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TexasToast TexasToast
  • @fanbaby, @bass and especially @beer28

    @kettch: Software is or will be free.   You need to find a way to sell a service or hardware with your software.   People like to pay for tangible items.   Take your software,  wrap it up in a nice package,   put a few cool stickers or baseball cards in with it, and then sell it at Walmart for 4.99 and you will have some money to put food on the table.    You might get 25 cents per package but like ScanIAm says,  you make it up in volume.

  • ISIS, a new Mideast nation emerging?

    Ok so America was stupid a 100 years ago.   We (those living now) are different and not that stupid.   The Germans and Japanese are not the same as those in WW2.   So maybe the problem is the middle east is just lagging 100 years behind and we have to wait it out somehow.  I don't like the argument that since your ancestors did this,  you are now in the same category.  Also,  most Americans are not related to the people who persecuted the Indians.

  • Saying vs. Doing...

    If Microsoft, Apple, and Google could do the same we would be moving ahead a lot faster in a better world.

  • Does Node.js have all those abstract classes and interfaces / Design patterns?

    @evildictaitor: I also agree with you as I usually do.  Having worked with both, I think you just waste time finding runtime errors that are easily avoided in a stricter compiler check.   I think javascript or python etc is great for a small short programs you whip together for testing or some simple job you need done.  Real complex programs in these languages are just turning out crap.   Or like Bass says,  spend a lot of time running unit tests (probably with more scripts ) and that's a nightmare in itself.  You can write a lot less test code if you know your compiler and language are forcing/helping you to succeed.

  • No option to enable Hyper-V in my BIOS settings

    Like others have said you need Windows 8 or 8.1 pro.   I use hyper-V all the time and it works great.   The real problem is you need a CPU that supports hyper-V and NOT all cpu's do.   In fact a lot do not.    I had one dell box with a 64 bit processor but it was one generation too old and thus no hyper -v.   Any I3, I5, o I7 should be fine and of course turn on virtualization options in your bios.

    Hyper-V works great as a Linux host especially if you get a distribution like Cent-OS that has Microsoft hyper-v compatible drivers.  

  • Apple beats competitors to market ...

    They should fit together well.  Both are overpriced crap with no real engineering but great marketing make people think they want one. 

  • Right now: Intel hedging bets, pumping up ChromeOS

    Intel is very afraid of the ARM processor.   They want to get into smaller devices but they need work in power usage.

  • Has your passion for I.T. ever got you in trouble?

    I was not really sincere about my statement and we are all sometimes guilty of trying to get an edge on someone else.   I think we (myself included) need to be careful about the intent of our IT passion to be sure it is to educate ourselves rather than to benefit from it in some way.  

    Vesuvius,  I think code reuse inside of a company is a good thing and benefits everyone.   You don't steal when the company owns the code and not you personally.  If you are reverse engineering code from another company (or ownership)  then that is stealing and your Project Manager should know better to allow this to happen.  

    Bottom line is we live in a world where everyone wants to get an edge on the next guy through whatever clever means we can.   IT, financial, law, etc. all do this.   That edge sometimes is legal or shady,  but it does not make it right.   I think one reason we hate the patent trolls is they ride this edge to make money knowing that they can abuse a system that does not clearly show they are wrong.

  • Has your passion for I.T. ever got you in trouble?

    I feel sorry for you two (ian2 and bondsbw).   You are given some knowledge and power and you use it for your own gain.   You need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you would like someone to do the same to you and cheat your system.   If you are given a powerful weapon would you use it to benefit yourself?  (wall hackers etc in a video game ) This is not passion for IT but rather being a deceitful cheater.   You should really just be ashamed.

  • Rekeying certificates - what does that ​do/mean/aff​ect?

    Is this related to the heartbleed hole exposed in openssl?  Will cause a lot of certificates to rekey.

    If you were using a version of openssl which is used on a lot of apache sites,  your private keys could have been stolen and you need to get a new certificate with new keys for your site to protect it.  (of course you need a new version of openssl that patches this problem too)


    Open sores for open source.