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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • Microsoft Falls Further Behind

    It is kind of like Android is to phones what MS-DOS was to the early PC. Android is an OS that runs on all phones ( guessing ).  A programmer codes a phone app to the Android OS. Why has Microsoft turned its back on an approach that made it dominant in the PC space?

    Will the .NET Micro Framework run on cell phones? Maybe micro framework is to be the replacement for windows mobile. 


  • Douglas Crockford's Newest Video (JavaScript)

    really neat videos. I have Crockford's book and the video and transcript do a better job of explaining Javascript than the book.

    Why the low opinion of Microsoft's contribution to programming? Maybe it is a dynamic vs static language thing, where Crockford thinks dynamic is far superior.  Interesting that Microsoft does not offer a javascript like dynamic language for writing .NET apps.

  • windows phone night sky mapping app

    Is there a night sky mapping app for windows phone?  I am in northern NJ and every morning, 5 - 6:30 AM, I see a very bright object in the sky a bit south of east. It has to be Venus. Many mornings it is the only light visible in the sky.    How would a mapping app work?  Can the phone tell an app what direction the camera is pointed at?  How much of an angle it is off of perpendicular to the ground?

  • How to be a windows phone retailer

    What does it take to be a retailer who sells windows phones? selling the phones and the service contracts. I have a storefront in a town in NJ. I would like to put a sign in the window saying you can buy you windows phone from me.


  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10 - How Did We Do?

    , nic wrote

    @SteveRichter Do you mean Access the product or "access" as in '...to Microsoft people'?

    And when you say overproduced - are you referring to Channel 9 Live at PDC10 or just Channel 9 in general? I'm interested in your Channel 9 Live feedback specifically in this thread.

    the Anders presentation was great.  I watched the headline WPF presentation - disappointed in that one. No new features in WPF. The future LINQ presentation by Bart de Smet went over my head so fast there was a sonic boom. I use LINQ all the time, understand IQueryable and expression trees But with so much of the deep dive stuff on C9, unless Anders is doing the explaining, I have a very hard time following the presentation.

  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10 - How Did We Do?

    I am finding c9 more and more over produced.  You guys said access was great, and I tried it and found it really hard to use and understand.  The dropping of windows mobile is very confusing - all this computing power in a phone, why can't it run .net and c#? - C9 has not explained it.

  • it looks like the WPF team still exists, after all

    , magicalclick wrote


    Or you say,

    <StackPanel id="BulletList" template="myBulletListCSSLikeTemplate">

    <itemcontrol ... />


    ok, thanks.  I will try that.


  • it looks like the WPF team still exists, after all

    , Maddus Mattus wrote

    @SteveRichter:Learn to use and manipulate the ItemsControl, it's the shizzl of WPF

    you mean something like this?  ( from StackOverflow)   I appreciate the power of WPF, but I feel I have to emerse myself in it for weeks at a time to be able to use it.  The HTML/CSS version of the bulleted list is a lot easier to use.

        <ItemsControl Name="lstScripts">              <ItemsControl.ItemTemplate> 
    <TextBlockText="{Binding Path=Name}"/> 

  • it looks like the WPF team still exists, after all


    Are they going to make it easier to create a bulleted list in WPF/Silverlght?


  • Windows Mobile 7 Launch - October 11th NYC

    , Bass wrote



    Because it's a inferior, second rate operating system that can barely compete with iPhoneOS 1.0? ...

    windows did not take off until release 3.  What is it about a phone OS and hardware that prevented Microsoft from improving WM instead of scrapping it?