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Stephen Schaff Vaccano Desktop developers are people too!
  • A little moment of (patents) joy

    The main group opposing [patent] reform, Innovation Alliance, has created a website beseeching Congress to "Save the Inventor" by halting reform efforts.

    I have to admit their website looks nice...

  • Report: Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Xamarin

    I was really hoping that this would have happened....

    Guess not at build at least.  :(

  • Is Microsoft Halting Development on WCF Data Services

    It is official: Future Direction of WCF Data Services

    That link basically says that WCF Data Services is going to be made open source and then abandoned.  It looks like Web API won the OData competition. 

    I am grateful that at least they will open source it.


  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    , BitFlipper wrote

    I don't know what the decision makers at MS is smoking but the current MO is damaging to their developer ecosystem.

    This is so true.  I wonder how long they can keep this up before it is truly too late.

    I think the problem is more that many developers don't even know what they should be using for new projects anymore because MS doesn't provide a clear roadmap.

    I agree with this too.  It will be sad to see the Enterprise side of things (because they are being left with nothing new for the time being).  But they need to do it anyway.  Ignoring it is even worse.

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    , wkempf wrote


    LINQ to SQL? You still can use it

    When I say "Kill" I mean it in the "Kill the Project" kind of sense.  Meaning that there is no longer a team at Microsoft adding new features. 

    For example, if the WCF Data Services has truly been killed then it will not get the "Singleton" feature that is in V4 of OData.  Clearly I can keep using any bits I have already setup with the feature sets that I have.

    and from day one Microsoft told you that would be shortly replaced by EF.

    That is my question.  Where did Microsoft say that?  Is there a post or some other channel where they said this?  (Especially from day one!?!)

    That is what I wish I had seen for WCF Data Services.  If I had known from day one that Web API was going to be the OData "Winner" then I would have at least looked harder at it.  (And also not have evangelized WCF Data Services so hard at my company.)

    I know very little about Smart Device Projects, but I still find documentation for it and assume it's still supported... of course CE is basically dead, but it died naturally.

    I think this one is just opinion.  I used smart device projects and CE.  It was not a natural death.  There was a post on an MSDN documentation page that said that Visual Studio 2008 was the last to support Smart Device Projects.  That was it.  CE was "killed" because of Microsoft's re-focus to consumer devices.  (And here Killed means you are stuck in VS 2008.)

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    , GoddersUK wrote

    Good grief, I was expecting a far heavier subject matter based on that thread title...

    That may have been a bit more shocking title than was needed. :)

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    Does Microsoft ever do official announcements when it kills off a development tech?

    The ones that have affected me did not have announcements that I know of.  (Those are Linq To SQL, Silverlight, Smart Device Projects and general focusing away from Enterprise and to Consumer development.) 

    I have usually found out via a comment on a Microsoft blog or an MSDN Documentation page.  (I mention this because it seems WCF Data Services has been killed off that way too.)

    This seems like a very frustrating way to communicate such disappointing news.  Is there a reason that they do it this way?  (Rather than an official channel where at least a few reasons can be given.)


    UPDATE: When I say "Kill" I mean it in the "Kill the Project" kind of sense.  Meaning that there is no longer a team at Microsoft adding new features. 

    For example, if the WCF Data Services has truly been killed then it will not get the "Singleton" feature that is in V4 of OData.

  • Average Number of Posts until Topic Change

    I have noticed that when I post here that I usually get about 3-4 responses until the topic totally changes.

    Have others noticed this?  Does it matter?

    I don't know, I just find it interesting.

    The latest example is Is Microsoft Halting Development on WCF Services, which is now a discussion on which of either Google or Microsoft is better at supporting Open Source.

    Again, not sure it matters, but it is interesting.

  • Is Microsoft Halting Development on WCF Data Services

    I read on the WCF Data services blog this comment:

    Sorry, we do not plan to release WCF Data Services in V4. But instead we will release WebApi version for service bits. We already have prerelease webapi.odata at www.myget.org/.../aspnetwebstacknightly. You can have a try or you can have your own implementation of service with ODataLib API. Thanks

    This was posted by the same person who created the post, so it seems to be from an MS Employee.

    Has anyone heard this?  I follow this project fairly closely and this is the first I have heard of it. Why would this be announced via a comment in a blog post (unless this was not a sanctioned comment).

    More, I want to vent a bit of frustration that I was forced to "pick a horse" for the OData race and picked wrong.  I have many applications and services that use many different in house WCF Data Services feeds.  Now they will never get the V4+ features without a migration to a different OData Implementation.

    I wish Microsoft would have picked one OData implementation (or at least indicated which one would end up moving on to later versions of the OData protocol).



  • Microsoft want to "win back our game developers" with something ...

    , exoteric wrote

    [Microsoft needs to] demonstrate that it [will not] turn this into abandonware.

    Fear of abandonware is the is a huge hurdle blocking Microsoft from getting developers.  It is something like when a country re-monetizes (dumps their old currency in favor of a new one) or when a person declares bankruptcy. 

    In essence, Microsoft declared bankruptcy by abandoning so many techs.  (They decided that the debt of keeping them up to date was too much I guess.)

    Just like a lender who lost money on a bankruptcy, developers are hesitant to trust that MS will use its resources any wiser in the future than they have in the past.