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Vinícius Souza

Vinícius Souza Vinicius_​Souza Developer Evangelist

Niner since 2012

Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, work with development since 2000 with differents kind of languages.

He also have passion for Radio Control Cars 1/8, Real Cars 1/1, Technology, GAMES! Smiley

  • Microsoft Azure - Cloud Service com Java e o WildFly utilizando o Eclipse
  • Microsoft Azure - Provisionando um servidor Wildfly J2EE
  • Microsoft Azure Websites utilizando Java e Tomcat com MongoDB
  • Microsoft Azure Websites com Java e Tomcat
  • Me dêem motivo... (Episódio 3)
  • Microsoft & OpenSource: Tempos Modernos! (Episódio 2)
  • BizSpark É... (Episódio 1)
  • Webcast DevOps Microsoft BR
  • DevOps - PowerShell DSC
  • BizSpark Qranio Case

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