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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Build 2014

    @11101110: Hey if your mom wont let you go that's ok but don't whine about the conference that sells out every year.

  • MS working on a same compiler for C++ AND C# ! Not in 'incubation' but for production !

    Yes this is moving forward.   I am not a fan of adding all these little features to C# just to make something you already can do easier but adds more syntax and makes the language less mainstream.   For example, returning multiple parameters.  You can make a struct or class, pass it in as ref or make an out parameter and you have the same functionality.   Adding features is NOT always a good thing and makes the language less maintainable and more obscure.   Taking what you have already and making it faster and having it work on more platforms is what should be happening first.    You see, the more unneeded crap you stick into the language,  the harder it is to port to newer places.  I hope they hold off on any features until they move it completely to native first.

  • Build 2014

    Ok what will be the freebies this time.

    Conference price is high enough where they give away some new Nokia tablets or phones.

    Who,s going?  San Fran again.

    Registration opens

    Jan 14, 2014 at 9am PST



  • Windows 8 Threshold rumors

    @DeathByVisualStudio: I agree.  I watch videos, play card games, and use maps on the tablet and it is great for that.   Just don't use it much for work and I still don't care for the browser versus the desktop browser. 

    Also, I think the touchscreen on laptops was a little over the top.   I am not leaving my hands off of the keyboard or mouse to move them to the screen.   Again, tablet and phone it is fine to have touch. (some blackberry people might not agree)   

    Touchscreens have good uses as point of sales, control panels, etc.   Does not mean everything has to be touch.  

  • Windows 8 Threshold rumors

    Corporations don't want to retrain people on simple things like knowing where the start menu is.  It is not about moving cheese or innovation.  

    If innovation at Microsoft is taking things out and replacing them with other useless features then Microsoft has a lot more problems ahead.   Also innovation is not killing useful technologies like Silverlight just so they can have useless store apps.  It also is not taking applications that run in multiple windows on a big monitor and simplifying them to run in 1 window filling up your entire screen.  Again, the tablet should not hinder the desktop.

    I am with DBVS on this one.  Sinofsky was arrogant and stupid and now Microsoft is correcting course so they can upgrade their huge customer base.  

  • Amazon attempting to kill Santa

    , Richard.Hein wrote


    I was really happy to see that Brian ended up on that project, I've been wondering why he left for Amazon, and this explains it pretty well. It's definitely an exciting project.  I had no doubt that it was real.  Amazon needed to announce it now, not only for marketing, but to ensure no one can say they are just copying someone else's business plan, and to get prior art related to the project out there before someone starts patenting everything about it.  Delivery by drone is a natural progression and is definitely not sci-fi and will definitely happen and obviously Amazon realized just how good it would be for them to jump on it ASAP.

    I am not quite sure that this is real in the sense that we will see this happening in the next few years.   There are a lot of logistics that need to be worked out.   I think you would need customers to sign up for this and they would need criteria to be met so the drone has a landing drop off spot. (plus it dings you saying your package has landed) .   I also would think that the first application would be a confined area delivery (several blocks in a suburban neighborhood).  Apts would need to be modified for roof delivery.    I can envision this all happening but it will need support on the customer side for fool proof operation.   In Texas, we have too many yahoos with guns and this would just be target practice.   Weather is also a factor.     I think there could be a lot done in making standard truck delivery better before drones see the light of day.

  • Windows 8 Threshold rumors

    , cbae wrote


    Texas can frack off. Wink

    Yes we will.   We keep getting richer down here.



  • Windows 8 Threshold rumors

    , cbae wrote


    Meh. I'm through with drill-down menus.




    We love drill down menus in Texas.   Bring them back and lets keep drilling.

  • Intel XDK

    I think the breakup is a done deal.  (Hint: buy some MSFT options now ) 


    Paul Allen likes it.   Bill G. gets some more money for his foundation.    Elop takes over one half of it but who takes the other part? 

    Stockholders would vote in favor of it (after a decade of stagnation) and it makes sense seeing how Balmer is getting out now because they are throwing in the towel.

    I could be wrong,  but usually this kind of stuff starts to leak out.   I think even Bill Gates thought about coming back but seen it as too big of a monster to handle or fix.

  • Intel XDK

    , Sven Groot wrote


    It just doesn't make sense to me to think you could have a business software company that completely ignores the biggest trends in IT at the moment (smartphones and tablets) and yet still be future proof.

    I am not saying that have these new form factors(tablets, phones, or in between) are not an improvement.  I am saying what these new form factors are being made to do is help consumers and there is no emphasis on making good software architecture for business so they can use these devices also.    A lot of healthcare professionals are going with tablets as a clipboard replacement.   They need applications that tie into there infrastructure and do mainly a special purpose on these tablets.   It would be nice to have a way to move desktop applications to these devices.  Microsoft says get windows 8 and make a store app.   That story does not play out well since nobody moves an entire facility to windows 8 so a new app can run.   IT departments do not like to support all different setups.    

    If Microsoft was smart, they would have bought Blackberry for their business oriented customers and then worked the eco system on the business side where they dominate and then try to help these phone users be productive with email, office etc.    Buying Nokia and making entertainment apps is not the right direction for business.  

    So my point is split up the company,  make one concentrate on business productivity(sql, office, windows server, windows desktop, and phone and tablet apps for the business guy Skype for conference calls) and make the other the entertainment business (xbox, bing, entertaining phone and tablet apps and a touch centric Operating system, Skype for home.)

    This would not ignore trends just make them concentrate on solving problems in each area no matter what device it is.