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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Bill Gates’ energy views are a turn-off

    I think Bill Gates has it right.  We don't need more poor countries using coal or oil for electricity.  It is better to start them on the right path with clean energy.  If they start out with coal or oil,  they wont get off of it and the whole world gets stuck with the pollution. 

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    @Bas:I would tend to agree with you.  The 3D tv and movies are fun for a while but then tend to be less comfortable.   I would not want to watch 3D more than on occasion.   VR will have a market but it will not replace what we have today.    I have not seen any games with it yet so maybe that is one area where it could make a impact.   Gaming offers a full 3D world and you are directly interacting with it and not just watching.  

  • 4th July

    ScanIAm has revealed his true colors.   He is a racist and thinks race and gender determine a what a human is.

  • something pretty amazing is going to happen with windows phone

    , contextfree` wrote

     For that I think they should consider a "reverse Xamarin" strategy: improve Windows' support for common languages and APIs from other platforms - for example with WinRT bindings for Java and OpenGL ES support - and make it easier to target Windows using tools popular to developers on other platforms (Eclipse? Android Studio?)

    No way.   That is completely stupid.   Visual Studio is a powerhouse and Microsoft makes good money off of MSDN subscriptions.   I have used Eclipse and it sucks.   It tried to be generic and make itself flexible but in the end it made itself useless and complicated.    I don't quite understand why Xamarin made there own editor and offer it in the cheaper version.

  • Satya speaking...

    @BitFlipper: Yeah I hear you.   When you go to these Developer shows like Build try to find someone who can understand and help you.   What you usually get is a lot of people shrugging their shoulders and really cannot tell you why it is designed that way or does not work a certain way.  That is one reason why they are trimming down the employee count.   The bigger you get, the more the ownership and pride start to disappear.  Nobody is responsible or knows why an issue is a real problem.   Who has the power to change it?   I do hope they get WinRT right eventually.   Let us know if you get any responses on your latency problem.

  • Satya speaking...

    @BitFlipper: I don't think they are abandoning the enterprise.   The show this week WPC was about Microsofts ERP's and how they move ahead.    They are going for the Cloud approach with the future CRM's (customer management) and ERP's(resource planning).   This is a good thing.   I understand your frustration in Windows Phone on your particular application.   Have you looked at some of the IOT (internet of things) stuff they are doing?   This is progress in what used to be a dead end for embedded devices.   http://www.windowsondevices.com

  • Microsoft Layoffs

    , Bas wrote


    Can't tell if serious...

    Joking,  sad for layoffs but everyone eventually rebounds.     They are dropping the Android Nokia phone however so I guess that was not in the big plan.

  • Microsoft Layoffs

    They should layoff even more if they want to be more responsive.   You don't hire people just because you have profits.   This is not charity work.   The problem is more departments filled with more people that do not have a value add but basically have a value loss.   They add time and paperwork and meetings but in the end do not make better software deliverables.   Its time to burn some of the forest down and let new growth begin.  

    This is not unique to Microsoft but many corporations.   GM should have been allowed to burn down to the ground.  Our stupid government saved them and basically prolonged the pain.    Look howTesla is kicking butt in an area where the big companies should be innovative.   The problem is they are stuck in a pool of old processes and ways of thinking that only make them useless.    I mean they still use keys to start a car and this has caused them major lawsuits. 

    I personally would have liked to see Microsoft broken up because that would be the best way to reinvent the company.

    They are dropping the group making the Android Nokia phone.   I bet they had some spy walking around the campus taking notes on who was using a Android or iPhone or iPad and they were put on the layoff list.  They want loyalty at Microsoft.

  • Satya speaking...

    Its kind of funny when you hear mobile is the future.    Mobile is not the future it is the present.   All the talk about tablets taking over and laptops and desktops are dead is already being down played.  Intel is making record profits and they are not in phones or tablets.   Microsoft needs to steady the ship.   Cloud computing has a future for business because companies struggle with their IT departments and they need applications that are easily upgraded.   Also cloud computing makes more sense for a company like Microsoft because the hardware is stablilizing in terms of performance and computers you buy for cloud computing last longer.  (the performance versus time curve is flattening).   Mobile and cloud go together well because your phone is more of a terminal with the rich media or data in the cloud.   If your phone is upgraded or stolen you just reimage it from the cloud and your ready to go.   Also the cloud is a good place to stuff a lot of data from devices or stream data to consumers.    I would be shorting any company that makes DVD's, CD's etc.   They will be history.   The only real trouble for cloud computing is security.   The internet is too open and allows bad people access to your door.  (they might not have key but they pound on the entrance)

  • 4th July

    , JohnAskew wrote


    So plan not to go to Harvard after being accepted because it's too expensive?

    That's asinine as well. Why don't you admit the fact that since 1973, as evidenced by Cbae's graph, everyone has been LOOTED and the wealth is trickling upwards to the rich. Why can't you see that? 

    Harvard will give you financial aid. (unless you make more than 250k and have lots of assets) and the financial aid is usually all grants (no loans).    So don't think Harvard is too expensive, and if it is too expensive for you it means you have some wealth.   You obviously have never applied or looked at Ivy League schools and how they work.   They have billions of dollars and use this money to help applicants.