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  • Heartbleed

    , SteveRichter wrote

    The bug was that the code would transmit filler data to the remote side. And that filler data was data copied from the memory of system? Isn't that kind of foolish to begin with?  Would many open source programmers have seen that code? No one thought enough to point it out, change it?


    The real bug is that a piece of security software can allocate memory that hasn't been wiped before and after use. 

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , dahat wrote


    So Islam & Mormonism are cults? ...just to name a couple more recent religions.

    It's a joke.  Q: What's the difference between a religion and a Cult?  A: 2000 years.

    The point being that there is no difference.


    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witch-hunt


    Yup, that definition does seem to apply to this case.


    What level of speech are usually considered unacceptable?


    I'm pretty sure that California labor law disagrees.

    Again, you missed the point.  There is some threshold above which the speech is considered unacceptable to the company.  He crossed it.  This may be argued in court, but you'd be the first libtard in line to defend a company wanting to hire or fire.

    Public shareholders? Who? Are you even aware of how Mozilla is structured? Mozilla Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation (a 501(c)3). If you can find shares on the open market... that'd be quite a surprise to many.

    I guess not.  It sounds like I could have replaced 'shareholders' with 'foundation contributors', but since I didn't, of course my argument is wrong....oh, wait....it isn't.1

    Unless Eich actually said something to the effect of what you described regarding... any group... your attempted analogy doesn't hold much relevance.

    Thanks, again, for purposefully missing the point.  I guess, in your view, it's cool to hate on gays, as long as you don't hate on races.  Good to know.

    And if you don't see it that way, then there's your problem.

  • battery life on Samsung phone?

    I have the ATIV S Neo and the first thing I did was buy a case and screen protector.  The trend towards thin and light also results in fragile.

    The battery lasted through a 5 hour ER visit while surfing news sites, but YMMV.  Otherwise, I'm never away from a USB jack so I just keep it plugged in.

  • IE6 hate is misdirected

    , babelshift wrote


    Until your response of course. In the interest of discussion, I would appreciate if you enlightened me instead of the drive-by passive aggression.

    And if you want to argue with ad hominems, The Big Bang Theory isn't helping your cause.

    Your original statement is a syphilitic fever dream.  Do you have any proof that the IE team intentionally broke standards?  Nope.

    , babelshift wrote


    The responsibility of producing proof is on those making the claim.

    Yes, please do provide proof.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Trying to stop same-sex couples marrying is absurd, and wrong. But denying their opponents the right to object without witch-hunts to oust them is equally absurd, and equally wrong.

    The best response to bigotry is laughter and mockery. Not a witch-hunt.

    How, again, was this a witch hunt?  What level of speech counter to the companies' values can be considered unacceptable?

    Nobody is stating that he can't say stupid things, and nobody is taking away his freedoms.  He represented the public shareholder face of a company and the shareholders decided that their core values don't jibe with his. 

    If Steve Jobs rose from the grave and stated "I'm really not very happy with race mixing and Oh, BTW, Jews suck.", then the first thing that would happen is we'd all say "Whoa, Steve Jobs is a Zombie!", but the second thing we'd say is "Wow, that guy is a racist, and he can't come back and run Apple again"


  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , TheJoe wrote


    What is the difference between religion and a cult?  Size.

    2000 years...

  • You must pay $100 to deploy your own software in Windows

    , kettch wrote

    Exactly what shade of green ink do you want the red lines drawn with?

    Thank you for making my morning a little bit more fun.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , dahat wrote


    President Obama spoke out against sex marriage at the same time... and even later.

    Um, no he didn't.  He just didn't speak out FOR it.  There is a difference.  I'm well aware of him waffling around about evolving opinions, but I don't recall him comparing SS marriage to bestiality or bemoaning the end society as we know it.

    Joe Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage act, which Bill Clinton signed it into law (not to mention implementing Don't Ask Don't Tell).

    Shame on them.  If they were running Mozilla, they'd likely be asked to leave.

    Is not the United States a place built on the idea that "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"?

    The US was and still is built on exploitation of people, resources, and fear and the us-vs-them mentality that Prop 8 chose to further was abhorrent.  How, exactly, does a legal contract between two people have anything whatsoever to do with some CEO on a 3rd rate browser company?  How was his Life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness affected?

    Clearly then, all three are unfit for high position in such a land as this. Even if they did not donate a dollar to a Prop 8 like campaign, ALL (until their recanting) had far larger bullhorns with which to speak out against same-sex marriage and do more damage to the cause than a thousand Eich's could have done... which they also used.

    This is the double standard at work, at least have the honesty to admit it.

    Whatever.  If you wait for a politician who only matches your exact opinions, you'll never find one.  People who support the current administration did and still do criticize them for many, many things.  It's hardly a double standard given that their jobs, truly, depend on the fickle will of the people.


  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , evildictait​or wrote


    It is no more appropriate to ask a potential CEO whether they voted yes or no for Proposition 8, than it is to ask them whether they voted for Obama or Romney.

    He didn't 'vote' for anything, he monetarily contributed to a political cause in an effort to change the laws.  If everyone gives $1000 and ONLY $1000 then it's something that more approaches a vote, but that isn't how it happens.  This is why the whole 'money is speech' idea is so terrible. 

    And passing over a Mozilla CEO because he is anti gay-marriage is no less acceptable than VMware passing over a CEO who is privately pro-gun control, or General Motors passing over a CEO because he gave $50 to his Church to do missionary work in Africa, or Google's dismissing a senior executive who gave $100 to his friend's charity that is pro-immigration reform.

    Boo-Hoo.  Opinions have consequences.  He's not going to jail, he's going to have to find another job and I'm pretty sure he's got a much better cushion to perch on than the rest of the folks who are out of a job and don't have a spare $1000 to wave around like it's language.

    I get that you disagree with his viewpoint, but ask yourself whether you'd support him being ousted if the positions were reversed.

    Suppose Apple's CEO gave $1000 privately to a pro-gay marriage campaign, EHarmony rats him out, and lots of Apple employees go on the Internet saying that's not Christian and he ends up getting fired.

    Still think that's acceptable behavior?

    This situation occurs often to companies that aren't as publically known as Apple, but do have religious owners or boards.  It sucks, but it's legal(ish) until it isn't.

    If it's not acceptable for CEOs to be dismissed for privately holding positions you agree with, it's also not acceptable for CEOs to be dismissed for privately holding positions you disagree with. That's what freedom of speech is all about.

    I don't agree.  And even if I did, Eich and all others who contribute money need to stop doing so if they want to keep the opinion private.  You can't have it both ways: stating something aloud is, by definition, not private.  Flinging a grand at a political fundraiser automatically makes your opinion public.

  • Make CodeLens Available Outside of Ultimate

    We have ultimate because I work for a many-tentacled corporate behemoth bent on world domination.  But some of the clients we work with only have pro, so there are certain things that we can do that they can't.  It's great in meetings to point out that if they'd only upgrade, they, too, can do <nifty thing X>.  And when they ask how much it costs, they decide <nifty thing X> is a frill.

    Anybody spending their own money will choke on spending $13K for an ultimate license.  It's ridiculous and I guarantee that the large corporate partners don't spend that much.