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TexasToast TexasToast
  • Windows 10 Start Screen

    Everything looks flat.   Where is the shading and light source?  Where is the border?  Looks like the cover of a 3rd graders crayon coloring book.  Very unprofessional and childish with many cartoon characters and comic book looking icons.   Is Microsoft serious about delivering product to the business world?  Maybe Windows 10 means its for 10 year olds.

  • Windows TH?

    Well I see the 's' on the end so its not Window.  Window is a good name for Windows 8 since we regressed backwards to having only 1 window to fill out entire 24 inch monitor.  I still don't understand having a flat single window interface and calling that progress.  Maybe we should just get rid of color too.  That being said, it looks like Windows E for everywhere is the next windows name.

  • C9 same design for years?

    I would like flat to go away.

  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    , bondsbw wrote


    But they aren't selling their creativity.  They can still come up with other cool ideas, and now they have a lot more money to put behind those ideas.

    Maybe they will come up with something new and maybe they wont.   It is easier to grow organically then start an idea and grow it.   I guess we watch and see but you will be surprised that the next cool idea won't be as easy to do.   Look at Apple,  nothing really new with all those billions they rake in and all the smart people working there.  

    I hope Satya does not wreck the company but it will eventually need to conform.  It takes about 3 years before the assimilation is complete.

  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    I think the owners will be sorry for selling out.   This is their baby and their little kingdom and now they are giving it all up.  Money, they will soon find out, wont fill their creative needs.   Plus they will watch all their hard work and their great friends get screwed by the big bad corporation.  They wont be able to do anything competitive with Microsoft so they will be floundering about looking for something that will drive them like the company they created.   You can only golf and party so much before you start feeling useless and wanting more.   Its always better to go public and retain control.   They already had millions so I don't understand the need to sell out.  Plus 2.5 billion wont even get you your own NBA team anymore..  that's 3 billion now.

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    @bondsbw: So maybe they realize that you should have options.  That's where Sinofsky really irked me is when he just eliminated a feature and totally replaced it with something new.   Its always better to give a user what they are used to and let them ease their way into a new feature when they are ready.   There are a lot of things that were removed from windows 7 to 8 that should not have been.   I don't like clicking on my network on taskbar and getting the metro network listing.  Try to delete a wireless access point that the OS remembered.  Not easily possible in windows 8.  Where is this in Windows 8 >>Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks?  Its not there.

  • Apple exemplifies everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

    , ScanIAm wrote

    Only in movies and silicon valley wet dreams.  The reality is that even the best day at work is still worse that not being at work and if you give people all kinds of freedom to do whatever they want, they'll do nothing useful.  This mindset is great for workers who are in demand (such as ourselves), but if you think that McDonalds is going to get better customer service by putting a Ping-Pong table in the back and letting workers take a break at will, you are wrong.

    Again, this only holds true in special situations.  For most people, work is a means to the end of obtaining money to do things outside of work. 

    Yes I was not talking about McDonalds or some Chinese sweatshop.  It requires a job where you have a value add higher than a robot.   If you only work for money and get nothing out of the job then you need more than facebook to keep you happy.   You have a mucher lower opinion of the general public than I do but that could be because we have different environments to deal with.  

    The opinions here seem to reflect that most people will just screw off if they have the social media tech to do it.   The hard workers have to pick up the slack.  Not a very liberal way to think.

  • Apple exemplifies everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

    , cheong wrote

    @bondsbw: It's your habit, but I know plenty of people who spend lots of time using social Apps at work, and before smartphone exist companies blocks messaging client and I could say it was "under control". When replying message of your friend that's not in your business, it certainly count as "loss of productivity" because you're not doing your work.

    If that's how you measure productivity you will never succeed. (Must be an MBA or primitive thinker)   Keeping people happy and in touch with their friends and family will put that person in a mindset of being very productive when they are doing their job.   Productivity is not just time spent but work done in that time.   Stick a man or woman in a box with no external stimulation and you will end up with a non productive person who will despise being there and will work at a snails pace.   Make a great environment with lots of freedoms and productive skillful smart people find their way to work for you and make the best of their time (even though it might involve  interruptions).  These people also tend to have better ideas in improving the business and will bring it forward to the company.   The boxed up person just starts to hate his company and finds ways to complain.

  • This has to be a joke

    100 million in profit a year will take 20 years to pay off the 2 billion investment.   So many other things they could buy for this kind of money.    I guess Notch might know how to spend 2 billion better than Microsoft so good for him.  I put it into the same category as Apple buying Beats headphones.

  • Apple ​Announcemen​ts

    , Ray7 wrote


    I would imagine so, since existing machines record and transmit credit card details. Visa, MasterCard and Amex have signed up, so I imagine that's most of the credit cards on the planet covered.

    I guess the incentive is lower transaction fees for the shop owners. The credit card companies charge lower fees with higher security.


    Yeah I will believe that when I see it.  They will charge more in fees because they can and if they could not they would NOT support this.  Credit card companies have never cared about security in the US or we would not be using the simple cards we are using.  That being said,  I would like a better system but you still end up with a card number that someone can still steal.

    Also, who wears a watch anymore?   I have 5 in my dresser drawer that I think I might scrap for the gold on them.   Call it something else than a watch.

    Nothing new from Apple for me but I know others will join the herd and buy some of it.