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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Best wishes for Microsoft in 2014

    , Jason818 wrote

    All of you complaining about IE. If Microsoft fixed the problems with IE, is that really what would make it a good year for Microsoft?

    It shows the systematic problem Microsoft has.   They owned the marketshare for browsers, and instead of making sure it was compatible with the majority of sites and keeping it at the top level of browsers they let it become vulnerable to competitors.

    Same thing is happening to Windows.  (Windows 8 not accepted like Windows 7)

    Same thing happening to giving developers the best tools.   (Java/Typescript, C++ again, versus Silverlight,C#, WPF)

    They need to get back to what they are good at and what they were leaders at.   Stop following competitors for 2014 and let them follow you.  That's my wish for 2014 for good ole MS.

  • Best wishes for Microsoft in 2014


    1. Makes me sick since I am the one who uses Microsoft products and praise their virtues.

    2. I think there market share is going way down based on analytics I see on some websites I run.

  • Best wishes for Microsoft in 2014

    , JoshRoss wrote

    I'm hoping for a version of IE that beats the pants off of Chrome, in terms of JS performance, and happens to run on Windows XP and Android.

    If the latest version of Chrome can run on XP, you would think Internet Explorer could do the same. Also, if the Dart VM becomes a magnitude faster the the JS VM, I would hope Microsoft has either a TypeScript VM or their own implementation of a Dart VM with perf that is on par with the competition.


    I just hope that IE works.  I am seeing more often that alot of sites just do NOT work on IE.  It is getting worse.   I have to install Chrome just to have access to sites that I cannot use in IE.   How did Microsoft get to this point?    It is another downward trend for Microsoft.   Also, once you use Chrome or Firefox,  why would you go back to IE?

  • Joe Duffy's Blog

    @Charles: I like AND and I am not saying one is better and the other must die. 

    I did not realize that this will be sold as a new language.   I like it better that it will be sold this way.  We all know C# and Java is/.was based on C++.   The problem with C++ is that it is committee driven and you cannot really drive a vision on making it better.   It really just gets more crap added that rarely gets used by all the compiler vendors.  If you want portable reusable C++ code you avoid this problem.  Reading Joe Duffy's Blog I think he has the right vision.  

  • Joe Duffy's Blog

    How does Anders Hejlsberg feel about this project?   I am just wondering because I brought up memory allocation with destructors with him after the initial C# release.   Anders never understood why you would need to manage memory if you have a good garbage collector.   I have done a lot of embedded programming and memory handling is more important than leaving it to a GC .   If this project goes well it could breathe a lot of life into a new way for embedded projects.  

    Anyway very interesting and I hope it becomes real and does not get killed off.

  • A free year of Skype screen sharing and group video

    @blowdart: Thanks.  Worked for me.  

  • Blaise Ag├╝era y Arcas

    The problem is when the brilliant ones are not running the show.   You have the less capable people who don't even know the value of the brilliant ones and probably just want them out so they look better.   Microsoft needs a huge shakeup at the top and I just do not know what is taking so long.  They are moving a lot slower than usual to correct their missteps.

  • Mads Torgersen @ NDC London : The Future of C#

    @Richard.Hein: The more stuff you put in to reduce a few lines of code make the language less portable.  By portable I mean if you have to take code and move it to a different platform and language but still have the same functionality.    You can pass in an out class ,  fill it in ,  and return it with all your multiple returns in it.  Easily ported to C++ with a pointer return to a class.   When you add some weird syntax and feature it now makes it less trivial to port.   I understand the wants and needs by developers,  just know that it has consequences especially if the language dies off.  There is a lot that can be done to C# to improve it, I just think it should stay mainstream as much as possible so it can be ported.  

    In fact I ported a lot of C# to C++ and Java to C# and vice versa when needed and I hope this does not become more difficult. 

  • Build 2014

    @11101110: Hey if your mom wont let you go that's ok but don't whine about the conference that sells out every year.

  • MS working on a same compiler for C++ AND C# ! Not in 'incubation' but for production !

    Yes this is moving forward.   I am not a fan of adding all these little features to C# just to make something you already can do easier but adds more syntax and makes the language less mainstream.   For example, returning multiple parameters.  You can make a struct or class, pass it in as ref or make an out parameter and you have the same functionality.   Adding features is NOT always a good thing and makes the language less maintainable and more obscure.   Taking what you have already and making it faster and having it work on more platforms is what should be happening first.    You see, the more unneeded crap you stick into the language,  the harder it is to port to newer places.  I hope they hold off on any features until they move it completely to native first.