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TexasToast TexasToast
  • They might have well said...

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    And any notions that all this (crippling of the desktop in 8, partial restorations in Update 1 and 8.1, more repairs in 10) is a grand plan is just laughable. Some people have apparently severe problems accepting that huge corporations can screw things up.

    I agree with you on that one.  Most people in corporations do nothing useful.   If they were all productive at these corporations,  startups would not be around creating new things.  Everyone just falls in line with the strategy thought up by a few.   The strategy then gets a life of its own and will continue until years later when money which keeps the company going dries up.   If you get good confident leadership,  a good employee incentive plan,  the right strategy, the company can succeed with a good product.  You had Gates and Jobs as good leaders.   Maybe a bit brutal and sometimes not fair,  but they pushed others to get things done.   Google now is left alone with their original founders pushing ahead of both Microsoft and Apple.   Other industries have some good leaders which are creating new products (like Elon Musk ).   I don't know what will happen short term,   but one of these companies need to get going or they will become the next Kodak.   

    Windows 10 needs to bring back developers and not just users.  They can do it by extending their RT API to the desktop and having fast native compiling for each platform (phone, desktop, tablet) so the programs run fast and secure.  They really need to bring back the many people they lost with Silverlight being downplayed.

  • Windows 10 Preview (Download Link - 1st Oct )

    Unless there is something new that windows 10 does not have ,  I am not going to bother to look at it.   Touch screen support on server again? 

  • How will Microsoft sell WIndows 10: if i could here is my thought

    @Ian2: Why not make it all free.  Books, newspapers, movies, music, software all have no manufacturing cost so they should all be free(downloadable).   If you make something people really want they will pay.  Things that are free will not displace the better things that cost money otherwise we would all be running Linux.

  • How will Microsoft sell WIndows 10: if i could here is my thought

    @figuerres: Wow your pretty arrogant to think you know how to price something based on your pool of knowledge of what people will pay.   They have a lot of people looking at a way to price this so they good uptake and really don't need any input on this from the public who just want it for free all the time.   They are not a charity and need to make money.   Why not tell Apple to give the iPhone 6 for free to iPhone 5 users.  Windows 7 users should get no free upgrade. 

  • Windows 10 Preview (Download Link - 1st Oct )

    Ok so we have a start menu, virtual desktop, windowed apps.  I don't notice much else.  Not bad for 5 guys in a startup but not impressive for a company with thousands of people.  Maybe I am missing some other cool stuff here.  I do like bringing over settings on a live account automatically which windows 7 really does not do.   The only thing they added that was not announced at build is virtual desktops.  (one other point, very nice to have virtual machines built into windows 8 pro to try this stuff out)

  • Windows 10 Start Screen

    There are a lot of apps written for the PC that do not connect to the internet or should NOT freely connect to it.   Computers were useful before the internet and still are after.  Look at all the problems at Home Depot and Target for having computers that could freely go out on the internet.   These POS (point of sale) devices should have never been able to do this and should have been firewalled and restricted to an internal server with strict checks on where it goes for credit card approvals.   Our military hates these features which get turned on and cause security problems.   Windows needs to fit many markets and not just the current crop of developers making useless social networking apps.  I am not saying the internet is not a good thing,  I am saying it's use needs to be known to people using it so we stay safe and private.  When by default everything is turned on you can cause problems for the general public.  Cartoon characters have no place in many serious places of business.   Not everyone lives on the West coast and plays with Nerf guns and wears shorts and flip flops. 

    That is my problem with Microsoft showing that screen and thinking that the business community will take it as an important tool for them.  Microsoft needs to figure out what it wants to be and how to separate the consumer from the business customer.   Businesses use tablets also and they should show a screen with powerpoint, notes, excel, email etc .   Save the cartoon stuff for Xbox.   If I run a business, I don't want my employees to thing that it is ok to play games on their new business device.   

  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    Windows 10 did not say much about development.   When they start talking about the common API to use,  how it compiles to native for the device, and how to make a shared component with various GUI's for different form factors then people here get more interested.  Other than the name Windows 10 and virtual desktops,  nothing new was announced. 

  • It's called...

    @evildictaitor:Do you think Intel strong armed them (no pun intended) into going back to Intel.  It sure seems that way and Intel has really gone out of their way to make power efficiency important to their new offerings.  Nothing scared Intel more than ARM processors and Microsoft supporting them ( heard from some engineers at Intel I met at Build)

  • It's called...

    , TheJoe wrote

    Millions of dollars and countless programming hours and people complain about the ... name.

    I like it .   I thought it would be Windows 15 (2015) but now I see the wisdom in Windows 10.   Xbox is really 10 box.  We were just too dumb to know that.  Microsoft is also honoring Chief 10 bears for his bravery and naming windows after him.   It really is called Windows 10 Bears.   This is what marketing dreams up after 10 beers.

    Chief 10 Bears


  • It's called...

    @Sven Groot:  I take it as a compliment.