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TexasToast TexasToast
  • 4th July

    , JohnAskew wrote


    That's asinine. What if big brother went to Harvard and that used up all the $$? Huh? What now?

    That shows poor planning.  The day that baby bro is born is the day you save and plan.   Buy the cheap Red White and Blue beer and not the Special Export.  Get a second job and get off the internet and stop watching TV.   The parents could take second mortgage to pay for baby brother.   If you cannot afford this then don't have kids.  This is called responsibility and is lacking now from past generations.

    By the way,  college costs more only because the government stuck there nose into it and started giving out secured loans.   Then the colleges saw this gravy train and kept jacking up prices since now extra money was available.     Same as Freddie and Fannie and house prices.   Another bad ending coming on this one too.  

  • 4th July

    In the States,  responsible parents pay for their kids college so they can start life debt. free.  

    Unfortunately,  many selfish parents would rather have a nice BMW or Mercedes and vacations and tell their kids to pay their own way.    Then they hope the government forgives their loans someday.  

  • Google NativeClient demo that I liked

    Silverlight might come back to life now that a lot of its enemies are gone.   With the big RIF coming at Microsoft,  maybe the stupid thinkers will be completely cleared out and we can see Microsoft progressing again.   C# to native is what I still want finished.  It is looking good so far.

    Native Client is an option for some but I hope it sets a fire back under Microsoft's butt to reevaluate some of the poor decisions on technology it has made and the developer resentment they stirred up from these decisions.    Its funny when they were leading with Silverlight they got scared (no strong tech leaders to drive it),  now that Google is doing something similar they can regain confidence since they have become a follow the leader company.   I was hoping Nadella was not afraid to lead but no evidence of that yet.

  • Google NativeClient demo that I liked

    They have invented Silverlight!  LOL

  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    How do you compete with bigger companies that have all this process and resources already?

    Are you bidding lower prices?   Will your competitive advantage start to dwindle?

  • something pretty amazing is going to happen with windows phone

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Don't you mean Fox News?

    I guess it depends on whether you like hearing things about a bad evil president (FOX), a bad evil governor (MSNBC),  or a plane in the ocean (CNN).  They all have a suck factor and the amount of this factor depends on what rose colored glasses you wear.

  • Seems like metro on the desktop is a done deal

    , BitFlipper wrote

    So in some ways those things can help make the UI more intuitive, so it isn't just for cosmetic purposes. But nothing more than that, please no leather, wood, chrome or any of that crap.

    Ok that's where I differ.   I want all the leather, wood , chrome, or any other artistic crap that a good graphic designer can think up.   Why not?  You get to play with code and make cool apps,  why not let the graphic designers think up some things to make our lives pleasant.  (Optional of course,  you can turn off the parts you don't like).    That's how Apple sells products with artistic cool factor.

    Tesla sells cars not because they are electric,  but they look good.

  • Seems like metro on the desktop is a done deal

    , bondsbw wrote


    Bottom line is, a computer is not the world.

    Skeuomorphism was a good tool to provide people with context on how this screen-and-CPU-and-disk thing can help do the things they already know how to do, like writing a note or tapping a button to make something happen.  Now that people understand this, we don't need the help guides.

    I think your opinion of people is way overrated or you only know smart well educated ones.  

    I do think however we don't need a flat square with one boring color and say that's the best I can do for a button.   People push buttons all the time on elevators etc. and making a small effort to put a button on the screen that looks like a button is not much to ask for.    Doing this does not take away from computers doing more than the physical world can do.   The computer still cannot make me smell a dungy wet basement or some freshed baked bread.   I cannot feel a sticky or greasy button .     Computers have a lot more to do to represent the real world.    By the way,  if I can talk across the globe there is no reason why my notepad cannot show up on two monitors across the globe other than poor implementation.

  • something pretty amazing is going to happen with windows phone

    , ScanIAm wrote


    Tell that to  CNN...

    TechRadar.com must be owned or managed by MSNBC where they just make up stuff and say it is news. 

  • something pretty amazing is going to happen with windows phone

    Probably a Skype phone.   No monthly fees is the only thing that would be huge.  Of course you need a WIFI connection but maybe Microsoft is buying some low orbit satellites that give you WIFI to your phone. (wait I think Google is on that already)    Actually, I have been waiting for Microsoft to do something big for awhile now.   Dropping OLE for .NET was last big thing.  Have they figured out how to get your phone to make you a sandwich?   That could be big too.   :D