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bondsbw bondsbw
  • Finally WP8,1 GDR1 FOLDER!!!!

    This is the same behavior iOS and Android have had for a while, so I doubt discoverability is a major problem.

  • Android exploit - ouch

    Question (because I seriously don't know)... does Windows Phone have the same update disadvantages?  Or is it better somehow?

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    , giovanni wrote

    @bondsbw: I don't know about the common payment method. My credit card and PayPal are my common payment method :)

    My apologies in case I was misunderstood, I meant that you only need to provide your CC/Paypal info once and you get access to books, music, movies, apps, etc.  It's a very minor convenience and alone has not been a compelling reason to go all-Apple or all-Google or all-Microsoft.

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    And I don't care much at all for service ecosystems.  What really ties eBooks, online music, and app stores together?

    • Common payment method
    • Hardware (particularly in the Apple world)

    Since I would like to see barriers between devices torn down, that leaves the common payment method... which doesn't seem like much of a compelling reason to stick with an ecosystem.

  • What should be in an ecosystem

    I want the hardware-based information barriers to be taken down.  I want to see more of the attitude Apple is taking with Handoff in Yosemite/iOS 8, and Google took with Chromecast.

    Copy-and-Paste between devices... when that sort of thing "just works", I think we will find ourselves using these ecosystems of devices in completely new ways.


  • Android exploit - ouch

    @cheong:  But unlike WinXP, Android is at the mercy of OEMs to push out updates.  Sadly WinXP has received more security updates since its EOL than some still-on-contract Android devices have in the same time period.

  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    I think WinRT and the Windows Store app environment (a.k.a. Metro <- Now there was a marketing fail :D  ) was a good start but not good enough to kill WPF/SL.

    I agree with that.  There are many WPF use cases where WinRT cannot be used, or perhaps are incompatible with the Windows Store philosophy.  It's this side of Metro (the development side) that I'm worried is never going to get better.  I feel from Microsoft's perspective, WinRT = Windows Store or some enterprisey management... desktop-style sideloading (without a lot of hassle) may never exist in this environment.

    I never developed in SL.  So from my somewhat outsider perspective, SL was a good answer to Flash, but both became mostly irrelevant when the HTML5 and mobile revolutions happened.  I don't really think it had to do with WinRT.  (But I agree, it sucks for so many developers who converted to SL from other areas just to have it pulled out from under them right when they got the hang of it.)

    Just because people speak negatively about W8 doesn't mean they hate Metro. Is that why you're constantly spinning W8 to the positive? You're afraid Metro will be left in the dust if we air Microsoft's dirty laundry?

    It sure comes across as hatred for Metro.  Or, similarly, a hatred for the philosophy of a crossover OS.

    I love that about the direction Microsoft is taking with Windows.  "Direction" being key.  I don't feel it's finished.  But that's how software works... you always release software before it's "done", because otherwise it would never be released.  I'm sure you, as a developer, understand this.

    So I forgive Microsoft for Windows 8's shortcomings.  It was aggressive to introduce WinRT and Metro, but building it into Windows and making everything play decently nice together, and at the same time making major performance improvements, nice updates to built-in desktop apps, syncing, etc... that's an incredible undertaking.  No wonder they chose a two-headed approach, trying to get even more Metro/desktop integration was surely seen as scope creep.

    It was bound to get better in subsequent releases.  The proof is 8.1.  More proof is in the Threshold rumors.  You wanted to know why I thought most of this direction was already planned, that's why.

    I'm glad Microsoft isn't abandoning this direction.  But yes, I was worried the complainers *ahem you* were so loudly and fervently spreading this attitude of discontent with Windows 8's direction that it was becoming mainstream, and Microsoft might just give up on convergence and opt instead for divergence into Windows RT and Windows without Metro.  That would be going backwards.

  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    , TexasToast wrote

    Microsoft was not late (as I pointed out they had smartphones and pocket pc's before anyone else) ,  they just did not have the goods people wanted at the time.

    I don't disagree with that... the talk about being late was based on a different perspective.  Microsoft was early to the game from the perspective of creating mobile devices.  They were late to the game from the perspective of a good, coherent mobile strategy.

    And I don't defend Microsoft.  They blatantly jumped on the bandwagon too late.  Most (but not all) of their mobile strategy is a copy of others.

    But some of the innovative parts of Metro I love.  The snap view moves Windows toward tiling window managers (something that can't easily happen in the desktop because many desktop apps constrain their size).  This is still far ahead of other mobile devices (Samsung created a half-baked attempt that doesn't come close).

    I'm just tired of all the hatred toward Metro as a whole when really the main issue is the removal of the Start menu and Start button.  I'm fine with bringing those back for desktops (although I personally don't care about them much); I just don't see what that has to do with all the bitterness toward all the other concepts in Metro.

  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    You can't decide if W8's failure was:

    1. Being late to the game: "Nevertheless, I still assert that the root problem was being late to the game."
    2. A marketing issue: "You think design is the problem.  I think marketing is the problem."

    , bondsbw wrote

    The root problem for Sinofsky was failure to deliver Microsoft's mobile platform on a time table that would be competitive with Apple and Google.

    The root problem for Windows 8's "failure" (according to those of you who believe it is a failure) is marketing.

    Care to repeat this one more time?  Perhaps 2, 3, 20?  How many times will we go through this before you read?

    Actually, 0, I'm done this time for real, at least with you.  For some reason (maybe it's your rainbow unicorn) I really want to believe that you might not be a troll, that you might have the ability to form a coherent argument.  But you can't.  Learn from Craig_Matthews... he managed in one post to do what you haven't done this entire thread.

  • KDE Plasma 5.0 released

    @Craig_Matthews:  Heh, I have no clue about that.  I honestly forgot they put the Start screen on server, since I've not had a reason to upgrade past 2008 R2.