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  • Green mass murder.

    I did read the article.  I'm able to discern the difference between an airport and a solar plant.

    I sometimes think you are attempting to cleverly troll me by purposefully NOT understanding me.

    The alternative makes me sad, so I'm going to just assume I'm being trolled.


  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    @TheJoe: Blasphemy.


    It's from the Mighty Boosh.

  • Green mass murder.

    , magicalclick wrote


    It has nothing to do with size of the power plant. I wouldn't expect such cruelty until I read the article.

    You misunderstood me.  Airports have measures to warn away birds and the footprint of an airport can be much larger than ivanpah.  The deathtoll from a plane hitting a bird mid-flight is much higher than that of a bird getting cooked mid-flight, so airports have ways of dealing with this.

    One of those ways, is with birds-of-prey, which seems like it might have it's own problems.

  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

  • Media Center Woes

    , figuerres wrote


    XBOX ONE can use the same IR interface to control media center as it does with a DVR / set top box.

    I have the IR from an old HP system, you can get them online cheap  it's a USB IR blaster for Media Center.

    Ok, I understand, now.  I did that for a while with a cable box, but switched up to using a cablecard in media center instead.  4 channels, FTW!

    , elmer wrote


    That's only end of MainStream support phase isn't it?

    The Extended phase (Security Updates) for Win7 is until 2020.

    If that's the case, then awesome.  Given how long XP was around, it did sound kind of quick that Win7 was getting thrown on the heap, but time marches on.  I'd have updated as soon as Win8 came out, but the process is prone to failure.  The safe solution of installing fresh has problems with losing DRM keys to recorded shows.

    1st world problems.

  • Is there an API for Xbox One Xeets with the update?

    Dare I ask, WTF is a xeet?

    And, I swear to all that is holy, it better not just be an 'xbox tweet'.

  • Green mass murder.

    Anyone who read "Ringworld" might remember the sunflowers that did this for nutrition.

    I know ivanpah is large, but it's probably not larger than an airport, and airports have been dealing with bird problems for a while. 


  • Baller gone

    At first, I thought you misspelled his name, but then I got it...

  • Media Center Woes

    @figuerres: you can use the XB one as a media extender?  My understanding was that it doesn't work.

  • Media Center Woes

    I guess that makes sense, I was looking for the link on my work laptop, which won't be the media center (that's running win7, still).  So, $200 for win 8.1pro gives me another 4 or so years with the media center.  I hope they continue with media  center in win 9, it's starting to show it's age, but it's simple and does what it needs to do and the extender functionality is awesome.

    I can't help but think they are screwing themselves if they don't offer something similar going forward.