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Vittorio Bertocci

Vittorio Bertocci Vittorio Vittorio

Niner since 2005

  • Episode 109 - Using Windows Azure Active Directory from Windows Store apps
  • Using the Windows Azure Access Control Service in iOS Applications
  • Getting Started with ACS and the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7
  • The Access Control Service 2.0 Ships!
  • ACS and AtlantisOnline
  • ACS Extensions for Umbraco - 3 ADFS2 Integration
  • ACS Extensions for Umbraco - 2 SignIn and Authorization for Social Members
  • ACS Extensions for Umbraco - 1 Setup
  • Aaron Smalser on the ACS 2.0 Portal and HDR Features
  • Caleb Baker on Using ACS in Windows Phone 7 apps and ACS Error Management

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