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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Recent media push against Google Glass

    @MasterPi:I think he woke up ..  maybe with a smile.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    , BitFlipper wrote

    The flat theme on the desktop is clearly designed to follow the same flat theme of Metro so obviously it is related design wise. I'm not sure how you can say it is "entirely unrelated".

    Obviously we would just have to agree to disagree on this. None of us are going to change anyone else's mind, so this discussion is pointless. My experience with Windows 8 is that I hate it, even after trying for a long time to like it. Your experience might be that you like it. I guess we would have to wait and see how this plays out.

    Some idiot at Microsoft thought that this "flat theme" was a good idea.  I have no idea why because it does not make usability easier.   I talked to the Visual Studio developers at Build and they did not like it either but were mandated to go forward with it.   It just takes one idiot (Sinofsky with windows 8) to make a bad idea become the norm.   I think they have run out of other ideas so the only answer from the people they hire is to tweak a perfectly good User Interface and make it worse (going backwards).   The whole point in making a button appear 3D is to mimic the physical world and allow users to imagine a real button.    Why are all the smart people at Microsoft silent when these stupid ideas surface.   I hope the new CEO and Gates get things back to normal.  

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    @cbae: Well, I guess your right that I can eventually find a work around for most of the annoyances.   I had to find the desktop versions of Skype, and use my desktop outlook for email instead of the free mail app.  I wish Microsoft with provide a desktop pdf viewer for free also but I guess that is asking too much.   As far as moving my cheese,  I don't like the flat look either.   Give me some depth so I can find buttons and scroll bars easier.   What is Microsoft next big improvement?  (Black and white applications -- we don't need color anymore -- retro).   Saying all this,  I take the bad with the good and will continue to stick with Microsoft over the others.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    @BitFlipper: I agree with just about everything you said here about windows 8 ( and CBAE constant trolling).   I only went to windows 8 for the same reason you did and that was to do Windows phone development.   I have no need to have full size windows metro apps filling my 27" screen and prefer the desktop apps for everything so I can truly multitask.   Again, if I am on my tablet not doing anything important and just want to read or watch a movie, Windows 8 is fine.  The truth will come out once you start seeing Microsoft back pedal.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    Most companies now hand out laptops with a docking station and some keyboard and monitors.  That is the desktop replacement.   The demand for a desktop OS is still there.   Windows 8 would have sold better if they just took windows 7 and changed the name and logo to windows 8.   Most companies and people just want the latest thing and don't even know what they are buying.  The same mentality drives the Apple iPhone customer.   Same goes for MS Office.   Do we need another Office suite?  No, but they keep selling them.


  • Stamp Worthy ?

    , cbae wrote


    There you go with the "I know you are, but what am I?" response again. Go back and read some of your own posts. You try to characterize anybody who has an opinion that differs from yours as having some kind of a character flaw for something. The fact that so many of the threads that you participate in ultimately gets locked should be a clue about who's the one with a bad attitude.

    cbae, your the one with the attitude problem.  Nobody wants to hear your opinion because your always wrong, a troll and the cause of the thread lockdowns.  You don't have to chime in on every thread.  I don't think Dahat has any attitude problem and if you don't like his opinions maybe you just sit to the side for once and keep your opinion to yourself.

  • Nokia selling Android phone.

    , fanbaby wrote

    This thing has yet to survive post-merger, but I think it's a shame Microsoft is getting money from phone makers because of its patents while enjoying code written by Linus at el.


    That is how the big companies survives.   They use an arsenal of patents and financial strength to get what they want.   If Linus had a company,  the big corporations would be litigating against him for all kinds of patent infringements.   It would not matter if he was right or wrong, but he would need a lot of financial assets to hire a defense team to fight it.  It is unfair and changes need to be made.   First off, if you do not have a patent in a viable product it should be null and void.(keep out the patent trolls who are only attorneys with paper)    Also, if you file a lawsuit on infringement and you lose,  you cover all financial costs and pay the accused a fine for his burden.   On top of this,  there is the mess of having juries that do not understand the technical nature of the arguments.  Just getting to trial can cost you millions in defense.   By the way,  Apple and Samsung going at it again.  You don't hear too many lawsuits with a big company fighting a small one going to trial because the small one just settles knowing it has no chance.

  • New CEO Intro

    They are saying on CNBC that Bill Gates will be a partner with Nadella.   Bill cannot let his baby go (and why should he) and wants to get the company rolling again.   He just cannot step back into it fulltime with saving the world from poverty and polio.   This does not reflect poorly on Nadella,  but Bill Gates just needed someone he could trust and somewhat control to do his agenda.   I am looking forward to this as the next best thing to Bill running the show himself.   

  • Nadella?

    , cbae wrote


    Oh, I get it now. Allow me to jump to wild-a$$ conclusions like you did.

    • You're a staunch supporter of Rick Perry
    • You straight-ticket vote Republican Party
    • You don't believe in evolution
    • You live in Round Rock or very close to it


    Yes good try. 

    I support Andrew Cuomo.

    I vote independent.

    I live in New York.

    I assume your a 19 year old using your Dads computer playing Counter-Strike all day since you don't have a job and you like to freeload.    Did I get that one right.   Thought so ...  ..

  • Nadella?

    , Richard.Hein wrote


    I wasn't quoting Nadella with that statement.  The company email he sent does talk about devices and services and going forward with the One Microsoft strategy, however.  Thus, my interpretation is that they won't sell any devices businesses right now ... they are just getting started.

    Well I guess we wait and see.   I don't see the point of a new CEO if the direction stays the same.   I like Microsoft but they need to make some changes.   It takes guts to know when something is not working and call it a failure.   I don't understand competing with partners like Dell and others as a strategy.   If they can clear this up it would be a big positive.  Xbox is working for Microsoft but this only affected Sony and did not kill any partnerships.