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  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    1. if Apple comes up with say 8000+ insertion/removal warranty for issues with the sole USB port that is not time limited. They can program the firmware to count+save the number, so this transfers when sold 2nd hand.

    2. They create some kind of pass-through protocol/stack and a single dongle that has all the ports one would want: .... or maybe since a dongle with a dozen ports will look like an ugly mess (just as dozen dongles with 2 ports), I predict they'll explain that you need to buy a Mac desktop computer and then use the "usb" cable as some sort of passthrough that allows utilization of everything that's connected on the desktop in the laptop. This could work similarly as if you booted a VM in Vmware- it will then offer options of plugging in external devices into the VM - in this case you'd get option to plug in desktop computer devices into the laptop through the usb passthrough (since the 3.1 could pass through pcie, some sort of new kernel/driver whatever system could be made to do this with lower latency than usb).

    edit: Come to think of it - this applies to all devices with very few ports. I don't really need a *dock* I need a way to connect the portable device to the desktop and have its devices accessible as if they were locally attached. Having a dock just complicates things if you already have a desktop with peripherals you'd like to access on the small portable device. More wires and need to figure out how to share and switch devices and so forth.

  • Speccing out a convertible business laptop


    Zenbook is at the target weight and actually looking the dimensions up, it's about the same size as I specced, except instead of the taller AR display panel you get plenty of bezel including large Asus logo below the display. Maybe the edge/backlights are currently in the bezel but I suspect they could be put all near the hinge behind the panel (make the display heavier at the hinge) - I'm not looking for thinnest display here but ability to open the display up more that in Zenbook and ~1-1.5cm more vertical display panel size without tipping the whole thing over.

    The other differences I see are the convertibleness (display connection/hinge) and the wacom digitizer + pen holder.

    Zenbook is aluminum body. It could well be the optimal material if the body is used as heatsink and cost is taken into account vs more exotic things. I'd really prefer if the top (where the front-battery/touchpad is) was of non-smudging, non-conductive inert material (if you got PoE connected, it's possible the alu-body gets grounded into ground with leakage AC that then makes it not feel nice).

    Skylake is also due out soon and may bring a bit of savings which allow lighter battery. 





    Also made following edits to op:


    -AR 10:7 1920x1344 or 3840*2688 - this compromise allows to show movies at native res while greatly increasing legacy app usability. Point here is to have a new AR with more vertical. same old 16:10 from 10 yr ago is not an unique selling point. If someone needs exactly 1920x1200, I'd offer that through display driver in a manner that leaves a small black bar (keeping 1:1 pixels).

    I took the exact inch/dimensions out as these depend on the hinge vs detachable. I'd prefer largest size that can be had at the ~1.2 kg while allowing to open the display up more than Zenbook without tipping.

  • Speccing out a convertible business laptop

    Actually I'm having some doubts whether this is possible to do (14-15" 1.2 kg w/ hinge and no kickstand) - a problem with many laptops is that the display does not have enough adjustability - and of course the lighter the machine is, it also means the display needs to either be proportionally lighter to keep the balance or some sort of .. kickstand is needed again.

    I noticed this with the Zenbook already - the display could go back a bit further. The Yoga's "solve" this by being noticeably more heavy than the Zenbook ux305.

    A possible solution is to have battery located on front of the keyboard and make the area near the hinge lighter. To save space, perhaps if you removed the front battery, it would also take away the touchpad - so the touchpad + battery is integrated. Both things tend to wear out so this makes sense that way.

    edit: Yeah I'm kinda drawing blank here on how to secure the front battery reliably so that it's not flimsy and won't leave visible "crack". So maybe the answer here is to have the battery, touchpad and the keyboard all part of same unit that can be replaced/separated from the back area that has the hinge/whatever that connects to the display, this should bias the balance such that the display can be used at more open angle in the clam configuration.

  • Speccing out a convertible business laptop

    I was trying out various dimensions and weights and such. I've determined this is feasible to do currently:

    -Weight target <1.2 kg or ~2.6 lbs

    - AR 10:7 1920x1344 or 3840*2688 - this compromise allows to show movies at native res while greatly increasing legacy app usability edit: Point here is to have a new AR with more vertical. same old 16:10 from 10 yr ago is not an unique selling point. If someone needs exactly 1920x1200, I'd offer that through display driver in a manner that leaves a small black bar (keeping 1:1 pixels).

    edit: I took the exact inch/dimensions out as these depend on the hinge vs detachable. I'd prefer largest size that can be had at the ~1.2 kg while allowing to open the display up more than Zenbook without tipping.

    - Wacom digitizer + touch screen + pen included + strong magnetic pen holder within the chassis

    - I'm not certain whether I'd like Yoga style hinge or detachable display - both have potential pro&cons depending on most common usage. Other alternatives are the old Portege style hinge and ability to detach the display and put it backwards for "tent"-mode

    - pcie m.2 ssd slot on both keyboard and display with raid mirroring setup if display is detachable

    - mode where ssd internal encryption key is wiped if the device gets too far away from something you carry like phone. This could be implemented with bitlocker also with a front facing camera trained on what you look like - so if the camera doesn't see you in couple minutes then have a service wipe the keys off the disk (backed up previously) unless you enter pass to disable this (temporary perhaps). The software could also modify the boot such that once the thief or customs agent boots it up, they get a clear install from reserved partition.

    -2+ usb 3.1-c ports with pcie passthrough that must be enabled, 2+ usb 3.0 ports that can be bios set to usb2 mode

    -usb3.1 pcie 10 GbE adapter with Power over Ethernet charging of the laptop

    -function keys should function like function keys unless Fn pressed or bios toggle used

    -dedicated calculator and media keys

    -3 button touchpad with buttons separate from pad. Light touch and quiet. (the 10:7 AR leaves plenty of space for these) (I use middle mouse button a loot)

    -touchpad scroll configurable to either 2 finger (modern) or old (one finger on the side)

    -lag free option for touchpad (all but Acer ps/2 touchpad and Surface seem to lag like no tomorrow.


    Zenbook was kinda tempting for the price but 13.3 16:9 ar is too small and touchpad lagged and no usb3.1 type-c...). Weight of the ux305 is just right for laptop.


    Did I miss something?

  • Fanless 13-14 inch ultrabook with 10GbE or pcie?

    I found this:

    Toshiba Portege Z20t

    12.5", display detaches to tablet, has 1 GB ethernet port, VGA port and looks good despite all that.

    But as a commenter of one review put it:

    "I think Microsoft has really missed an opportunity with the Surface 3 - the lack of a proper keyboard, and the fact that it can't be used as a laptop. But they got the aspect ratio right.
    Toshiba have the keyboard and battery life - looks great. But for anything other than watching widescreen movies a 12.5" screen won't cut it. In tablet mode it is impossible to use in landscape mode, as the keyboard takes up almost all the vertical screen space. And it is too narrow in portrait mode (plus ClearType doesn't work in portrait mode). The 16:9 also isn't much use when docked - it is too short for editing decent word documents (with menus and taskbars taking up 25% of the vertical screen).
    Hopefully the next generation of 2-in-1s will have the design of this machine but the aspect ratio of a Surface or older 4:3 screen."


  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Part of what you say could be forced by similar situation as with Longhorn/Vista & various stuff - with the store using tech not available on win7, the best course (resource-wise) is to try to get everyone to update to 10. The problem here is that even if the update is free from 7, there's so much changes and the net experience isn't clearly positive - it just makes more sense to wait as long as possible hoping that a future version gets things together.

    I could see third party bringing as much of the 7 UI experience to 10 as possible and that might be good enough for those on the fence. I just don't like the idea of replacing even more of the shell and control panel with 3rd party stuff as that stuff is the most prone for compat issues and serviceability/security patching is potential issue as well. And business users probably don't like the implementation either while the idea* might seem sound. (*of turning 10 taskbar,start menu, control panel into not much different than 7)

  • New convenience shortcuts & key ideas for C#

    Ok finally I came up with a bunch of snippets that reduce the method body creation to couple keypresses.

    s<tab><tab> gives a list of pub/priv&w/wo static snippets returning string

    sl<tab><tab> gives a list of pub/priv&w/wo static snippets returning List<string>

    d<tab><tab> gives a list of pub/priv&w/wo static snippets returning double

    dl<tab><tab> gives a list of pub/priv&w/wo static snippets returning List<double>


    So just sl<tab><tab> now gives:

            private List<string> Method()
                List<string> r = new List<string>();
                | // caret here            
                return r;


  • New convenience shortcuts & key ideas for C#

    Ok I pretty much got what I wanted after "learning" the snippet stuff (copy paste from foreach snippet). There's a bit of manual editing and this only works from inside existing method with } being the next line. (to avoid the need to go outside of the current method to create a new method.

    for the "mps" snippet just change "mus" to "mps" and public to private.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <CodeSnippets xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/2005/CodeSnippet">
      <CodeSnippet Format="1.0.0">
          <Title>mus - Create public static method</Title>
            <Literal Editable="true">
              <ToolTip>Method name</ToolTip>
            <Literal Editable="true">
              <ToolTip>Return type</ToolTip>
            <Literal Editable="true">
          <Code Language="csharp" Delimiter="$"><![CDATA[
            public static $type$ $name$()
                $type$ r = $ctor$;
                $selected$ $end$
                return r;]]></Code>

  • Reddit programming language popularity contest

    Nice for the historical stats. I gathered these for last 6 month % gain:

    2014-09-20 2015-03-20
    +262% unrealengine 2859 7482
    +62% rust 5683 9214
    +44% swift 6390 9214
    +31% unity3d 17557 23018
    +30% golang 10658 13853
    +25% csharp 14982 19242
    +21% java 33441 40123
    +18% python 80204 94529
    +17% cpp 22916 27071

    If rust was bit more mature I'd desire a nice IDE & debugger support to play around with it - it does have some things that one would have desired in some sort  "C##" though I'm not sure how easy it's to build something that's always running and have the code editable without stopping. For c# I think VS should have some sort of console app template project that after you press F5 when you can start building the app while it's running... And there's no requirement for it to have anything to do with web services. It could be a engine of some sort or user mode driver.


  • Sign in link not working

    I'm noticing this now too. Randomly changing between "Sign out" and not signed in status. Just clicking a forum thread link or pressing F5 changes it.