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Xtianus Xtianus

Niner since 2011

  • Inside Windows Phone #12:Telerik controls

    I don't understand... Are these free or are they apart of a larger package?  Moreover, what is the diff between the controls that are given with Microsoft vs. Telerik? 

  • Building Silverlight and Windows Phone Applications that Consume SQL Azure

    The blog, or site is not easy to find. I have no idea where the blog is and instructions relating to the databases..

    Any help would be appreciated.. .

  • Object and Collection Initializers - Day 2 - Part 7

    The second shortened code example only does not show anything in the textblock when the button is clicked... the last code example works perfectly...

    I tried to see what the error is but I didn't see anything wrong and this was no bugs so...

    List<Car> myList = new List<Car>();
                    Car car1 = new Car() { Make = "Oldsmobile", Model = "Cutlas Supreme" };
                   Car car2 = new Car() { Make = "Geo", Model = "Prism" };
                   Car car3 = new Car() { Make = "Nissan", Model = "Altima" };

  • Understanding and Creating Classes - Day 2 - Part 3

    I see the discussion here is good for after the class talk...

    Moreover, I see that a little bit of an issue or problem for absolute begginners is that this might be a little too assuming/accelerated for absolute begginers... I have purchased a C# book so hopefully if I read that for a couple days and then come back to these lessons they might actually make a bit more sense i total.  I feel that at any part I move on... even when i know how to do sometning, that if I do not understand it it is just going to hurt me in the long run...

  • Day 1 Homework Assignment Solution

    Here is the code I used...

        if (myTextBox.Text == "2 4 15 17 23 42")
                        myTextBlock.Text = "Recalibrating Energy Core Complete...";
                    else myTextBlock.Text = "You lose Sucka!!!"; 

    The reason I bring it up is the I ommitted, and it worked just fine, the

    string message = ""'; or the string userValue = myTextBox.Text 

    Can someone explain what the purpose of doing it the other two ways above would ever have been for in the first place? 

    I am a super noob so all the help the better.

  • Creating and Calling Simple Helper Methods - Day 1 - Part 15

    Nicely done...