I would learn languages in this order (if you are going to do robotics):

Visual Basic: reason, BASIC is still widely used in industry, so VB would be your best bet, plus instrumentation suites use BASIC from earlier construction eras.  Lab View has some interesting tools and students can get it for free.

SQL: What a database language for robotics?  Right, well were are you going to keep your data and instrumentation, parts tracking, etc.  Plus it is a good bread and butter language, you can always get work doing SQL databases.

C#: No doubt this is the emerging language

VC++: Not popular in the older robotic suites, but the folks that love to complicate every technology are pushing to go back to really complicated processes that the general population looks and considers just silly.  But they manage to get in control somehow.

IronPython: See VC++

C: This is a truely bad choice of languages, but academic researchers still use it.  Very insecure, but still in use for no good reason.