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TexasToast TexasToast
  • I can't believe how much web programming has changed

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Well, apart from the WCF thing (strawman much?) That's exactly what all games have done, all streaming video applications (like Skype) have done. What RDP has done, what bittorrent did, what dropbox does etc etc etc.

    The web is always playing catch-up with the rest of computing.

    We had stateful connections with bidirectional low-latency communications in 1970. The web threw all that away with HTTP, and then had to retro-fit statefulness (cookies), lower-startup times (keep-alive) and bidirectionality (websockets).

    In fact, the very fact that HTTP is so crap is the very reason why Google got fed up and rebuilt it (SPDY).

    You might think that the web is oh-so-very-clever because you can now just about achieve a proper connection to a website and send data back and forward, but the rest of the computing world has had that from the very start. It only feels new because the web was retarded and threw all of the good bits away and is only just about getting back to where the networking stack was in 1970 and where desktop applications were in 2003 (and where security was in 1998)

    As I said before - the web is getting better, because it is becoming more like the desktop - not because the desktop is becoming more like the web. The crap that is the web-stack has been holding back computing for over a decade.

    We're where we are now despite the web being a pile of poop. Not because of its shining brilliance.

    Right on brother !  I totally agree.   Even all this Model View Controller stuff is old .   MFC apps had doc views with separated handlers.  

  • More proof MS is becoming irrelevant (sorry)

    So why has Amazon done this to you?   It has nothing to do with Microsoft.   They chose to only distribute it on amazon cloud.   I have not seen this before on Amazon.  Everything I buy goes to all my devices which are all Microsoft.    I have an original kindle and it wont allow it to that device either so its not just a Microsoft thing.

  • New XBox teasers

    So that's why they moved up the Build conference.   Forget windows 8 and how we messed that up, but look at how we make the best Home Video Game / Multimedia center / Consumer device.  Develop for Xbox 720's will be the new Build theme.

  • The sharks smell blood

    My friends and I have made out well being in the Microsoft eco system.   I don't see it disappearing no matter what doom and gloom some put out here.   Balmer did make the decision to bring in the ERP systems and CRM systems and this is doing well.   I think he needs to concentrate more here and in LOB applications.   If they can continue to dominate in the business world they will be around a long time.  As far as Windows 8,  he did what others probably told him to do as far as a tablet OS.  The mistake is not taking care of the desktop.  I think he understands some of this and torpedo'd Sinofsky for screwing the message.   I have developed for the other platforms and I still think if your a developer,  Microsoft gives you the best experience.  Balmer is staying.  Look at Apple stock and tell me the current CEO there is doing a good job with a 50% drop.  

  • Windows 8 flops, and Microsoft are to blame

    I think if Apple or Google make a Visual Studio killer that targets their platform Microsoft would be in bigger trouble.   I see Xamarin is gaining traction for Android and IOS development because you can use visual studio and C#.    Just think if Google had their own Java super language G# and a nice developer studio that is not Eclipse with all its baggage (I hate do it all dev environments that end up doing nothing well) they would really be taking over.   But it looks like Google with be busy battling with Apple on web technologies and Microsoft will have time to reset and fix some of their problems.  The next 5 years will be interesting and it is hard to tell who wins at this point.  Maybe, there is no clear winner and we just have options for the long haul.  I do think that it is important for Microsoft to make a clear path for desktop/laptop development.   But then again,  maybe all we have to do in life is look at photos, listen to music, watch videos, blog (social media) and read emails. 

  • //BUILD/ 2013

    , blowdart wrote


    You know places like this are limited by fire regulations, rather than where the chairs are, right?

    I meant that they could rent out parts of it and then add exhibit halls or conferences rooms later if they wanted to expand the conference.   Yes there is a max number but it is not 2000 .  I think they have room for 8000 if you get the entire place.   So working at Microsoft  maybe you can give some answers on why San Fran and why 9 months within the last build conference.. 

  • //BUILD/ 2013

    Looks like the timing is right to give away the new Xbox at Build 2013. I think since they gave away windows phone and 2 different tablets before this would make sense. http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57578387-75/microsoft-may-announce-next-generation-of-xbox-on-may-21/

  • Deadkit?

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Microsoft should never have killed Silverlight. HTML sucks so bad, and Silverlight fixed so many of it's obvious deficiencies (like XSS for instance, video streaming, DRM video, templating, object orientation by default etc etc etc).

    I totally agree.  Silverlight was a great move and whoever killed it should be strung up on the Microsoft campus.   We will eventually come back to this one way or the other.  Stupid ideas eventually die and good ones get resurrected.

    It is almost like Microsoft somehow forgot how to lead and is now trying to follow everyone else.  They need to get some strong leaders back who know the right thing to do for the long haul.

  • //BUILD/ 2013

    @MasterPie:Are you suggesting they don't even do the conference at Moscone?   That would suck because I picked a hotel based on being able to walk there and back.   It would be nice if Microsoft would give a little more information on what they're thinking is.   I also wonder why it is so early in the year.   I think they have even skipped years now they have one conference within 9 months of the last one.

  • //BUILD/ 2013

    @Bas: That is what it looks like.   I think they wanted more participation (see all the complaints in this thread) so they probably watched the numbers and then went into a second tier planned venue with more space at the Moscone center.   They had quite a huge selections of hotels for only 2000 attendees so maybe the hotels were already in place for a bigger venue.    I am sure some Microsoft folks might have some inside information.   I was at PDC in 96 at San Fran and it was good (Active X we have come a long way).   It is a nice place to bring a guest and spend a few extra days.  I like the logistics at Staples Center in LA but it gets boring to go there all the time.  Looking forward to San Fran again.  (plus I got early bird this time)