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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Microsoft Layoffs

    , Bas wrote


    Can't tell if serious...

    Joking,  sad for layoffs but everyone eventually rebounds.     They are dropping the Android Nokia phone however so I guess that was not in the big plan.

  • Microsoft Layoffs

    They should layoff even more if they want to be more responsive.   You don't hire people just because you have profits.   This is not charity work.   The problem is more departments filled with more people that do not have a value add but basically have a value loss.   They add time and paperwork and meetings but in the end do not make better software deliverables.   Its time to burn some of the forest down and let new growth begin.  

    This is not unique to Microsoft but many corporations.   GM should have been allowed to burn down to the ground.  Our stupid government saved them and basically prolonged the pain.    Look howTesla is kicking butt in an area where the big companies should be innovative.   The problem is they are stuck in a pool of old processes and ways of thinking that only make them useless.    I mean they still use keys to start a car and this has caused them major lawsuits. 

    I personally would have liked to see Microsoft broken up because that would be the best way to reinvent the company.

    They are dropping the group making the Android Nokia phone.   I bet they had some spy walking around the campus taking notes on who was using a Android or iPhone or iPad and they were put on the layoff list.  They want loyalty at Microsoft.

  • Satya speaking...

    Its kind of funny when you hear mobile is the future.    Mobile is not the future it is the present.   All the talk about tablets taking over and laptops and desktops are dead is already being down played.  Intel is making record profits and they are not in phones or tablets.   Microsoft needs to steady the ship.   Cloud computing has a future for business because companies struggle with their IT departments and they need applications that are easily upgraded.   Also cloud computing makes more sense for a company like Microsoft because the hardware is stablilizing in terms of performance and computers you buy for cloud computing last longer.  (the performance versus time curve is flattening).   Mobile and cloud go together well because your phone is more of a terminal with the rich media or data in the cloud.   If your phone is upgraded or stolen you just reimage it from the cloud and your ready to go.   Also the cloud is a good place to stuff a lot of data from devices or stream data to consumers.    I would be shorting any company that makes DVD's, CD's etc.   They will be history.   The only real trouble for cloud computing is security.   The internet is too open and allows bad people access to your door.  (they might not have key but they pound on the entrance)

  • 4th July

    , JohnAskew wrote


    So plan not to go to Harvard after being accepted because it's too expensive?

    That's asinine as well. Why don't you admit the fact that since 1973, as evidenced by Cbae's graph, everyone has been LOOTED and the wealth is trickling upwards to the rich. Why can't you see that? 

    Harvard will give you financial aid. (unless you make more than 250k and have lots of assets) and the financial aid is usually all grants (no loans).    So don't think Harvard is too expensive, and if it is too expensive for you it means you have some wealth.   You obviously have never applied or looked at Ivy League schools and how they work.   They have billions of dollars and use this money to help applicants.

  • 4th July

    , JohnAskew wrote


    That's asinine. What if big brother went to Harvard and that used up all the $$? Huh? What now?

    That shows poor planning.  The day that baby bro is born is the day you save and plan.   Buy the cheap Red White and Blue beer and not the Special Export.  Get a second job and get off the internet and stop watching TV.   The parents could take second mortgage to pay for baby brother.   If you cannot afford this then don't have kids.  This is called responsibility and is lacking now from past generations.

    By the way,  college costs more only because the government stuck there nose into it and started giving out secured loans.   Then the colleges saw this gravy train and kept jacking up prices since now extra money was available.     Same as Freddie and Fannie and house prices.   Another bad ending coming on this one too.  

  • 4th July

    In the States,  responsible parents pay for their kids college so they can start life debt. free.  

    Unfortunately,  many selfish parents would rather have a nice BMW or Mercedes and vacations and tell their kids to pay their own way.    Then they hope the government forgives their loans someday.  

  • Google NativeClient demo that I liked

    Silverlight might come back to life now that a lot of its enemies are gone.   With the big RIF coming at Microsoft,  maybe the stupid thinkers will be completely cleared out and we can see Microsoft progressing again.   C# to native is what I still want finished.  It is looking good so far.

    Native Client is an option for some but I hope it sets a fire back under Microsoft's butt to reevaluate some of the poor decisions on technology it has made and the developer resentment they stirred up from these decisions.    Its funny when they were leading with Silverlight they got scared (no strong tech leaders to drive it),  now that Google is doing something similar they can regain confidence since they have become a follow the leader company.   I was hoping Nadella was not afraid to lead but no evidence of that yet.

  • Google NativeClient demo that I liked

    They have invented Silverlight!  LOL

  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    How do you compete with bigger companies that have all this process and resources already?

    Are you bidding lower prices?   Will your competitive advantage start to dwindle?

  • something pretty amazing is going to happen with windows phone

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Don't you mean Fox News?

    I guess it depends on whether you like hearing things about a bad evil president (FOX), a bad evil governor (MSNBC),  or a plane in the ocean (CNN).  They all have a suck factor and the amount of this factor depends on what rose colored glasses you wear.