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Vance Morrison

Vance Morrison Vancem Vance Morrison

Niner since 2012

Vance Morrison is the Performance Architect for the .NET Runtime at Microsoft.  He spends his time either making various aspects of the runtime faster or teaching other how to avoid performance  pitfalls using .NET.   He has been a involved in designs of components of the .NET runtime since its inception.  Previously he drove the design of the .NET Intermediate Language (IL) and has been the Development lead for the just in time compiler for the runtime.

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  • PerfView Tutorial 1 - Collecting data with the Run command

    There are high quality video links just to the right of the right that you can click on (I mention that in the text below the video frame).  I recommend the WMV version (it is the original).  

    To answer MagicAndre1981's question, I am a big fan of XPerf/WPA, and work with that team to make it better.   If you are happy with WPA, certainly stick with it, it is a very powerful tool.   I like to believe that most of the knowledge you learn in using one tool is applicable to the other.  

    As to why we have both, the simple answer is that XPerf had a codebase (originally completely unmanaged), and and a installed-base / client base  (the OS guys), that make it evolve in a certain direction and at a certain rate.    Historically it did not suppport managed code well, and adding extensions is harder than you would like.    Originally the goal was simply to have a managed code interface to ETW data.    However once you have this, you start wanting to explore better/different ways of presenting the data, which is the genesis of PerfView.  

    For what it is worth...

  • PerfView Tutorial 1 - Collecting data with the Run command

    Yes, I actually just now noticed that.   In fact the C9 team did get a hold of me back in January.  The delay is all my doing.    The last several months has been a big push for us to get Win8 ready, and only now are things calming down.    Anyway better late than never...