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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Build 2015 Giveaway

    @hchwa: They will give away a HoloLens and probably some other wearable device.  No more surface giveaways.(they have done that too many times)

  • Sprint-time for Hitler ....

    @vesuvius: I also see that the bigger the company/group is,  the longer it takes to develop.   If you could get a larger organization to work like a startup the schedules would shrink.  Large organizations need project management and everything is structured.  The faster more experience developers slow down because they wont do more than the sprint requires.   A lot of people get involved to discuss schedules and features etc without a lot of pressure on delivery.  Spread the blame so no individual is in the hot seat.  Also, since Visual Studio is already out in the world making money for the company,  the next best thing is not really needed.  Its not like a new product.  

  • Very cold in the queue this morning ...

    They will announce it but it will be hard to get I imagine.  Microsoft's Band has not been available online for over 2 months.   This will be a growth area if it covers health and we can measure blood pressure, glucose levels etc.  It will be like having a doctor monitoring your health 24 hours a day.  I will also be interested in what apple watch has for battery life or charging options. 

    By the way, Microsoft did release an API for their Band product.

  • Build 2015 Giveaway

    I have the Microsoft Band and it is a great product.  Nice to see the SDK come out.  I wonder if the shortage is related to west coast shipping port delays and might now be resolved.

    Would be nice if the giveaway is the HoloLens and a new Band.  Looks like Build is now officially sold out.  Waiting list must have cleared.

  • Windows 10 on Rasberry Pi 2

    What does raspberry PI do over something like the Intel Galileo 2 with Windows on it?  I think the Galileo is good for non UI stuff but if you need GUI then looks like Raspberry PI is what you want.   Also one is Intel based and the other Arm.  You won't have windows 10 IOT version till later for the Pi so there is no hurry to get one.


  • Microsoft Watch

    , TexasToast wrote

    I have hand my band for a while and I have to say so far I like it.   It could be a bit more comfortable to wear and it is a little difficult to use.  I wish there was a way to have the step counter calculation which also calculates distant, to be able to perform a self-tune.  In other words, when you turn on GPS for a run, it is very accurate on distance.   The step counter seems about 10-15% short.  So 4.5 miles is only 4 miles when using step counting with out GPS.   You would think it is a no brainer to just say calibrate and then the step counter would be more accurate.   I cant really tell how accurate the heart monitor is but it seems ok at this point.   I will try the step counter on a treadmill and see how the treadmill distance compares with the band calculation.

    Well after 2 months of use (using GPS on some runs) the step counter has recalibrated.  It was off by 20-25% on the treadmill but now is right on the number.  I guess they needed a long sample time before they self calibrated.  Would be nice to know more of the internal software in these bands.   I want to buy another one but they are still sold out.  I was very skeptical and did not think it was a useful device.   Now I wear it all the time and think it really helps me keep my fitness on track.  (even sleeping)   It would be nice to know there plans for the future.  A mp3/wma player with a headphone jack or Bluetooth headphone support would be the frosting on the cake.

  • Apple scores biggest quarterly profit in corporate history; asks for license to print money

    , Michael Butler wrote

    Time we started taxing these big companies more. It is obscene for so much money to be held by one corporate entity, when we have so many poor people in the world. Not to mention the kind of scientific research that kind of money could fund.

    So come on Apple, take the lead and make a difference in the world rather than just selling us more of the same over and over. Start saving the world, rather than exploiting it.

    Maybe they can buy a military to protect their wealth from thinkers like you who want to steal it.  If you want to start saving the world make your own money and use it the way you feel it should be use.   By the way,  the money will eventually dry up because the phone market cannot go for ever. 

  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    Its funny how everyone liked the stupid flat UI design in Office, Windows etc.   Now we are going to be playing with holograms.  Does anyone else find this ironic?

  • BUILD '15

    , Ian2 wrote

    @TexasToast:It's taking the kids I would be worried about - it really starts to mount up then!

    (And I am also worried about how I get an 85" display back to the UK)

    Yeah I would not take the kids.  Its not Disney land.   Just take home the 85 inch virtual display you see out of your hologram glasses. 

  • BUILD '15

    @Ian2:Yes, I am going and you will find a way to go.  This one has some cool freebies and with Satya running the show it should be good.  Its an investment.  Take the wife, San Fran is a fun town.  If it sold out this fast you know a lot of people want in.