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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Who is Paul Thurrott anyway?

    We will see some numbers today after close on what is going at Microsoft.   Like I said,  whether you like Windows 8 or dislike it the only thing that matters is money.   If it does not make money then it goes into the pile of crap software heap.  

    Here is what Wall Street is saying.  Looks like Windows 9 cannot come soon enough.

    "Meanwhile, the 15-month old Windows 8 operating system hasn't spurred more PC sales. Hoping for a more effective strategy, Microsoft in April is hosting a developer event that analysts believe will include an early peek at the next version of Windows"

    They also say Nokia is not doing well.   Microsoft needs a good CEO and fast.

  • Who is Paul Thurrott anyway?

    @wkempf: My wife hates Windows 8 so much she wants me to toss her laptop in the trash and get a Mac book.   She loves windows 7 and cannot understand the stupid tile screen coming up with full size apps.    So I think Bitflipper can say it is universally disliked.  

    The stock sucks,  the sales sucks, and only a few people like it otherwise we would not be here talking about it.  On top of that Sinofsky gets fired and  Balmer gets fired.   Where do you see a successful story here?

  • Microsoft on the threshold of deleting 'appalling' Windows 8 software

    It does not matter whether some people like windows 8 or not.   If sales suck, and money is not coming in it gets scrapped.   It is not well accepted and that is the bottom line.   Look for a redo.  I think metro apps run in windows and not full screen will be what shows up in windows 9. 

  • Target Data Breach

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

     I thought the requirements of not storing the credit card number was industry standard but apparently not. Sounds like an opportunity for some government regulation...

    Are you kidding me?   Have you ever shopped at Amazon or used Paypal?    This has been always allowed but you had to meet certain standards that MC or Visa etc required.   We don't need any more govt regulations.   Never helps and never works.

  • Target Data Breach

    I have had my CC stolen before and even put 1 of the offenders who was caught into prison for 2-5 years (he would not give up names for the gang stealing numbers and making phoney cards).   I found out that the Banks and Credit card companies have many ways at their disposal to make this more secure with smart cards etc.   The choose NOT to in the USA.   They are afraid of making it too difficult to use.   Sounds dumb but they have no problem with dealing with fraud as it comes.   All you can do as a user is not to worry about it.   When it is stolen, point out the fraudulent charges, get a new card.  You are not liable.   Also, never use a debit card.   It would be nice for some other smarter card company to exist in this country where more secure measures are taken.   I know Europe is better in this regard.

  • 2019 is one step closer...

    , bondsbw wrote

    @jamie:  That video was produced a few years ago.  The first time I saw it even, I thought it is a neat concept to drive ideas but only some of that might be around by 2019... maybe 2029, 2039 for the rest if they ever come about.

    I for one disagree with you; I don't want overlapping Windows and will be glad when the day comes that we don't have to deal with such an antiquated concept from the 80s.

    The antiquated concept is the new Windows 8.  Looks like DOS to me.  One app, one window.  You happen to be the minority in liking this new UI (old to me) and it is already dying.   But maybe all you do is watch you tube videos on your tablet.

  • David Sobeski : Trust, Users and The Developer Division

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Microsoft has lost its way. It's now harder to write apps that work on all Microsoft devices than it is to write apps that work on all Android devices - and there's only one thing between Microsoft and total annihilation in the OS market. If I was the CEO of Google, I would put $1bn on the table right now into developing the hell out of WINE and drivers for legacy devices. Push that out with Android, and Microsoft's desktop offerings will look frankly pretty weak. Microsoft will have lost it's "we're reliable and our OS works on everything" business to Google, and they will be left in the rain wondering where the money has gone.

    In all the years of watching Microsoft, I have to agree that this year is probably the year they can actually start to lose their bread and butter markets.   The stock has barely budged while Google has tripled,  they cannot decide on a CEO,  Bill Gates has checked out, and the brain drain is happening at a fast pace.    When was the last video we saw where someone like Charles goes around and interviews the top Devs on what is new and exciting at Microsoft?   Is anyone really excited about Build 2014?   After 2012 and 2013 you get to a point where you don't care because it won't be anything you want to hear.   They wont fill developer needs or provide anything really cool.    

  • Colorado Marijuana Revolution - It's dominating many forums

    You get to grow 6 plants for yourself.   Maybe this will train more people on the basics of agriculture.    The good thing about Colorado and Washington is they wont have to spend all their time and money on arrests and incarcerations for pot.   It will prevent the baby boomers from getting their drugs from their high school kids bedrooms. This should give some dignity and self esteem to society,  either that or the whole place goes to hell.  We will soon find out.   Might be a good time to invest into Frito-Lay.

  • Automotive Market

    @ScanIAm: You can upgrade by flashing it anytime you want just like your phone so I don't see any reason to make it dumb.   Besides, what if you forget your phone.   I think the Ford Sync works pretty well.

  • Automotive Market

    I know Ford has done a lot with Microsoft.   I cannot see the Germans (BMW, Mercedes etc) going with Google.   They will roll their own.    Microsoft should still play in this game considering they have invested heavily into phones and making something for autos is very similar.  But yeah it would be nice to hear more.    Maybe the new CEO, Alan Mulally will energize this for them.