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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Running the Oculus Rift DK2

    I can see your excited by this technology but I have to disagree about this being the biggest thing this century.   VR has been around awhile and Oculus is making it a consumer item, but I am sorry putting myself into a VR world is only just a cool experience.   It is not like it is a cure for cancer.   Heck, I think Lasik is a better invention letting people get rid of their glasses and contacts.  

    Anyway,  can I play counterstrike using these yet?  When I can, maybe I put in my order.

  • Media Center Woes

    Yeah not free, but I bought it and it still works well.

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    What they will eventually do is make you pay to get your app on the top of the list.  So if you make a Zip app and want people to see you first, pay the most money.  Microsoft asks you how much you are willing to pay to get it to the top.  Not a lot different than Google searches.   Pay to be on top and people pick your app/website. 

    I personally only look for apps authored by large companies or have been vetted by a large amount of people.   Everything else just looks like useless crap or a wrapper around a website.  I agree with many others here,  I would rather have a few good quality apps than a large number of junk apps.  

  • I can't tell if serious

    The new Google Glasses for poor folk.

  • A C++ version of the Microsoft Enterprise Library

    It is probably because all he knows is C++.  How about assembly.  Should would all start writing Database access code in assembly.   I know I could shave off some time in loading a webpage using assembly.  It might take me a month to perfect it.   Its like cutting down trees to build your house instead of going to the lumber yard and buying pre-cut wood.

  • What is the future for Microsoft C++ UI technology?

    , eduquint wrote

    It would be really nice if Microsoft developed a rich UI framework for C++ to be used for desktop apps, and made it part of Visual Studio.

    For store apps, it is possible to use WPF, which is a managed framework.

    It would be a very good strategy for Microsoft to promote C++ development, if they wrote a decent UI framework. Let us be sincere, it should not be that difficult for them.

    Been there and done that.   Microsoft has had C++ for UI prior to OLE and VB and Winforms and WPF etc.   I have done C++ for a long time and I welcomed the improvement in C#.   They are working on compiling C# to native and it should work fine for most UI work.   I do NOT want Microsoft spending time on C++ for UI.   It is just plain stupid at this point.   I know a lot of you are just learning programming and they teach C/C++ as the systems programming language and it has great uses but not at higher UI levels.   I have seen some of the stuff they showed at Build with the new C++ and the syntax is ugly and has a tough learning curve.  It does not make a lot of sense to bring it back at this point.  

  • No more ALL CAPS menu bar in VS 2013 Update 3

    @DCMonkey:Anything else in this update to look forward to?


  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    , bondsbw wrote

    @Craig_Matthews:  Heh, I have no clue about that.  I honestly forgot they put the Start screen on server, since I've not had a reason to upgrade past 2008 R2.

    Yes,  that was the icing on the cake for stupidity.   You get the idea that the leadership really had no clue what they were doing.  

    I agree with DBVS on this subject.   Microsoft was not late (as I pointed out they had smartphones and pocket pc's before anyone else) ,  they just did not have the goods people wanted at the time.   They did not show the common man an easy to use device.   

    Sinofsky does take the major blame by removing features that he could have left in.  His arrogance cost him his job.

  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    , bondsbw wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  And I'm done arguing with you on this topic.  I never intended to get in argument after argument with you over this.  .

    Hey you can't just be done with this topic yet.   It is already over 3 pages and we have to get to personal attacks, name calling, and insults.   Then blowdart comes in and shuts it down.  That is how things usually work around here.   :D

    Anyway this thread is way off original topic.

  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    Anyone own one of these.   Great phone at the time.


    Microsoft had a good start to smartphones and was slow on adding wifi but they really should have dominated this market.   They missed the boat on making little apps and of course the touch screen.   But they were first.