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  • DeLorean

    Microsoft is building a predictive cloud gaming system.  http://techcrunch.com/2014/08/22/microsoft-research-shows-off-delorean-its-tech-for-building-a-lag-free-cloud-gaming-service/

    To reduce perceived latency, the system attempts to predict a few potential moves the player will make.  All of those are streamed to the client simultaneously, and then once the user actually presses the button, the system only has to choose among those predictions.

    I, likewise, predict that you will or will not post a comment.

  • physicists in Australia discover water tractor beam tricks

    @cheong:  I think it's saying that the top layer of the water actually does move, and in a predictable way, which is what makes this research interesting.  So oil on top of the water would probably also move, and you would just need to set up a collector at just the right spot.

    Of course, the collector itself might change the wave motion, and if I had to guess this whole thing requires a closed system.  So essentially, you would need to build something that encloses the entire area, and by the time you've done that, there are effective traditional ways (floating barriers, etc) to get the oil.

    The place I can see this being applied would be a locks, to more precisely pull boats/ships in unpowered.

  • Modern UI is not ONE interface

    , magicalclick wrote

    And actually I hope Windows scroll down just like WinPh. 

    Yeah, I agree.  I don't get this obsession with horizontal scrolling.  It doesn't feel better on a tablet and is contrary to how mouse scrolling typically occurs.  (Although Windows does support horizontal scrolling using the mouse wheel.)

    I think it was another one of those things where they had to be different for the sake of distinguishing themselves from iOS/Android.

  • OneNote [Head Explodes]

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  Have you compared with a Surface Pro 3?  Just curious how different they feel with pen sensitivity and parallax, etc.

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    Last I check on the Windows Store version of OneNote the "ink" was individual pixels instead of strokes. I assumed that was because WinRT was too limiting to do real inking.

    Windows Store OneNote does strokes. You can delete each full stroke just by flipping the stylus over and touching any part of it.

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , danSnapMD wrote

    And when i said javascript above

    ??  You haven't posted to this conversation, have you?

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , cbae wrote

    If Microsoft really wants to continue supporting WPF, they should allow WPF applications to be purchased/downloaded from the Windows Store and manage both the installation and updates like they do with Metro apps.

    , figuerres wrote

    really any .Net apps should be able to be in some form of app store.

    they created the app store to install the new RT stuff and there are some good ideas in there that should also be able to work with a .net app as long as the .net app does not install native dll's.

    take the "Click Once" deployment package and from there create a ".Net Store App" packaging system. 

    This would be welcome.  However, typical Windows Store app policies would almost certainly be required in order to reduce Microsoft's liability.

    It's one thing for the store to link you to a site where you download a virus.  It's something much worse for it to send you a virus.

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    The only thing really holding WinJS desktop back is you can't run win8 apps on windows 7.  I'm not sure if they can make some update to have a win8 app show up as a desktop icon and in the start menu of windows 7. 

    Folks, stop trying.  This will never happen.  Windows 7 is done.  It will not receive any more feature updates; I highly doubt we will even get another SP, at least one that is more than just a big security/bug fix package.

    But Threshold/Windows 9 will have a start menu and will have the ability to pin Windows 8 apps to it.  It will have the ability to run Windows 8 apps in desktop windows.  (All of which, by the way, is available from Stardock and has been for nearly 2 years for $5.)  I haven't heard about desktop icons.

  • The Year of the Linux Desktop

    , elmer wrote

    In other news, specs leaked for HP's $199 Stream which is supposedly based on MS's Zero-Dollar licensing scheme.

    Yeah, but it's an HP.

  • Just bought Surface Pro 3 need help with Win8!

    @boxtype:  cbae has a fair point.  I don't think you can even download Windows Store apps without a Microsoft account.  This is similar to iOS and Android as well.  So if you need an app that works like you want, you'll either need the account or you'll need to download a desktop app.

    One of the great things about Windows 8 is you have many options.

  • Just bought Surface Pro 3 need help with Win8!

    @cbae:  While I personally agree with you, I think your points are being a bit unfair.  Reminders are not a requirement for a calendar (suppose you just want to print it and pin it up).  And cloud services are not required for reminders to happen... although, of course, those reminders would not be synced between devices.