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brian.shapiro brian.​shapiro things go on as always
  • Windows 10 TP thoughts

    Okay, I finally got around to installing it on a VM instead of just looking at videos. I'm growing to understand the direction they're going in better, though I still would push for some further options and changes.

    . . .

    Thoughts on how it is now,

    * They want the taskbar always there for the same reason the notification area is always visible on a Windows Phone device, so you can always see battery status, time, etc.

    * Older style modern apps can be switched to full screen mode easily now that you have a full screen button on the titlebar.

    * Notifications flyout comes in from the right just like the W8 flyouts; it doesn't overlap the taskbar because they're thinking of the taskbar like a non-UI area just like on the WP platform.

    . . .

    Changes they should consider, off the top of my head.

    * Every app should be able to set Full Screen. While preserved in older apps, this is disabled in a few newer apps, like Photos and the Windows store -- I don't know why.

    * Every app by design should be able to re-flow either vertically or horizontally. The defaults might depend on the screen, window size, whether its full screen. Horizontal scrolling on a widescreen monitor set to landscape mode just makes sense, and feels right. If the same monitor is set to portrait mode, vertical scrolling would make sense and feel right.

    * These two things should apply to Start also. You should not only be able to Maximize, but also do Full Screen, and have it switch to horizontal scrolling by default on a widescreen monitor.

    * The Places pane should either be able to collapse (with an arrow allowing you to quickly expand it back into place) or be able to be hidden.

    * Group titles on full screen make more sense in larger type; it makes it easier to scan.

    * All of the apps that can put a status icon on the Lock Screen should be able to put one in the Notification Area (System Tray). This would just make sense and be useful both for tablet and desktop users.

    * I'm thinking the Cortana search popup might be better as a flyout like the Notification flyout, but from the left.

    * Not quite sure what they're thinking on the swipe-up context bar placement at this point. The taskbar should be able able to quickly switch between the bottom of the screen and the top of the screen, and maybe automatically go on top in tablet mode, and on bottom in desktop mode.

    * Maybe allow all Desktop apps to go into Full Screen mode also just like Modern apps.

    . . .

    Gave these and a lot more in the Feedback app.



    , felix9 wrote



    Cool I'm wondering whats happening with the caption buttons, since they're in the picture too. Do they come with the chromeless window. Can they be customized? Etc. There also must be some way to get the popup for the hamburger menu.

    Also I'm hoping there'll be some ability to create floating windows, like the popup windows but persistent.

    There are also a lot of other obvious things that need to be considered, if WinRT apps are meant to supersede Win32 apps.


    Looking at screenshots of Spartan and the new Office and the titlebars on those apps, I'm wondering if this means that developers will have some control over the non-client area of windowed Modern apps.

  • "I think we can declare that Microsoft’s Windows RT experiment is officially dead."

    We're just talking about the processor, right, because it was basically just a compile of W8?

    The big problem was the app availability, and if in 5+ years Microsoft improves the app platform so that all new apps are being written for the WinRT platform, running both on the Desktop and full screen for tablets, they could always choose to do other processors, since Modern apps can be made to run on them.

    But yes, it created a huge problem for adoption in this stage of the game.


    I really really hope they work on the bookmarking UI, the organization and browsing of bookmarks, and add features like tagging and descriptors.

  • HoloLens


    Ask when we're going to get real holographic projection :D

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , magicalclick wrote


    You mean there is other ways to format than 4:45 PM so I can see it easily whenever I want?

    Sure of course, there are a lot of things they could do, like make the date font slightly smaller than the time font, or change the spacing between the two lines.

    The display format also needs to be easier to change, rather than going through several dialog windows IMO, and probably with a different default format for the date. For example, I think more people would be interested in the day of the week and/or a more friendly month name than a year string, since most people know what year it is.

    Also make it easier to switch between primary and secondary clocks, like if you're on vacation.

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , magicalclick wrote


    I want to see my time when the action center is up.

    They could always make the W8-style time display come up. :> The taskbar time format really should be revamped btw. It really feels old to me, I think they could do a nicer job.

  • HoloLens

    Apple never really did anything others didn't do first, they just did it better :>

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , magicalclick wrote


    I am the advocator of TASKBARRRRRR. Thus, it should never be covered unless I am playing full screen games. Especially showing the taskbar with action center makes really little impact to the action center while still able to show time, switch apps without action center being obstructive to others.

    For what reason though?

    With the flyouts, if you clicked anywhere outside the flyout space, it would close, it would be gone, and there would be no issues. When the Start Screen was full screen, most of your activity was going in, scrolling and clicking on the app, and then you were out.

    I found this worked very well and never had problems with it. I don't know... I find some of the dislikes about covering the taskbar a bit overly finicky.

    The taskbar doesn't create an impact on the Action Center, it just is a lot less elegant IMO.