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  • Censorship

    , jinx101 wrote

    Are you saying we vote out technologies that don't open up? 

    Nope, like you, I'm lamenting the fact that we can't do anything about how corporations do this.

    I don't think there are any options in the mobile space (if we're talking iOS/Android/WP). 

    I may be wrong, but I thought that the android space allowed 3rd party apps with no need for vetting.  My understanding was that that was why Android seems to be winning in the mobile phone arena.


  • Of Course there isn't a shortage.

    Check the local Starbucks, I hear the barista corps is full of PhD candidates.


  • Of Course there isn't a shortage.


    Even Billbo G. used to claim that we needed more H1-B visas, but it was always horse-pucky.


  • Censorship

    , TheJoe wrote


    But it is still control from the app stores.  A very small group of companies controling the software choices for everyone.

    Here a thought...  Who says "big brother" has to be a government?

    And, with government, we have the opportunity to 'vote the bums out'. 

  • Censorship

    @wkempf: Yep.  I was slightly heckled by a Microsoft MVP at a conference when windows phone first came out and I mentioned that I didn't like the store forcing me to go through MSFT.

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but the real draw for me to the MSFT platform decades ago was the breadth of applications that existed.  And I have to chalk that up to the fact that MSFT never tried to make a Microsoft PC and wall off the garden.  Their success stemmed almost entirely from being able to run on PCs made by anyone with apps written by anyone.

    I like my windows phone in spite of, not because of, the store concept and the sooner they get rid of that garbage, the better.

  • Censorship

    Well, one place the line could be drawn is that you don't give your child access to a credit card so they won't have the ability to buy porn on a phone.

    But then, I don't have children, so maybe it's more difficult than that.

  • European Parliament to Google: We can haz ur search plz

    I seem to recall a version of windows that had to have a browser removed....


  • Solar energy technology advancement

    , Blue Ink wrote

    I am not sure I follow; how would your switch force people to buy energy from the grid?

    It can't, but you could certainly stop the current from flowing into the grid by disconnecting the providers from the grid at peak times.  And, let's be honest, when has an excess of power gone unused for long.  Lots of sun means lots of need for refrigeration, for example.  We'll always find something to do with the power.

    Maybe... but does it make sense for us to worry? At present speed, 100 years of technology is an abyss, 500 are just unthinkable. Try to imagine Cort├Ęs, Columbus, Da Vinci and Ivan the Terrible debating how to use their technology to save us people of the XXI century from some disaster they predicted. Aren't they cute?

    Maybe, but our perception of how technology is moving forward is kind of skewed by our short lifespans.  Very little of the technology behind what we view as 'modern' technology was unheard of 100 years ago.  Or 200 years ago.  And truly novel avenues of science aren't popping up like they were in and around the industrial revolution.  In my lifetime, all we've done is refine things.  Every time I start looking into some interesting technology, I find references to some fluffy-shirted Victorian who came up with the idea.  I feel like we've been feasting on a thanksgiving drumstick, but now all that is left is that gristly part at the ends.

    I'm not saying we shouldn't take good care of the environment; just that we should never forget that our children and grandchildren will know a lot more than we do.

    Will they?  I suspect they'll adapt, but I don't see any game changing technology on the horizon, yet.  And, the idea that somehow, in the future, all our problems will be solved is eerily similar to religion's promise of heaven in the afterlife.  It gives people cover to do dumb stuff now because it'll all work out in the end.

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    @JohnAskew: I would think some kind of switch technology could be used to disrupt the flow of electrons to the grid...

    This kind of last-ditch-excuse bullsh*t is a sure sign that fossil fuel folks are scared.  No matter what your opinion is of fossil fuels usage might be, it is not an unlimited resource and we are squandering what we have simply because it's profitable for some.  Even if we weren't mucking with the climate, this stuff won't last forever.  I've heard predictions of 100 years of oil and 500 years of coal.  So what happens in 2515?

    Most humans are dum-dums.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    , davewill wrote

    Let's not lose track of the 3 key parts involved here:

    1. Supply side.  These are providers who put packets onto the network.

    2. Network.  This is the collision based network system created many moons ago.

    3. Consumption side.  These are the consumers of the network packets from a provider.

    ...snip more description... 

    I'm not sure if we'll agree on solutions, but your description is very well done and helps point out where the problem lies, in my opinion.  ISPs using the last mile as a gateway is the area that needs to be addressed.