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TexasToast TexasToast
  • 8.1   (why?)

    Stardock gives a lot of users what should have been there in the first place.   Maybe Sinofsky owns a chunk of that company and his plan was to enrich himself.   Either that or he was just arrogant and made some bad choices.   Someone mentioned it was like coke changing their formula and having coke drinkers rebel.   I have been using windows 8.1 for almost a year and the full screen switching is still annoying.   It is funny how my youngest son actually feels sorry for me and wonders why I put up with it.   What I wonder, which is starting to concern me, is why Microsoft does not give many users what they want like the Stardock application?   It is really showing a lack of strong leadership.   Someone has to come in who really understands the user, the developer, and where they make there money (LOB).  And like others have said,  big corporations will not move to Windows 8 if changes are not made.

  • So, is Surface RT a failure yet?

    @Sven Groot: Wow , listen to the new corporate brown noser.  Just kidding but I bet your opinions are now filtered (which they should be) being inside Microsoft.  I think Microsoft should make a big effort in LOB and desktop development improvements.   That's their bread and butter.   A very nice corporate powerful laptop that you can easily move from office to meeting to plane to home etc.   Their are a lot of things to improve in this environment.

  • Cool things in Windows 8.1

    @felix9:Drag the app to the bottom and hold it there, after it flips let go and now the app is really closed.   This is a 8.1 change for closing the app.

  • All these XAML changes for WPF XAML too?

    , Vaccano wrote


    I would love to know where you get the idea that it is "being improved and will see faster releases". 

    All the desktop related statements I saw from the Build videos were more along the lines of "backwards compatibility is ensured". 

    They would say something like: We know you got a lot of stuff in the desktop and that is not going to "go away". 

    But I did not see one bit of new innovation (or even hint at future planned innovation) that was targeted for desktop development.  (There were a few things that could be used by desktop development, but it was a happy coincidence and applied equally to service side development.)

    Well the desktop is already great so what I call improvement is faster ways to develop desktop apps and get improvements in new libraries.    I hope you realize that Windows 8 Modern Apps are trying to catch up to some desktop features that's why you see a lot of work going there.   When they showed multiple windows docked together on Windows 8 Metro I got a good laugh when someone in the audience yelled .. great we have Windows 1.0 functionality.  

    Why do you think they would not keep improving the desktop?  What innovation do you want in the desktop that you are not getting and competitors are offering?


  • All these XAML changes for WPF XAML too?

    At the conference there is NO indication that WPF or what people know as .NET is a dead end.      In fact it is made clear that the desktop has millions of apps and Microsoft knows that at the top level of the company. WPF is the way to write desktop apps and is being improved and we will see faster releases of improvements.  If you can write a store app and have users use windows 8 then go ahead on that route.   Otherwise,  WPF apps are the way to go.   Microsoft is making clear at this conference that the desktop is not dead.

  • Niner @ build

    Wow so we wont even hit nine?  Should make it a requirement for Niners to go to Build.  Save your money and make it part of your lifestyle.  Channel9 really spun up out of the old PDC's advertising its existence. 

  • Niner @ build

    I will be there.   Always find a way to go.  Been a while since the last one in San Fran.

  • Build 2013 Reg Re-Opened

    So what's the point of a waitlist?   I would imagine they have more spots than people waitlisted? 

  • SaaSy Windows desktop

    This argument is getting old.   Just because there is some emphasis on tablets does not mean desktop is dead.  Tablets are not replacing your smartphone either. (unless you have big pockets).  They all have a place.  I don't do real work on a phone or tablet but I use them for quick information or simple reading and entertainment.   Tablet only beats the phone because the screen is bigger.  The desktop is still great for business, engineering, software development and many others.  Microsoft owns the market for desktops so they are working hard now to expand in what they are behind in. 

  • I can't believe how much web programming has changed


    , evildictait​or wrote


    For heaven's sake. Just marry it and get a room.

    That sums it up.   Bass is in some religious fervor about the web and web technologies and you best not say anything bad about it or you will go straight to hell.  Apple can do no wrong also is another belief of his.  Your points are well understood by others who have done more than just web programming.   When Bass finds out his identity is stolen and his online bank account has been emptied and the FBI has been watching his transmissions he might see all the bad things about the web too.

    I think the best apps are the ones that use the power of computing and the network like simulators and games.  They run in a desktop environment and use the internet (not just http) to send and receive high speed data.  You can use the internet without having to be a web browser based app.   If you do a lot of stock trading the information is available on web pages but the stock traders use applications that tie into information on the web.   I don't see everything running in a browser but I do see browser apps getting better.   To your original point, these well done browser apps are still catching up to what the desktop could do years ago.