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ScanIAm ScanIAm This is an...
  • My take on "Apple day"

    , Bass wrote

    I'm sure the Microsoft Watch is coming. Microsoft needs to follow the latest trends - after everyone else.

    I'm pretty sure Microsoft had a watch well before Samsung and apple.

    Edit: Freudian Typo?  I meant Samsung, not samsuck.

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    Oh, crap.  I just had a realization: Pokémon is essentially dogfighting with imaginary animals....

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    @MasterPi: Hmmmmm...looking at that site makes me wonder if Pokémon is a gateway for gambling addiction.

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , evildictait​or wrote


    . It's not like we're living in 1995 anymore.

    Says you: http://us.tamagotchifriends.com/

    This is a thing that is coming back....

  • Project ​Documentati​on System

    SharePoint for documents, SharePoint wiki to help document as-built stuff as we figure out pieces of the application we inherited.  TFS for scrum and ALM for client side torture.

    TFS and sharepoint are about all you need.

  • This has to be a joke


  • Apple exemplifies everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

    , TexasToast wrote


    If that's how you measure productivity you will never succeed. (Must be an MBA or primitive thinker)   Keeping people happy and in touch with their friends and family will put that person in a mindset of being very productive when they are doing their job.  

    Respectfully, and keeping in line with your avatar, I call bullsh*t on that.  There are certainly lots of folks at my work that are glued to their phones, and they are the ones we work around, not with.

    Productivity is not just time spent but work done in that time.   Stick a man or woman in a box with no external stimulation and you will end up with a non productive person who will despise being there and will work at a snails pace.   Make a great environment with lots of freedoms and productive skillful smart people find their way to work for you and make the best of their time (even though it might involve  interruptions). 

    Only in movies and silicon valley wet dreams.  The reality is that even the best day at work is still worse that not being at work and if you give people all kinds of freedom to do whatever they want, they'll do nothing useful.  This mindset is great for workers who are in demand (such as ourselves), but if you think that McDonalds is going to get better customer service by putting a Ping-Pong table in the back and letting workers take a break at will, you are wrong.

    These people also tend to have better ideas in improving the business and will bring it forward to the company.   The boxed up person just starts to hate his company and finds ways to complain.

    Again, this only holds true in special situations.  For most people, work is a means to the end of obtaining money to do things outside of work. 

  • Apple ​Announcemen​ts

    , blowdart wrote


    So a new "standard". Which will require new hardware at the PoS? That's going to be interesting.

    Not new, really.  This was something the credit card companies have played with in a different form for a few years.  Essentially, it's a throwaway credit card number linked to the main account that can only be used once.  My guess, though is that given the number of digits on a credit card that can be used for uniqueness, that won't scale.

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    , Bas wrote

    @JohnAskew: Cortana is great and all, but seeing how the Xbox One was just released over here without any voice functionality whatsoever I have little hope that we'll see it expand much further beyond the countries it is currently released in. 

    Making cortana available in windows proper would make it so that voice functionality would only require an open mic somewhere, right? 

  • Johnny Rotten speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

    Fun guy.  PIL is always on my phone.