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  • NSA etc's "cure" for Ebola

    @kettch: Didn't Steve Jobs have some issue with the medical establishment as well?

    As to how to deal with educating the villages, one approach (bit late now?) would have been to build and fly some long range audio systems for the aid workers to use or drop some simple to use communication device from a drone. I'll admit that I'm not sure whether I'd have suggested these measures before the incident, atleast for some african village. Some areas are more well known for how they deal with strangers approaching the premises than others. (So the mistake here was assuming most areas would be friendly to strangers - poor judgement for areas with history of internal struggles etc)


  • [C#]Variable Active Scope

    I think it should be specified why it is asking for trouble. One reason I can think of is that when later moving/editing around code in the method, it might do more than just what you'd expect if there's same variable name used for various purposes each with their own scope...

    Now as to why would one want to allow this:

    Well suppose you are doing fully/mostly automated legacy code conversion from eg. C or C++ and then there winds up being all sort of interesting issues like these that may end up being quite time consuming to figure out and changing known working code is risky. I've actually run into this as I can't stand working in other languages so I port them to C# if any major changes are needed. Ok, maybe I could stand working in C/C++ but why I would waste years learning the subtleties of those when I could spend a hour or day porting the code into C# - this process often also uncovers bugs that the original languages compiler didn't catch.

  • NSA etc's "cure" for Ebola

    1.2.3... Countdown until govt agency comes up with the idea to offer to implant everyone with some tracking chip. Why would people do this voluntarily? Media hype which makes it sound almost certain that Ebola cannot be contained. Some might choose to do it first voluntarily and then by peer pressure.

    Now, combined with your smartphone, the smartphone would allow you (fueled by your fear) to check if someone you're going near is implanted. If they haven't been implanted for atleast ~40 days, then you could opt to avoid them. If they are implanted, your phone your automatically query their ID from a database that tracked their location and who they have been in close contact with etc and restrict your contact to people who haven't been near any people who have been at some time in past 40 days close with some such people who've been ... until the chain goes to someone who has been sick.

    Of course this won't help stop the spread because of vehicle based transmission vectors, which albeit much lower probability (based on them not even being talked about much in who/cdc materials), are just as likely vectors when someone in your contacts might have come along and touched some surface contaminated item over past month.

    The only 100% certain way to survive the worst case scenario while living the high life with sea views and private flying? Buy an aircraft carrier. :)

  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    So is this the new Windows background?

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    Just looked at the leaked start menu screenshot circulating in press. Some concerns after seeing the "Pin to start" instead of "Pin to start menu"::

    a) Can you pin items to the top left *list* of the start menu so that they keep their order unless *I* change the order

    b) can you still get to the first item with win+"1x down arrow"

    c) can you still get to the second pinned item (in the LIST, not the big icons) with win+"2x down arrow"

    d) Can you customize the menu to work exactly like Windows 7 start menu -

    e) .. except for the ability to create search handlers in c# with custom prefix

    eg. if I press Win then press [custom prefix key] and type something, that "something" will go to my C# dll?

    f) can visual studio include a template to create such search handlers


  • Attach VS debugger to project started with CTRL+F5 with single ​click/hotke​y?

    Sorry I can't connect the dots on how that would solve (or workaround) 1) or 2) ?

  • Which smartphone with good camera allows to take photos without unlocking the phone and Quickly?

    I'm looking to get a new smartphone and to me the camera functions are most critical along with display quality - assuming phone functionality and ergonomics/practicality is at a good enough level.

    For a camera function I think the most critical feature along with image quality is the "latency" between taking it from the pocket and getting a focused shot. When shooting landscapes during eg. sunset, the ideal lighting condition may be present just for ~20 seconds after I notice it, so there's a bit of rush to unlock my current phone and get to the camera etc.


    (of course if some people don't like such ability, option to toggle it would solve that)

  • What's your solution to attaching debugger in VS?

    I was about to suggest this but looks like I'm late.





    (suggestions use VS macros.. oh wait) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/422768/attaching-to-a-child-process-automatically-in-visual-studio-during-debugging


    The scenario is that started with F5 the app runs slower than started with CTRL+F5 and I only need the debugger when either a Break() hits or I have added a breakpoint and believe its likely to hit soon.

  • I keep logging out

    Something similar here. Trying to edit a message I posted, I get:

    • The CurrentUser field is required.
    • The Author field is required.
    1. ${Html.Avatar(UserInfoViewModel.CurrentUser)} ${UserInfoViewModel
  • Attach VS debugger to project started with CTRL+F5 with single ​click/hotke​y?

    1) Is there a way to configure VS so that you can attach VS debugger to project started with CTRL+F5 with single click/hotkey?

    The reason is that if the project is started with debugger attached, it runs noticeably slower than without it attached. I'm talking about F5 vs CTRL+F5 with Debug configuration C# console project. I'm not sure why there's such a big difference in performance - either way I really need the perf and would only like to attach debugger after System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() is called. But as is, that only throws up watson instead of landing me in VS when debugger was not attached.

    2) Is there a way to configure Windows 8.1 so that when debugger is not attached and Break() is called in the code, it acts just as if the project was started with F5? Then I wouldn't need a fix for 1) above. (I'm pretty sure I read there's some way to configure the JIT debugger thing to do *stuff* but I just remembered this and not sure how involved that is)