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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Seems like metro on the desktop is a done deal

    @BitFlipper: I agree with you that this could be good news.  I hope they bring in some eye candy and more 3D and better graphics.   The flat concept was more for touch or devices that did not have resources but now that the two are somewhat divorced,  lets move ahead and maybe get the graphic artists to spin up some new themes and templates.(menus, buttons, frames etc.)   Also, I never liked the full screen store apps.  (docking does not cut it) .    Microsoft usually fixes their screw-ups but it takes a while.  Looking forward to native C# (compiled) on desktop as next big technology improvement.

  • It's getting weirder. Patents, die already

    @bondsbw: That is correct.  The small player goes bankrupt defending his patent,  or he goes bankrupt defending himself against false claims.  Once you experience the legal system and the high costs of attorneys,  you realize who the real enemy is and who loves this system because they make all the money win or lose.

  • It's getting weirder. Patents, die already

    This is one great way to become wealthy.   Don't work hard and study hard.   Going to work as a software engineer for a big corporation is for losers.   Get your law degree,  find some patents, and start filing lawsuits.   You will earn more money in 2 years than anyone writing these patents earn in a lifetime.  Do I feel sorry for these corporations getting sued?  I do not because they don't give any real profit to the authors of these patents.   The executives pay themselves with stock options and leave the software patent owner with table scraps.   I don't know why fanbaby cares about this unless he is one of the wealthy players in this game.   They don't sue you if you are not worth more than 5 million USD.  The patent system is really a game of legal extortion between wealthy players being decided by people who have no clue about technology.


  • Google I/O

    I hope to see them inventing a great development environment for window, Linux, and Android that is as good or better than Visual Studio with C#.   I hope they can invent and be creative rather than stealing technology from Sun and Microsoft and Apple.  If they can do this,  then they can read my email and show me advertisements as much as they want.  I don't see much that google offers other than advertising my products on searches which really puts them as a media company more than a tech company.

    They bought Nest and some other tech products but what are they doing with them.   They will do stuff like show you a hot tea product you can buy on sale when they know it is cold outside by you.   Again, all advertising and media.   Soon they will know more about us and our needs then our closest friends and relatives.   With their set top box,  they will be able to target advertising based on what you like to watch,  where you surf on the net,  where you go by tracking your position on your phone,  who you talk to and send email to, and what your home is like.   This could be a good thing or bad thing.   It is creepy however.

  • Scott Hanselman, what's your take on this

    @JohnAskew: I hope this patent game gets fixed.   But lets put the blame where it belongs, the patent system.   This whole thing has gone out of control and needs a major revamp and hopefully the tide is turning.  

  • Scott Hanselman, what's your take on this

    , fanbaby wrote

    Yay, a small victory

    @figuerres: I never generalized about Microsoft developers. I just said that anyone that cheers the fact that Microsoft reaps 1-2B/year from andriod is no serious developer. Obviously not you :)

    I have nothing against propitiatory stuff, I'm using Windows, ffs (albeit as a Windows-chromebook). 

    What does Oracle make on Android a year since Android is based on Java?    Also,  since Amazon is now coming out with a phone that is a fork of Android,  how much will Microsoft squeeze from Amazon?  

    Microsoft lets a lot of IP get used without charging fees.  I have no problem with them squeezing some back from Android and no serious developer likes to work for a company that lets others steam roll their IP without paying.   I don't even know why you care if someone who delivers a android product pays Microsoft.   I think it is quite humorous  that Microsoft is last in the phone market but is making money off the top guy.  To win in business you need to put on your big boy pants once in a while.   Its not all cool tech and freebies but sometimes tough business tactics.   Microsoft plays the patent game,  it did not create the game, and I think shareholders and employees are thankful that Microsoft looks to make money so they can be paid.  

  • @fanbaby, @bass and especially @beer28

    , Bass wrote


    Indeed. You can get far more creative with how you make money when you are no longer trying to sell your software like it was a toothbrush.

    Great idea.   A little phone app that shows proper brushing techniques.   It comes with my toothbrush (have a coupon id that downloads it from the store) and again my software made money through a hardware sale.   Of course that toothbrush is 25 cents more so I can make money and feed my family.

  • @fanbaby, @bass and especially @beer28

    @kettch: Software is or will be free.   You need to find a way to sell a service or hardware with your software.   People like to pay for tangible items.   Take your software,  wrap it up in a nice package,   put a few cool stickers or baseball cards in with it, and then sell it at Walmart for 4.99 and you will have some money to put food on the table.    You might get 25 cents per package but like ScanIAm says,  you make it up in volume.

  • ISIS, a new Mideast nation emerging?

    Ok so America was stupid a 100 years ago.   We (those living now) are different and not that stupid.   The Germans and Japanese are not the same as those in WW2.   So maybe the problem is the middle east is just lagging 100 years behind and we have to wait it out somehow.  I don't like the argument that since your ancestors did this,  you are now in the same category.  Also,  most Americans are not related to the people who persecuted the Indians.

  • Saying vs. Doing...

    If Microsoft, Apple, and Google could do the same we would be moving ahead a lot faster in a better world.