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  • Rant about something

    Would you believe this:

    1. A web site works with IE8 in VM, I logout from the site. I take a snapshot of the VM

    2. I update IE8 in VM to IE11

    3. Now I try to login to the site with IE11. It fails, no error, just back to the login screen. (Saw this coming, as it has failed on all other computers and VM's I have except that one). The company is really horrid in this case - their support options only work once you're logged in through the web site and if you have login issues, well - that's apparently impossible. They have phone support but even it doesn't have option for selecting this sort of issue or "bug report".

    4. So I rollback to the VM snapshot with IE8. Guess what. Now miraculously, the same login issue exists there!

    This company has a java app through which I can login, but all the support buttons redirect to the web site and fail to work when this scenario occurs.

    Deleting cookies and changing IP didn't restore the functionality. Clearly they have a server-side check for if someone attempted to log in with IE newer than IE8, well screw them, for good.


    Lessons learned: Take also a snapshot *before* logging out. :)



    Well I have no clue what is going on. I tried to login dozens of times to the site, and once now and then it does log in. I initially thought it would have something to do with browsers other than IE8, but I now managed to log in 2 times successfully with IE11 out of 20+ attempts. Also support said no such reports have been made. I'm inclined to think the issue is in the server or the router I recently replaced (perhaps it was so cheap because it's spying the traffic?)


  • Can you do a completely private lob app on WP?

    So from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/ff402565(v=vs.105).aspx

    It seems like I need to a) connect my MS account to the phone. No thanks b) register phone. No thanks. c) use the Store to have networked app. No thanks

    So clearly the hacking the phone method is the only way to go. Any 1,2,3 step lists to make this phone atleast as useful as my old C64? ie. Connect modem, run terminal prog, dial BBS. Done. (except in this case I'm the one writing the terminal prog)




  • Can you do a completely private lob app on WP?

    So I recently got my first WP (1020) from sale as the price was low enough to cause a queue at the shop. I had it for a while now but haven't used it yet as there's a key issue I don't think I got any clear answer for last time I asked:

    Can I press F5 in VS and get the stuff running on the phone without needing to put stuff on some store somewhere? Yeah I read that you can hack the phone or something to do stuff but is that really necessary?

    And. Is there *any* idiots guide to getting there that has every step in a neat list ? Like 1. plug in usb cable 2. run VS 3. press F5 etc.

    If that's not possible, then is there 1,2,3 type of list of steps for getting stuff compiled + running through the store? I'd just rather not deal with the store as I'd rather not have the app executable or source go to any network. (Yeah there is Remote Desktop for WP I notice but that's not going to do any good for me)

  • Why there aren't any web form standards? Or are there?

    I mean standard basic set of tags for entry forms - so that if eg. a you need to fill out a bunch of similar forms in various sites, the browser will auto-fill them and offer options if you have filled various things at different sites (since I have different personal details for every site so I can track which company failed to store my data in a wireless vacuum-gapped server surrounded with tinfoil with light triggered explosive charge inside - what goes in doesn't come out)

    How this would be implemented? Well one way is to ensure that if you create a form in web development tool, it will offer the standard tags through intellisense (together with friendly-translations shown side by side but not used in code for localized versions) with ability to write your own. And import such tags for domain specific stuff like typical job seeker forms.

    How would it be ensured that web developers use the tools that offer the standard and imported tag cloud? Make the browser itself the prime development tool with local development server built in without installing IIS or anything else + one click deployment to real server/cloud. Otherwise people may get opportunity to try some other development tool that doesn't have the tag cloud for forms built in and proceed to invent new tags for things that from user perspective are identical resulting in the need to fill the same details each time.


  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    @figuerres: I've used the IE10 preview builds (not full browser) that were possible to install side by side with IE8. I've gone over some trials with IE9+ in past here. This was largely a forced upgrade due to end of support + recently many sites refuse to open with IE8.

  • iPad too much

    Being able to record the audio and midi perf in sync accurately in a small device would be nice. As long as the sound generation is from low latency source, the latency of the recording device isn't big deal (though jitter is).

     (I would imagine some tablet OS would hopefully have less issue with timing than full desktop OS but who knows)

    I haven't done any music stuff recently but last I was researching, I found this DOS pattern based sequencer. Haven't got chance to test whether it works with the SCC1 I got. AXS is a nice sounding DOS synth with sample drums and tracker.


  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    @elmer: I tried that. It helps with the previous issue but now if I want to download a pdf (for permanent storage) then click Open to open it immediately from disk, then there's no Open option popping up.

    So how to restore IE11 to work like IE8? If it ain't broken, don't fix it*?

    (* well - not quite - IE8's countless download finishes pop-ups were annoying too. I think there has to be better way: Do the dialog the IE8 way but if multiple downloads are going on, then have the focus on the latest with all dl's aggregated to the dialog. This solves both issues. Alternative is to have the "download finished" bar a bar that doesn't obscure parts of the web page - like a pop-up status bar)

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    Is this just my system* or possible regression?

    Some web sites have "file upload" form. Clicking the browse opens "Choose file to upload".

    In IE11 this always causes the Windows native browse dialog to open straight to Desktop folder. In IE8, this always opened in last used location. So if I need to upload dozen files, I have to change the folder every time - unless I drop all the files first onto the desktop, which has usually shortcuts.


    Changing the "default download location" from the CTRL+j dialog does not affect this.

    I even tried giving the folder I want to use full permissions for just users but didn't help.


    *EDIT: Turns out it's IE regression bug.


    open dialog starts browsing form the desktop. It may be that this information is actually only stored in RAM and not saved between sessions

  • What are the changes that Microsoft is making to the privacy statements?

    A: "Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, so with this release we've created unique privacy statements to cover Microsoft account, Outlook.com, OneDrive, and Family Safety, so you can easily review the privacy terms for the service you are using. Read the full privacy statement as well as privacy statements for Bing and MSN. "


    So what were the *changes* made (a diff of the old and new)? It seems like a bunch of whole new terms were created and I had to agree to them before I could sign in here. Would have looked better if it just outright said that everything got changes since no changes were listed point by point. And it's imho pretty crude to make one agree to new terms without transition period. What if I didn't agree to those new terms but wanted to export my data in MS services?

  • Laughs of the day

    edit: There are various random stuff inside. Don't click on random image files or nsfw sounding stuff.


    This is much better than Windows 95 that's for sure.