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  • new info around Midori team

    This is good information,  but now tell us what you think this means for the future.  Need some editorial opinions on what Microsoft is planning to launch as the next technology or product based on these facts you dug up.   Like how will M# be eventually given out for public use.

  • A C++ version of the Microsoft Enterprise Library

    @eduquint: Sorry if I offended you but you must realize that C# is a better place for SQL access.  I totally understand using C++ has many places for its use.  I also use it for communications in specific cases and I understand its use in embedded projects.   That being said,  why would you need it for database work ?  You might have some edge case for your work that requires it but don't expect Microsoft to put a lot of work into C++ database access because they know there is no large user demand for it.   You must know that you can Interop between C Dlls and C# and therefore make a mixed solution that fits your needs.   Heck, if Microsoft has extra time to do stuff, I want them to finish the native C# compiler and have it work for desktop applications.   You can avoid garbage collection if you plan out your project to not have a lot of dynamic allocations.

  • What Windows needs

    @cbae: Skype would be a lot better if you could transfer your old number to it. (like you can do with Google Voice).   Skype can be so much better but I have not seen them do too much with it.  I still don't mind this purchase since I do use it and find it useful. 

  • What Windows needs

    Can Microsoft find something new out there and regain their former glory? I don't think it's possible. They're too big, too comfortable, and too focused on chasing competitors.

    Or at least buy the company with the new great idea.   They should have bought Sun instead of Oracle(for Java), they should have bought Paypal instead of Ebay (although I think Amazon would have been a better fit),  they should buy Xamarin.   At least they did not buy a headphone company.  Anyway, I think they could acquire the next big thing and improve it.

  • What Windows needs

    @figuerres: how about the markets that make money.    Phones give away the OS ... actually Microsoft is making money off of  Android.  so lets say Apple is a making a dent with iOS and their hardware for tablets.  but apple is not open source either.   so my rebuttal was to magicalclick and open source being a way to get market share.  Consumers don't give a crap about open source.

  • What Windows needs

    @magicalclick:Yeah,  I guess that's why Windows has been such a failure with only 90% market share.  Its marketing and not open source and better ideas like Cortana that will make it successful.

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    We need a list of all the apps that are on android and iOS that are not on windows.  Then Microsoft should take this list and give money to the authors/companies/vendors to create these apps.    It is not about independent developers making apps, but more about bigger companies supporting windows phones as they roll out there android or iOS app. 

    Like WeMo is getting popular and of course only iOS and Android supported. 


    Microsoft has to find a way to stop being ignored or like EvilDictator mentions just make Android apps run on Window phone.

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    @daSmirnov: Android apps running on the phone would help windows phone sales,  and as windows phone sales go up,  more developers get interested and develop native apps for it.    If nobody is buying the phone because a lot of apps for airlines, or hardware support are not there,  the phone dies and there wont be any developers anyway.    You have to think this through.    More windows phone sales is the only way to survive here.

  • Running the Oculus Rift DK2

    , Ian2 wrote


    Yes, with current hardware it is going to be geeks only at first, but that will change and we will rapidly get to the stage where it won't be necessary to wear a headset (some kind of 'retina beaming' technology maybe?)

    And after that,  we bypass the eyeball and go directly to the nerves behind the eyeball with a embedded electrical probe emulating vision.   Eventually, we are put in pods and live in a virtual world.  Sounds great.  My advice, go and get a real life.

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    I have to agree with windows phone problem of not having apps on popular hardware.  Its always Android and iOS apps but not windows phone app.   The only thing Microsoft can do is make a windows phone app almost identical to a windows application.   Windows is usually always supported.   This is what they are trying to do with unified apps where a lot of code is shared.   If they can get this right there might be some hope for the windows phone.