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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    is javascript a DSL, where the domain is the DOM? If so, put something about the DOM in the name.  It is definitely a dynamic language, so I would have someting that conveys it being dynamic vs static in the name.  Maybe ecma script 5 should fork into 2 directions. One that is a general purpose dynamic language. The other a dynamic language that has syntax, exception handling and security customized to the browser.

    Dynamic -> Dyno ( as in Gyno ), DOMDY, DOMIC,  MICDOM  <- DOM


  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    can static methods be made to obey the laws of inheritance? Currently the static methods of an abstract base class cannot be marked as override, virtual or abstract.

    How do static methods and fields of a class work? Does the compiler instantiate an object from the class and reserve that object as the holder of the static values?

  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    what does Anders think about dependency properties in WPF? I find them confusing and difficult to use. Esp when I have not written any WPF for a few months.  What is the case against building a "property changed notification facility" directly into the language?

        // the "signal property changed" clause after the method declaration tells the 
        // compiler to call the method whenever the value of the specific property is changed.
        // The name of the method does not matter.
        // The parameters passed to the method are the before change value of the property
        // and the current value.
        // more than 1 method could be defined to be called when the value of the property
        // changes. 
        // The goal being that you could bind to a property in xaml without having to wire
        // up a dependency property. The XAML compiler would create a "signal property changed"
        // method for its use to be signaled when the property value changes.
        private void CustomerNameChangedEventHandler( string wasValue, string newValue ) 
          : signal property changed Name_Of_Property_Here

  • Anders Interview next week: Ask Questions Here

    why is there both explicit casting and as operator conversions in the language? 

        DerivedClass dc = new DerivedClass();
        BaseClass bc1 = (BaseClass)dc;
        BaseClass bc2 = dc as BaseClass;

    The distinction that one throws an exception when the object cannot be cast and the other returns null is kind of confusing. And then there is an "explicit operator" static method that can be coded to provide customized conversions. But that only works for casting, not for as operator conversions.



  • file undelete ​recommendat​ions

    where is the recycle bin folder found? I have the drive in a 2nd PC as the E: drive. So I don't see the recycle bin of that drive in windows explorer.


  • file undelete ​recommendat​ions

    just to understand what I am up against, when a file is replaced with a newer version, is the replaced file recoverable? Or is it only when a file is deleted that it can theoretically be recovered?

    When I read that the system eventually reuses the deleted space, does it first use all the free space on the drive before overwriting deleted space?  As in, an 80GB drive with 20GB of space used would first write to the 60GB of free space before writing over deleted space?


  • file undelete ​recommendat​ions

    skydrive and live sync just replace a bunch of my code with older files that were on skydrive. Is there a file undelete utility that can be recommended?



  • So what's wrong at Microsoft?

    you have to place the blame with Ballmer. How could windows mobile have failed? How can it be that so much of microsoft end user software is difficult to use? ( publisher, expression, access ). People are fleeing MSFT software to Apple - how embarassing.  Put Anders or Scott Gu in charge of the company.

  • Excel hell


    I spent 3 months coding some crystal reports reports. The experience was just as bad as the time spent trying to get my mind around access 2010. I am kind of cynical about these things, but I came to the conclusion that business objects designs its products to require a $2500 support contract to be useable.


  • Sysinternals Tools (Process Explorer, etc) -> Do you have questions for Russinovich?

    Is it possible to freeze everything that is running on the system, except for a control facility? Then save the state of all the processes.  Or start to examine each halted process to see what they are up to?