for someone to try and track down all the ways they were attempting to rip us off.


  • 4th July

    , TheJoe wrote


    Oh, yeah.  All I have to is pull out my "white guy" membership card and the world parts like the Red Sea.  Everything is handed to us.

    That's not what I said, and you know it.  You do, however, have every advantage at the start of the race.

    , TexasToast wrote

    ScanIAm has revealed his true colors.   He is a racist and thinks race and gender determine a what a human is.

    A) I have never hidden my true colors.

    B) The fact that you got that from what I wrote shows that your parents didn't spend enough on your college.

    C) the fact that you believe that parents paying for college is some kind of norm just proves my point that you are out of touch with reality.


  • 4th July

    , TheJoe wrote


    Wow, no aguring with people who believe that.

    I'm sorry, did I miss your demographic?  Are you non-white, female, uneducated or just plain stupid with computers?

    Or maybe it just hit home.

  • 4th July

    @bondsbw: Who gives a sh*t what caused it.  You know damn well that that there is absolutely no chance that we can do anything to reverse the effects of going off the gold standard.  It's a stupid point and adds nothing to the issue.

    You're tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions?  I'm tired of privileged sociopaths arguing about this topic like they have any clue what it is like to live on that wage.  How do I know you and the rest of us are privileged?  Because statistically, you are male, white, and make far and above minimum.  You've got yours and you've told yourself that you got there through patience and hard work.  The reality is that you were born lucky; you have above average intelligence and an aptitude for things that pay well.  You make far too much money for the work you do when compared to the folks who can't hope to ever reach the positions you have.  You will live longer, better, happier, and in the end, will pass all that along to any progeny you have so the cycle can continue.

    Honestly, just stop with the libertarian wet dreams and try and put yourself in the position of people who don't actually have all of this going for them.  Until we collectively decide that we just want to cull the herd of untouchables, we need to accept that some of them won't ever do much better than minimum, and there are waaaaaaay more people in that position than there are of you, so it's to everyone's advantage to stop squeezing them. 

    Someone decided to step out of this conversation when I mentioned slavery, but for some of these folks, it's not much better.

    God-dammit I hate people sometimes.

  • Skype WiFi

    , TheTraveler wrote

    I am in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the moment (connected to the WiFi in the hotel) where I am staying. Using the link blowdart gave, I can see that there is 26 networks within 15 minutes walk.

    Dear Skype. It should not really be that difficult to store that information offline on my device. Should it?

    My WP8.1 seems to have a Wifi sense feature that helps me log into public wifi at doctors offices and such.  Perhaps this is coming soon?

  • Science will win out

    , bondsbw wrote

    @ScanIAm:  Your argument against deniers is that only crazies hold conferences?

    My statement is that having an unpopular niche is fun because you can feel like you're special.  My argument is that deniers are crazy.

    My grammer is confusing.

    My grampa is dead.

  • 4th July

    , Blue Ink wrote


    No, that just means you have to raise progressively all the wages that are below the mean.

    Put it this way: if you just bump up Bob's hourly wage from $10 to $15 and leave Alice's untouched at $15, you have just increased the number of minimum wage workers. In a few years, $15 will become the new $10 and you will then have the same situation as today, except with more people in the lowest percentile.


    I wasn't clear.  Bump up Alice's salary, too.  If raising minimum wage causes the next few levels to feel slighted, resolve the issue.  At some salary level, however, you won't have to do this because the point isn't to simply give everyone more money, it's to push the lower end up so that the inequality isn't so extreme.

    If the business can't do that, then, again, they are staving off the inevitable failure by exploiting their lower level workers (Bob AND Alice).