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Sven Groot Sven Groot Don't worry... I'm a doctor.
  • Cosmos on global warming

    Mythbusters once tried to blow up a car by shooting at its gas tank. They didn't manage it even with tracer rounds (which are basically on fire).

    Just because a hydrogen balloon doesn't explode when you shoot at it doesn't mean it isn't highly explosive.

  • rename this place ....

    Here's a thought. Every time any one of us sees spam, they should take a screenshot of it and post it here (and/or e-mail the C9 team), so they get an idea of just how much spam there actually is when the admins here are asleep.

  • Give me your best.

    Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

  • Saying vs. Doing...

    , Proton2 wrote

    Don't be too quick to praise Tesla :


    Please stop using that site as a source. It really doesn't help your case.

  • VS14 CTP available

    , spivonious wrote


    You learn something every day. I did not know type inference also applied to method parameters.

    Generic argument inference only works on methods. It's always been that way in C# (and incidentally is also the case with C++ templates). That's why e.g. there's a Tuple.Create method, because with the Tuple constructor the generic arguments can't be inferred.

  • Cosmos on global warming

    , Proton2 wrote


    Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is a benefit to the planet with no downside. It is already making the earth greener. More is better, I would like to see the levels reach 1,000 ppm instead of todays 400 ppm.

    That is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  • keyboard advice

    @Dr Herbie: I have the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop at work. It works fine, except the Tab key is occasionally unreliable. I never touch the media/function switch (it's always on function), so I don't care about that.

    At home I have the Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000, which is still one of my favourite MS keyboards.

  • Binary Code on GG COA

    , meliorhex wrote

    I didn't choose anything. I checked out the possibility and the results are the results.

    In other words, you just applied arbitrary transformations until you ended up with something that you thought looked interesting. The problem with that is, you can invent transformations and apply them to get nearly any result you want. That's why it's not actually interesting, because there is no significance to it. You just kept tinkering with it until it looked like something.

    The reason it was met with hostility is because your attempt to "solicit feedback" reads too much like an attempt to get attention and/or go viral with your video, and because you've actually posted this same stuff before, and it was met with the same incredulity then. Why did you expect the result to be different this time?

  • Binary Code on GG COA

    @meliorhex: Why do you believe the number's decimal representation is relevant. Why do you believe it should be split down the middle? Why do you believe the relation between the digits on the right and left is important? Why do you believe that relation should be transcribed in the way you did? Why do believe that transcription should be interpreted as base 3? Why do you believe the number of digits in the original number should be used as a numeric base?

    You need to give very strong reasons for each of these steps (and "because it leads to interesting looking results" is not a reason) for anything you're saying to have any significance.

  • Binary Code on GG COA

    You do realize that by doing arbitrary transformations like you're doing you could literally make it say anything you want, right?