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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Believe in better ...


    Well,  there is a difference from using the name and using part of a name.   How stupid is Microsoft?   Do you think OneDrive changes again?   I don't think so. 

  • Believe in better ...

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    They directly compete. One.com has a "cloud drive". Microsoft has won against "Lindows" in the past. Trademarks are more than the name of a website (i.e. "one.com" vs "onedrive.com").  I'm not sure where you get the idea this is a slam dunk for Microsoft.

    Well, they compete but Microsoft will muscle them to back down.  Otherwise this Danish company will learn how much it costs in the American legal system to sue the big boys.   In other words,  they will take a cash payment to go away, rather than to put up big amounts of cash to fight Microsoft with no guaranteed money.  Everyone wins.

  • Believe in better ...

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  Don't think so.   I cannot see how one.com is trumping onedrive.com.

    Trademarks don't got that far ...   Microsoft wins this dispute.

  • What is the most mundane task you have had to do as a programmer?

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    Trawling through log files to provide proof when customers refuse to believe it's not a bug, but they did something stupid and messed it up themselves.


    Letting customers do something stupid with your program and think it is a bug,  IS A Bug.  Fix it and do better next time.  Making stupid customers look smart is your job.


  • Name your WindowsRT

    More like " One Window"   to reflect getting one big giant app filling up your entire screen.  No more overlapping windows just window panes.

    So OneDrive, OneWindow, OnePhone, OneOffice.   (maybe 1Drive, 1Window, 1Phone etc )

    Copy Apple again,  switch out I with 1.

  • David Sobeski : Trust, Users and The Developer Division

    , bondsbw wrote


    Totally agreed.  I come to this site to learn about super cool new tech that Microsoft is embracing or developing.  And while I'm here, if someone mentions Apple and Google and Samsung and Sony and whoever else has cool tech, I'd love to hear that too.

    That sounds like a 14 year old is talking.    People are only negative because they deal with some of the pain of mistakes that Microsoft gives them.    You just keep learning about this "super cool" stuff and have fun.   Just remember some day you might need to make a living at this and then it is not all super cool fun tech stuff but work.  


  • Who is Paul Thurrott anyway?

    , Jim Young wrote


    Are we talking about the same company? Microsoft has seen nothing but growth in their enterprise products in the last two years. Hell, SQL Server grew 24% over the same quarter last year. Lets have a facts based discussion.

    That is great.   So, Microsoft cherish your enterprise customer and always think about him first.  Always give him the best OS and make dev tools to keep him happy.   Don't take and destroy Silverlight which a lot of businesses bought into and give us Windows 8 which screws up the desktop.   

    In other words just because things are going well do NOT mean they stay that way.  You have to work at it and maybe even pretend you have competition in a market you own. 

    Remember when Motorola and Nokia owned the phone market and they kicked up their feet and looked in the mirror and said " Man we are awesome".   Things can change and Microsoft needs to keep the business customer happy.   (by the way,  they can do a lot more, don't be fooled by the current numbers)

    I also want to add that most people buying a Surface are business users who want office available to them.    Again,   business customer bleeding into consumer market.  If they were real smart they would buy Blackberry to get the business phone users.

    The phone and tablet market will be very costly for Microsoft to make a dent in the consumer space.  Android and Apple own this and Microsoft can only price lower to get buyers.

  • David Sobeski : Trust, Users and The Developer Division

    @ScanIAm:  Hey if you think RetroRecursion is lying and making stuff up,  then say so and tell us what facts you have to contradict his observations which you think are made up.  

  • Who is Paul Thurrott anyway?

    Windows might be losing the personal market because of the IPad and smartphones do a lot of the basic needs people want.   Microsoft can only buy market share here and it wont be easy.

    They should just work on giving business Windows 9,  getting everyone off of XP,  and making the business users happy.   This is where the margins are and where making money is never a problem.   The consumer market eventually kills itself with low margins.   Watch Apple lose to Android.

    One good thing is Xbox is doing well.  So they still have some consumer wins.

  • Who is Paul Thurrott anyway?


    , BitFlipper wrote

    As I said before, I agree that the desktop will go away eventually, but there is still a lot milk left in that cow. I really don't understand why MS is trying to speed up that process since they will be the biggest loser the quicker the desktop goes away.


    I cannot say the desktop/laptop will go away until I see what replaces it.  That is not something I will be willing to say yet.  You could say the a flip phone goes away because you can see the touchscreen based smart phones replacing it.   A laptop can replace a desktop (with big monitor support but the desktop OS still functions well)   It is not a tablet or a phone replacing the desktop.   I think maybe the desktop transforms into something else once we have hardware that makes a person more productive.    Do you see TV's going away?  Just because sales go down and markets get saturated does not mean the party is over.   The desktop OS has a long life and maybe Microsoft just needs to get more creative on making small improvements to it.   In a couple years everyone is going to be saying smartphones are dead because sales drop from market saturation.  I don't understand why people think of mature markets as dead markets.   I still buy cars but since they last longer and I buy them less frequently should we say the automobile market is dead too?   By the way,  I have a tablet and I am already bored with it.  At least a phone allows me to communicate and has a real purpose.