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  • 10-4 Episode 9: Visual Basic 10

    Another reason the Auto-Implemented Properties are useful is because databinding doesn't understand fields. If you want to use Binding in Windows Forms and WPF you have to explose the data as a property.
  • 10-4 Episode 9: Visual Basic 10

    I agree that we need a better window management experience. I absolutely do need the layout to be context sensitive in that when I'm writing code debugging windows like the watch or the call stack are useless and should be kept out of site and when I run my program the design window, toolbox, and solution explorer probably aren't very useful. I think it's good that the VS team understands that different tool windows may need to be different places in context but we need a more explicit way of managing that. I would like to see named layouts and allow me to have more than just two. I work in multiple roles with VS and some roles and tasks need to emphasize a certain layout.