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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Intel XDK

    @Sven Groot: Yeah we use phones in corporations.   Mostly as a phone and for email and nobody I have seen in corporate America using windows phones.  Mostly blackberries and going to iphones.    Sven, you just got a job at Microsoft and fresh out of school.  I have been all over this country (not just California silicon valley where tablets and iphones are everywhere),  and I can tell you that businesses use a lot of servers, a lot of window computers and laptops, and very few if any tablets. (mostly consumer).  How about factories?  Have you been to any?  Do you think they need tablets to run their machines?   Get out of your little box.

    Maybe there is this divide between information businesses(google, facebook, financial etc) and real businesses like Procter and Gamble, Oil companies, Industrial manufacturers etc.   We have different needs.  Microsoft used to support the latter but now wants to ignore it.    That's why I want the breakup so priorities are more lined up

  • Intel XDK

    Microsoft decided to follow.    No more leaders and no more vision.   Lets see what Google and Apple are doing and then try to imitate them.    They can still rebound but it needs to get back to what they were good at.   I would like to see the company broken up.   The business division could do quite well if they don't have to think about tablets and phones.  Just make good apps to read and write email.  Don't worry about search, advertising, music, videos, etc and leave that for a consumer division.

  • MS working on a same compiler for C++ AND C# ! Not in 'incubation' but for production !

    Is there any more information on this?  From what I read this has to be the most positive thing coming out for developers on MS platforms.   I remember Microsoft showing their new extensions for C++ so it could do the same things .Net languages were doing.   The syntax was ugly and it just seemed stupid as a strategy.   A lot of C++ developers moved to C# and never looked back.   I write C/C++ for non MS platforms in the embedded world but I keep it simple.   I would hope for a version of this new C# compiler where memory management could be optional.(no gc)   In the embedded world,  you try to keep memory very static and any dynamic allocations to very limited use.   (at least if you work on critical stuff that needs to run forever).  If Microsoft can pull this off then they can leave C/C++ mainly for low level driver work and get it off of the application development platform.

  • MS needs to hire a CEO that people like

    , cheong wrote


    I second that.

    Whenever I want to buy computer or phone (or any electronics), I do research on web to find out the best configuration that will fall into my budget (in that sense, a good review on review websites that are known to be neutral would have better effect than super star cheerleaders). Literally I have clear idea of what items I'm looking for before entering the shop. A good salesperson only have influrance on where I'll buy the product. (That said, if all shop that I can find have bad salesperson, or the shop selling these products are hard to find, I may consider change my mind for another one)

    Microsoft really need to sell only products that champions products from other brands in that price range in most aspects. Otherwise they're just keep wasting money.

    That sounds nice,  but the rest of the world is not at your level.   They are mostly dumb cattle and get herded into buying whatever is marketed to them.  The best product does not always win.   It must be promoted and marketed.   Sorry but I see a lot of good products get ignored and the cooler hip products get all the attention.   Same goes for presidential elections.

  • MS needs to hire a CEO that people like


    , spivonious wrote

    MS needs a CEO that cares about making the best product, period. If the product is awesome, it will sell itself.



    Well that has to be the biggest oversimplification in hiring I have ever heard.

    RealBoy360 has it more correct.  They need good products but they need a super star cheerleader to sell them.  Gates was good at that because he had the intellect to go up against anyone.   He also was a fierce competitor.   I don't think making good products is enough anymore.   They need to be hip and trendy and have someone pushing them hard.   

    Also,  they need to get someone who can understand the business community because this is their bread and butter.  This guy has to go out and wheel and deal with the big corporations and make them like windows for business for a long time.

    And if this does not work with an new flashy CEO, break up the company and start over.

  • MS needs to hire a CEO that people like

    I believed in Microsoft for a long time.   I think they have become a big company that cannot make big changes happen anymore.   It is happening to Google and Apple too but they have some life left.   They are the new Kodak.   Too little too late.    People at one time liked to work there,  now they are looking to get out.   I think the company should be broken up and let the smaller pieces become innovative.     No CEO will make any difference!   Bust them up now.    I don't want them buying anymore companies and destroying them.   Put a fork in it,  its over.

  • Windows Desktop

    The desktop is alive and well on laptops and desktops.   The modern UI is working well on phones and ok on tablets.   Microsoft is making all of their money in business computing with servers and desktop OS's with little competition. So in contrast right now they are making a big hoopla about about getting into a newer market.    This does not mean the desktop is dying.   It is just so good not much has to be done with it and people can rely on a stable framework for decades.  

  • NSA Spying Program

    , eddwo wrote

    It is kind of bizarre when you consider the level of technical sophistication the NSA clearly have at their disposal, compared to that employed in the creation of HealthCare.gov, On the one hand they are cracking encryption schemes, placing backdoors in commercial software, hijacking feeds between data centres, and basically scooping up a huge proportion of the worldwide internet traffic flow for later filtering and analysis. On the other a $300 million project is so badly written that it only let through 6 applicants on the first day. 

    I suppose it only demonstrates where governments priorities really lie.

    That comment gave me a good laugh.   Too bad it is true.  It is strange what the world is becoming.  I think that even though the Tea Party is getting a bad name (because of some of the knuckleheads in it) they have brought one clear idea for people to ponder.   This idea will change the thinking I hope for the future.  The idea is that more and more government can make your life more painful and dangerous.  On one hand the government can grow to be completely intrusive into your life monitoring all your email, your tweets, your location (gps in phones is great for you and the spies) and other things.   They can also be totally incompetent at another  element like managing money and taxes and healthcare and nobody talks about how screwed up our legal system is.   I want free legalcare to go with healthcare because it can wipe me out just as quickly.  The government would rather screw a bunch of doctors but keep the lawyers protected.  I don't think it matters who gets elected anymore.  What matters is that the government becomes frozen and gridlocked so new laws get passed.   The US is becoming the old Rome and it is starting to fall apart.   Texans want out since it was independent at one time it might happen again.  Back to NSA,  they are doing what they have always done,  it just expanded to handle the digital world.   It will not go away and the other countries like Germany have no power to stop it.   Europe has not proven it can be the center of power and therefore must be subservient to what US national security requires.  The only thing you can hope is that the people running these spy programs are honest, balanced, and have good morals so that they are really just trying to protect the world from violence.


  • Silverlight Path

    Time for its resurrection.   Silverlight is dead.  Long live Silverlight.   XAML is a configuration file.

    Soylent green is people.  I digress.

    The one thing that should die is javascript.  But it keeps breeding like cancer and there is no known cure.


  • what's stopping C# being made as a ​native/unma​naged language?

    @Bass: Have you used this Mono AOT ?..  Can it be used outside of iOS?  Technology innovation is happening, just not at Microsoft.