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  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    @wkempf: Good thing most businesses that use LOB apps with Silverlight are not going to windows 8.   Who do you think is going to win this battle.   The enterprise customers who spent a lot of time and money for Silverlight LOB's (there are many) or Microsoft wanting only Metro apps because some past executive had a stupid dream on changing windows.   Sorry,  Metro will be dead before Silverlight dies.

  • Java 8 released

    @00010101: I hear what you say about fairness,  but nothing stops you from starting your own business and reaping the rewards.   Also,  once you work for a corporation,  everything is boxed in.  You get a title/position/level and you get paid what that level pays.   You don't get big money even if you are a superstar and the slacker/average guy gets the same.   Pretty soon it will be worse so everything is fair and there is no discrimination or favoritism.  Don't think Oracle is any better than Microsoft just because you have had some bad experience with one.   I will just take Bill over Larry.

  • Java 8 released

    Who uses Java since Larry took over?   Its like coding for the Devil. 

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin


    The only problem is people are not going to download anything new like a Silverlight plug-in.  MS also wants everything to go through their store. 

    Why not?  Silverlight is all over and being used.   There are still plugins being used and it is not a problem.

  • Bill Gates: Robouts took yer jerbs

    @ScanIAm: I have to agree with you.   It use to be you would work to get food. (plant fields, water, fertilize and pick) .  This is now very automated so people go and do other things.  Look how many jobs are now just entertaining us (tv, movies, books, video games, etc including the coffeehouse).   When we automate ourselves to the point where needs are taken care of,  life will be about something other than the grind of labor and more about not getting bored. 

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    I think this is great news overall for the Microsoft developer and the guy who likes  C#.   Microsoft phones missing a lot of main stream phone apps and if they can get all developers using this tool maybe they always get included as an output (additional application).   So I make some hardware,  lets say a security camera,  I use the Xamarin toolkit and get 3 outputs,  IOS, Android, and windows phone.   Usually the hardware vendor supports 2 platforms and you know the missing one is windows phone.    I like Miguel and he has a lot of passion.  He is easy to talk to and has a good perspective on development.  I just hope they keep him going for a while and not kill his ambition and energy.  Money and bureaucracy can do that.  This is not great news for dot42.com but I hope they keep their project going.

  • Recent media push against Google Glass

    @MasterPi:I think he woke up ..  maybe with a smile.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    , BitFlipper wrote

    The flat theme on the desktop is clearly designed to follow the same flat theme of Metro so obviously it is related design wise. I'm not sure how you can say it is "entirely unrelated".

    Obviously we would just have to agree to disagree on this. None of us are going to change anyone else's mind, so this discussion is pointless. My experience with Windows 8 is that I hate it, even after trying for a long time to like it. Your experience might be that you like it. I guess we would have to wait and see how this plays out.

    Some idiot at Microsoft thought that this "flat theme" was a good idea.  I have no idea why because it does not make usability easier.   I talked to the Visual Studio developers at Build and they did not like it either but were mandated to go forward with it.   It just takes one idiot (Sinofsky with windows 8) to make a bad idea become the norm.   I think they have run out of other ideas so the only answer from the people they hire is to tweak a perfectly good User Interface and make it worse (going backwards).   The whole point in making a button appear 3D is to mimic the physical world and allow users to imagine a real button.    Why are all the smart people at Microsoft silent when these stupid ideas surface.   I hope the new CEO and Gates get things back to normal.  

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    @cbae: Well, I guess your right that I can eventually find a work around for most of the annoyances.   I had to find the desktop versions of Skype, and use my desktop outlook for email instead of the free mail app.  I wish Microsoft with provide a desktop pdf viewer for free also but I guess that is asking too much.   As far as moving my cheese,  I don't like the flat look either.   Give me some depth so I can find buttons and scroll bars easier.   What is Microsoft next big improvement?  (Black and white applications -- we don't need color anymore -- retro).   Saying all this,  I take the bad with the good and will continue to stick with Microsoft over the others.

  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    @BitFlipper: I agree with just about everything you said here about windows 8 ( and CBAE constant trolling).   I only went to windows 8 for the same reason you did and that was to do Windows phone development.   I have no need to have full size windows metro apps filling my 27" screen and prefer the desktop apps for everything so I can truly multitask.   Again, if I am on my tablet not doing anything important and just want to read or watch a movie, Windows 8 is fine.  The truth will come out once you start seeing Microsoft back pedal.