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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • Why not move all the Metro stuff to Windows Phone and be done with it? What is this mutant for?

    ,wastingtime​withforums wrote


    I think business users generate more money. And business users want the desktop.

    I think Microsoft wants to see a monthly income stream from each of its users. That is why we are hearing all this Azure crap all the time on C9.


  • does winRT eliminate viruses?

    If winRT apps are sandboxed that means a PC cannot be malwared thru a winRT app, correct? If so, I think it would be a huge step forward for user's to be able to use their PC without the threat of  malware attacks.



  • Why not move all the Metro stuff to Windows Phone and be done with it? What is this mutant for?

    ,wastingtime​withforums wrote

    The only way I would be fine with Windows 8 is if there would be a way to completely deactivate Metro or at least make it so that you won't notice it much (add a start menu!) and some sort of promise that the traditional Desktop won't get deprecated for at least ten years.

    the metro desktop is where the money is.  Microsoft can make money thru people's daily use of their ddetects gestures would replace the need to touch the displayesktop apps. Why you need touch to make a tiled desktop work is something I do not understand.  Maybe a keyboard that detects gestures would make a desktop metro more useable.


  • That was a lot of totally unneeded angst

    ,albee wrote

    It seems to me that the silence over the last few months must have been because they changed direction. I'm guessing the the .NET to WinRT was the hold up and they wanted to see if they could do it before they announced it. 

    the only thing I can think of that would keep .NET from being embraced by consumer windows is if there are security flaws in .NET apps. And I don't know enough to say that or not. But Windows 7 and earlier PCs are way too much of a hassle for users in terms of getting viruses.

  • Questions for at //BUILD/ -- CH9 Live ?

    Will a programmer have to register with Microsoft and pay a $99 annual fee to write an app for windows 8 and deploy it to their own PC? Will a fee have to be paid to deploy an app to someone else's PC?


  • Build Conference News Removed

    ...  but Windows, as an organization, is infinitely more open and transparent than Apple.

    Microsoft wants to be more like Apple. Apple makes a lot of money.

    Windows 8 looks to be about splitting Windows in two parts. Windows used by businesses. Which need programming. And Windows used by consumers. Which needs apps.

    Build is likely to be about how to write apps that will be sold thru and deployed by Microsoft onto the consumer windows desktop. A great opportunity for programmers to make some money. But I would not expect a programming paradigm breakthru. If anything, there will be more than a few restrictions regarding what your app can do and how much access it has to the resources of the PC.



  • Amazon tablet on the way?

    ,Ian2 wrote

    Isn't the browser going to become the definitive cross platform, cross browser host for future apps with HTML5?

    For the user to get to the browser they first see the desktop. On the desktop is a tiny icon that says "browser". The remainder of the space is taken by apps the platform provider has placed there. To buy a book or video game and download it to your tablet you can open the browser and navigate to amazon. Or enter directly into the desktop app that takes up a 1/4 of the screen space and is customized for the particular user's use.


  • Amazon tablet on the way?

    Companies can almost ship these tablets and even home PCs for no charge. Where they make money by funneling all the user activity thru the apps that are loaded on the system. I think the browser is going to be marginalized.


  • what W8 is all about

    Consider that you have to register with MSFT and then pay a $99 annual fee to deploy an app you have written to your windows phone. Consider also that you cannot run the .NET micro framework on a cell phone.

    Something else. Apple is hugely suceessful and profitable despite the fact that the programming languages and frameworks used to code Apple apps are inferior to .NET/C#

    The conclusion is that apps written the old fashioned way, by individuals and organizations which are going to use those apps, don't matter. They don't matter that is to the profitability of the company that produces the platform. They also don't matter much to the popularity of the platform.

    Windows 8, I am guessing, is all about Microsoft's attempt to bring an IPhone like ecosystem/profit center to the PC desktop. Think of the potential for profit to the provider of the desktop if the user runs a desktop app to make a plane or hotel reservation. Or it a desktop app is used to download and view a movie to their home theater system.

    In order for the platform provider to funnel a user's usage of the PC thru its desktop apps, that desktop has to be locked down. At a minimum, a portion of the desktop has to be reserved for apps the platform provider approves of.

    Arguably, there is a conflict between individuals who write and distribute apps the traditional way,.direct from developer to consumer, and the new Apple / desktop lockdown way. The new way enables the owner of the OS to profit from the daily use of the PC.  


  • when will the excel VBA programming model be replaced?

    just to complete the circle. I reboot the PC and excel no longer crashes.  My PC hardware is not that bad. IE9 crashes maybe once a month.