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aL3891 aL3891 kinect ftw
  • TWC9: Kinect, MWC, GDC, History of Xbox Live, Connect Live, Hololens and more...

    I agree about the IR emitter :)

    Also, will the Microsoft GDC sessions be available online?

  • Immo Landwerth and David Kean - Open sourcing the .NET Framework

    Really hope we'll hear more about .net native soon, especially for non store apps.

    We've heard that both asp.net5 and .net native will run .net core, and we're able to write "asp.net 5 console apps" that hanselman said at some point is actually ".net core" console apps. so it's reasonable to infer that console apps could also be compiled with .net native

    This is super interesting from an native interop perspective, in perticular for games and as a kind of replacement for managed directx programming. another huge thing would be as a replacement for the microframework. this is also sometihng that's been alluded to but i really hope we can get some hard info on that soon.

  • TWC9: Build 2015, Connect();, Ignite, Docker and new... !?

    Aaw, its the end of an era.. :/ you have to come back and visit!
    Really glad the show isn't ending though greg is awesome and I look forward to getting to know the other hosts as well :)

    Great job guys!
  • TWC9: 300!!!!....

    aww kind of miss nic and tina :/ damn, hanselman is good at voices though!

    also the orlando clip was hilarious ;)

  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby

    great stuff, paxton stole the show :D


  • Inside .NET Native

    This is awsome, love to see some numbers on other work loads, for server apps in perticular

  • TWC9: Paxton Caden Keller, DirectX game templates, C++, .NET Fiddle, Viasfora, 0 or 1 and homework...

    Side effect of itself.. that's interesting, kind of a zen programming question, tree falling in the woods type of thing Smiley

    its a side effect so it changes some state or its somehow unintended and its caused by itself so in other words its recursive.. maybe like a setter that calls itself? Like when you have a property and a field called Foo and foo and you accidentally use Foo instead of foo in the setter of Foo? I dunno... Smiley

  • A Look at SkyDrive on Xbox One

    One guide looks pretty awsome, hopefully you can put network shares in there as well for media folders on a NAS for example.

    Paywalling it is pretty terrible though, and IE and apps are also for gold only? that's redicouous... what modern platform paywalls the browser and appstore Smiley just let us buy all the apps individually, i'm not going to pay a mothly fee for a bunch of stuff not available in my region

  • Ping 181: Xbox One Shifts, Bounty Program, Surfaces in School, So.cl


    Yeah, because getting bread is just as necceary as having the very latest gen video game.. this is a luxury problem if there ever was one. if someone can afford to shell out that kind of cash on a pure entertainment device, you're not struck by "poverty" by any standards at least in my oppinion.

    You can choose isp /phone operator so its hardly something you have "little control over", besides you can get internet connections for "up to $100" practically anywhere, but that is not what the Xbox required for a checkin, you'd be fine with the very lowest end phone connection available.

    As for used games, fine, there are cerinly alot of people who care about that. alot of people like piracy too Smiley The used makret is taking away money from game devs and feeding middle men like gamestop, i have no problem eliminatnig those.

    Digital is coming and physical media is going, you can call me all the names you want but that wont change the future Smiley if you can't handle that for what ever reason, microsoft has laid the cards on the table and told people about the online requirements, no one is beeing tricked or forced to buy an X1

    But again, i'm glad they changed it for physical discs. but its very sad that they took away those features for digital as well.

  • Ping 181: Xbox One Shifts, Bounty Program, Surfaces in School, So.cl


    poverty.. really? if you're a victom of poverty, maybe buying a 500 dollar console and a bunch of 60 dollar games shouldn't be your priority? Smiley the online checkin could have easily be done over a tethered phone if you really can't afford any internet, but its a moot Point because anyone who'd have the Money to buy an Xbox could afford some sort of internet connection.. i understand that some people cant access the internet at all, but citing money is pretty weak Smiley

    i really hope they restore the online/sharing features for digital games. i havent bouht a physical disc for years anyway so if people want to trade convenience, features and sales/pricedrops thanks to shorter supply chains for a [false, try reading the eula, you dont "own" squat] sense of ownership, that's fine. Smiley

    Microsoft is right to support both, but dont gimp digital please :/