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Sven Groot Sven Groot Don't worry... I'm a doctor.
  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , Typhoon87 wrote

    After seeing a friends device running the dev preview and reading the overwhelmingly negative feedback from wpcentral see link(wp central link) and their forums the Music app seems to be a massive and unacceptable step backwards. They are hiding the FM, no access to other A/V apps like youtube and last.FM, broken backwards buttons ect.

    On the plus side, Music is now a regular app in the store so it can receive more frequent updates (previously it was built in so could only be updated when the OS was updated).

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , blowdart wrote


    It can do. There's driving mode :D

    Which can be automatically activated by detecting the Bluetooth connection to your car. So it doesn't technically know you're driving, it does know you're in your car with the ignition on. :)

    Also, my car Bluetooth thingy has prev/next buttons, I prefer to use that to skip songs. I thought that was fairly standard? If your car has built-in Bluetooth the controls are probably on the steering wheel too.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    I strongly disagree with Mr. Eich's opinion, but if he wasn't doing anything illegal, he shouldn't be fired over this. It's that simple.

  • .NET Native Preview announced!

    @Bass: I think the performance benefits to this are almost entirely in startup time, after the application is running I think it would be minimal.

  • Office for iPad

    , Bass wrote

    Why would you pay a yearly subscription for this when iWork is free and Apple puts serious effort into making it run well on iPad.

    • The UI is similar to familiar desktop Office
    • The subscription is not just for the tablet, it includes Office on 5 PCs or Macs, with automatic updates to newer versions
    • OneDrive/Sharepoint support

    Though, as already pointed out, this app is probably more for users that already have Office 365. In which case they don't have to pay anything, it's already included (and doesn't count towards the 5 PC/Mac limit, so it pretty much literally costs them nothing.

    I read this less as "Office for iPad is here, you must get Office 365 to use it" and more as "if you get Office 365, you will now have the additional option of using it on the iPad."

    I already have Office 365, so I'm happy that I can now use it on the iPad too. Not that I have an iPad, but if I did, I'd be happy. :P

  • Office for iPad

    I expect the majority of people who'll use Office on the iPad would be people who already have an Office 365 subscription, in which case Apple gets nothing. People who actually sign up through the iPad version probably wouldn't have signed up otherwise, so that makes MS money. And as far as I can tell, it's only for the actual in-app payment of the first year. After that, MS gets 100%.

    I've read elsewhere that you will be able to use this app using the cheaper Office 365 Personal subscription to be launched soon, and it won't count towards the 5 PC/Mac limit.

    (Disclaimer: I'm just repeating what I've read online, I know nothing special about this)

  • Are emoticons racist?

    This is especially funny considering that emoji are originally Japanese, so they should probably all look Asian. :P

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    @Bass: So the problem of "I want to use FOSS (which claims to be cross-platform) on Windows but they won't let me" is best solved by not using Windows? WTF?

    I'd be fine with that reasoning if they didn't claim to support it, but they do. So what gives?

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    , Bass wrote

    Or just don't use IIS. Learn Linux and switch to the most popular web hosting platform instead, which also happens to FOSS.

    It's exactly that kind of attitude that makes people dislike the FOSS community. "Change your entire infrastructure to suit our philosophy, else you're not worthy of using our code."

    At least if this happens with closed source there's a clear motive behind it (profit). Here, the only motive is dislike of Microsoft. And if that is your attitude you should not pretend your software is cross-platform in the first place.

  • Average Number of Posts until Topic Change

    It's not just that threads tend to change topic fairly quickly, they always change to the same small set of topics (MS vs. Google/Apple, FOSS, patents, that kind of thing). It's also nearly always due to one of the same small subset of posters.