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  • Lang.NEXT 2014 is coming ... May 29-30

    @Charles: Yeah there might be a market gap there. Having tiny audio/midi transceivers that take mic/line/midi and send things more or less directly to a tablet for recording seems kinda obvious - there's no need for large audio mixer - you could simply have a tablet with a screen showing each mic with a panelist name attached and solo the channels or whatever and have a bunch of plugins do any dsp needed. I suspect this might already exist on market if one really googled hard enough.



  • VS14 CTP available

    I'm in middle of doing some non-coding things for a while ... I did have a quick run with some old C# projects. C# F5 from one bp to next and just f5 from not running to running (atleast after warm up) seems much snappier. Which is great as sometimes you just want to have couple breakpoints and quickly look at whats happening in the watch/locals while rapidly going through them - keeping F5 held to step through in the old compiler/debugger was not too deterministic in how it behaved. Of course I'm running a bit older system which makes noticing this easy - on a high end system it might seem like there's some "perf budget" to "piss away" now - I'd reserve that budget for making intellitrace perform decently, assuming that's even possible (I wonder do those new 128 MB cache Broadwells help with Intellitrace...).

  • Lang.NEXT 2014 is coming ... May 29-30

    I liked this panel:


    What I felt was missing was introduction for some of the panelists I don't recall seeing that often on C9 if at all before. Atleast add complete list of the speakers to the video please. And perhaps next time some lavalier mics, even though it was funny with all the running around passing a single old school mic. Admittedly with multiple mics there comes the mix and editing problem. However I just invented this idea: If you buffer few seconds of the audio of each lavalier before mixing it, you can programmatically figure out if someone is just coughing, and not mix that in. This would remove need to edit the audio later while allowing to simultaneously record and mix all speakers. Easier said than implemented though ;)


  • The new ​overclockab​le 4790K has TSX-NI and should go to 5 Ghz trivially on air. Atleast on paper.

    According to Intel specifications for 4790K at


    it does have TSX-NI. Which is interesting since the earlier K models afaik did not have it. I haven't found any mentions of this difference elsewhere but perhaps the journos will catch up soon.


    ^ a screenshot of the ARK page should the spec get corrections after people have ordered one.

  • Languages are dime a dozen nowadays

    Liked that "playground" with near instant visualization of the loops and that it compiles to native. Also the first thing the keynote shows was that da?.da?.da?() null-propagating or whatever you call it operator.

  • Anyone here had issues with VS2013 intellisense cease working all of sudden?

    Well looks like it's not a new problem, though I can't say if these others are working with just C# console app and no 3rd party addons like I am.





    edit: Apparently in some cases there may be stuff in eventlog somewhere when that happens and there's suggestion to try export settings and then launching with /resetuserdata

  • Anyone here had issues with VS2013 intellisense cease working all of sudden?

    I have only C# projects in a solution and need to restart VS to get auto-completion working again (not sure but it could be it only happens after over 8 hours of running it). I'm guessing that this'll be fixed with the Roslyn-transition so not big deal, just gives the feel that 2012 was more polished release. Though I'd ask as I noticed someone on twitter saying they had some unspecified issue with intellisense in 2013 and I figured it might be the same.

  • What is up with TrueCrypt?

    I would think the real tin foil hats don't put all their so-called eggs into the basket of relying on just a single algo/scheme for truly sensitive stuff. And with these volume/disk encryption schemes it seems to often boil down to - once you need to recover/transition or whatever, you need to decrypt the whole thing and even if that's not a problem, it just feels silly to have to do that. For such people I suspect its preferable to keep the secret stuff behind several schemes and containers so that in a transition or recovery event of one layer one can feel better of not having to do a complete decryption. Of course given all this exploitable stuff going on, if you can't protect against hardware/firmware level spying then what's the point. And the easiest way to do that is to have couples cameras watching your computer and streaming their data to your personal recording device all the time, while that computer is never going to be connected on any network and the room would need to be isolated properly of course too. So now in order to get to the secret sauce, the attacker would have to substitute all those video streams and then plant their spying hardware on the offline computer. (and obviously if they get to you, you have to have prepared for that possibility by having fake sauce on the computer as well which when accessed could then do whatever would be most appropriate)


  • NBC Snowden Interview "...get inside your thought process."

    Perhaps I misunderstood but this just sounded a bit funny.

    >  "we spy on Russia" is not one of them. There is zero benefit to the public in disclosing that NSA was intercepting Russian president's phone calls, and caused massive damage by doing so.

    If we assume that public (and russians) knew/suspected nsa was spying on foreigners - who else would they more preferredly spy than the eastern leaders? And surely we have to assume that a person of interest making secret phone calls should be making them with the assumption they are being eventually monitored and have measures to make the really secret deals on another layer with the bs on the first layer acting as a way to inform them of a possible security breach before a breach of the second layer of secrecy. I haven't actually read the news you are referring to, so perhaps the leak was that NSA had ability to listen also to the supa-secret-stuffs and the Russians only learned this by reading the news? Though I think it's more plausible that as this whole affair became public everyone doing secret stuff just decided to invest into improvements to their systems regardless of what was said in the leaks. Atleast that's my feel on things.


  • What latency can Surface Pro 3 manage w/o glitching for audio with CPU fully loaded while doing disk&net-IO?

    @Proton2: I had intended to get a Broadwell portable this year but it's looking like I might get another desktop pc at this point just so I can have dedicated 2nd crt-connectable PC that won't ever be connected to a network. After all how else are you going to mitigate a firmware based spyware waiting for legit connectivity opportunity to leak data (assuming some sort of virtually isolated/partitioned single pc setup).  And given I use a CRT, I haven't found dp/dvi-d add-on dacs that can do 2048x1536 @ 85 hz. And even if there is one, it only makes sense if you really need to connect modern portable device to a high end crt.

    So all that considered, instead of getting that portable Broadwell I had planned on initially, I'll look for either the new Haswells coming soon with hopefully improved thermal characteristics (perhaps allowing some units to get near 5 Ghz on air). Or the Haswell LGA 2011-3 platform and scope my mobos to ones with onboard 10 gbe. The major concerns with the consumer platform are the likely lack of TSX in the K versions, which might not be the case for the LGA 2011-3 K-models and lack of the 10 gbe connectivity + possible crowded bus issues as Intel keeps on using slow PCIe 2.x in the hub despite people wanting to attach multiple 2 GB/s SSD's in the platform estimated lifetime of 4-7 years.