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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Android 5.0 announced

    Microsoft is at 10 so it should be twice as good as Android.  Google needs to have the same technology as Microsoft where you write to Java/C# and it compiles to native optimized code.

  • Microsoft Watch

    What we need is another level of abstraction.  You know some kind of container application that can run on all 3 watches and you develop your code to run in this container.   Every problem is solved with indirection and abstraction.  I am being sarcastic but here we go again.

    Maybe this is a job for Xamarin.

  • Finally -- my tech prediction has come true ...

    @RealBboy360: No but I can reach over 2 feet,  pick up the remote, and then it goes there.   I do work up a sweat doing it so I can see the big benefit here.  :P

  • Telerik being sold to progress software

    Vesuvius is all doom and gloom lately.  I don't think UI is going away but those companies did peek out and the market saturated.

  • Finally -- my tech prediction has come true ...

    I have always been able to pull up tv guide on phone, tablet , or laptop even with the tv off.

  • Microsoft Watch

    The spot watch started the micro .net framework so that is a big plus of the program.   I will agree that Microsoft needs to pursue the original ideas a bit longer and not just give up on them.

  • Microsoft Watch

    Hey its follow the leader again.   Microsoft coming out with a smart watch. 

    How about a smart ring.   I don't wear watches and don't plan on wearing them in the future.

  • Docker on Windows Server

    @cbae:I agree.  I would pay for .Net runtime on Linux if made and supported by Microsoft. 

    Docker is just another abstraction where the promise is write your code and deploy anywhere in a docker container and it runs the same.  How many times do we hear this story.  Microsoft will add docker,  change it to their liking, and break all the rules.   Its part of the strategy of joining the enemy,  divide, and then conquer.    Bass knows this and that is why he just prefers it runs in Linux with no OS dependencies.  This story won't end well for people jumping in.  Docker's people are too na├»ve to know this and probably don't even know they are being played by Microsoft.

    Why did we need 3 browsers?   All browsers work the same don't they? :S


  • Docker on Windows Server

    Seems like there is no end to solving problems with another layer of abstraction.  

  • Windows 10, first thoughts.

    @cbae:I don't mind the new icons.   I will tell you though it is looking more like an Apple OS with the newer icons.  That's ok,  we are all getting used to Microsoft the follower.