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  • Good, Better, Best ...

    I think they will kill it.  No matter if they do or not, they need to make developing for Windows the quickest & most cost effective way to a cross platform app.

  • HP Xbox 360?

    @cbae: probaby not, they did nothing about comcast's x1 which is certainly more analogous to a gaming / entertainment console that Xbox One represents.

  • Automotive Market

    @Bass:  I was not suggesting Microsoft develop the application = autonmous driving.  Every auto manufacturer will want to write & own that application.  But getting serious about AI / Speech / Vision services that these and other industry applications will need... you bet.  Microsoft needs to find a way that works cross platform.

  • Automotive Market


    Looks like Microsoft would be better off acquiring QNX at this point.  And if not, at least partner with Ford in providing a Cortana like service on top of QNX.  Not sure where else Microsoft could make a big impact when it comes to vehicle technology.   Autonomous Driving requires better AI so maybe they should develop a leading and cost effective AI platform.

  • Lumia ICON announced

    We're on T-mobile & Sprint but might consider trying out Verizon.  Should Lumia Icon work on Verizon's prepaid plan if we wanted to test it out on Verizon's LTE network?  Does Verizon block any Windows Phone features like Data Sense?

  • Nadella?

    Enterprise stuff, he's great but he will have to prove himself in his ability to navigate, provide vision and deliver in Consumer markets.  I thought Tony B. might have been a better fit or at least experienced in both arenas but I do like Satya and he's young enough to see his vision through .. something I was worried about with some of the older candidates.  I fully expect whoever is chosen will be nursing the Consumer side of things in the near term.

  • Google sells Motorola

    Now we know what was behind Samsung's exit from notebook PCs .. Google and Samsung are going to get cozy.  I'd like to see Lenovo pursue Windows Phone in a big way.

  • Windows 9

    As others have stated, who knows ... carriers have historically blocked such upgrades and I doubt that will change much.  Speaking of upgrades, I'd like to see Windows offered as a subscription similiar to Office 365.  And maybe pay a commission to oems so there is less resistence to such a move.

  • Congrats Craig Mundie

    There is no comparison to what Craig Mundie described, this kickstarter is for glasses.

  • What are you hoping to see / must haves in Threshold?

    @AndyC: I'm not criticizing touch at all .. I've been a huge fan of metro and was happy to see more control panel elements incorporated in metro.  There are still some pain points, ex. notification center, but fully expect Microsoft to smooth these over.  As for my must haves .. it is not a complaint but just my observation & opinion that Windows PCs lag behind Smartphones when it comes to speech & vision.  PCs need to get much smarter and develop an awareness of the user and its surroundings.  I don't see how that can happen without speech & vision.