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brian.shapiro brian.​shapiro things go on as always
  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    , cbae wrote


    For $2.5 billion, I'd run too.

    Mojang was earning a decent amount of profit each year, $129m in 2013. If all he wanted was money, my guess is he could have continued to build the company and earned from his investment in it. I guess he didn't want to do that.

  • My take on "Apple day"

    , jamie wrote


    but the point was that squares are boring. 

    Shapes aren't boring or exciting, they're just shapes :>

    I do like UIs being moddable, don't necessarily think every mod should be included in the vanilla OS though :> I don't see how circles would fit into the Metro design. There are a lot of options they could add in vanilla which I think would be great though.

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    , PopeDai wrote

    It's a shame I can't say anything that would get me fired, I'll just enjoy this 'ere popcorn and read the threads.

    Share the popcorn.

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    What I'd like to see is the ability to have different virtual desktops set up differently : with different apps pinned to their respective taskbars, and even possibly different wallpapers, although that's more cosmetic. The idea is to make virtual desktops into "workspaces." You could have a workspace for development, one for design, one for work, etc. Then you could "save" these desktop environments, so they're always reloaded when you start your computer, and even pin them to the Start Screen as separate tiles. The tiles would show what apps you have associated with them.

    It would make virtual desktops a lot more useful and meaningful.

    Also, if they're already going to make the Start Screen into a menu, it would be interesting to be able to create taskbar buttons that pop up a more specific tile interface that works like the start menu but contains a specific 'tile group'. For instance, have a taskbar button for "Office", that shows all your office tiles, one for "Design" that shows your Creative Cloud, Expression, etc. tiles. etc.

  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , MasterPi wrote


    Not to mention the poaching aspect of it all...

    Of course, you have to beat them down until they fall unconscious before you capture them.

  • Paul Allen bought a * Panzer tank?

    So you hate museums, and think they all should be sold and liquidated to put even more money into HIV research than already is there?



  • Netbook vs. Chromebook (part deux)

    , ScanIAm wrote

    Oh, crap.  I just had a realization: Pok√©mon is essentially dogfighting with imaginary animals....

    Yea, I always wondered why we didn't hear any complaints from animal rights groups... they beat each other up for you, then you put them away in a tiny ball. Maybe they did, but I didn't hear about it.

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    , bondsbw wrote

    And it has what appears to be a menu item that has those same 3 dots, called App Commands... not entirely sure what that does.

    Probably the buttons you get in the command bar?

  • Windows 9 Leaks

    , magicalclick wrote

    Just for clarification. Not everyone wants Metro app gone. People like me want to run Metro app in both Windowed mode and Full Screen mode, aka pre-installed ModernMix.

    Would make no sense to take "full screen mode" out, since its the perfect mode for apps that need a full screen, like games.... its much more flexible than the way Desktop games currently do it.. currently, they hog too much of the UIs attention, don't work well with multi-mon, or with the taskbar, and don't support screen splitting.

    Yea, I'm happy we got Metro stuff on the Desktop now and all.. but completely converting everything to the Desktop environment would be a big mistake. Though.. there's really no evidence that they're doing that except some rumors floating around, likely by people who don't know what they're talking about...


    Something I'm interested in seeing is whether we'll be able to create and name tile groups on the Start Menu, or whether that's a feature they're not carrying over. Or, whether there'll be some other way to group tiles, like added taskbar buttons with their own specialized "start menus."


  • You take what you can get (patents)

    , cheong wrote

    @brian.shapiro: Is it?

    Think what if Apple registered patent for GUI OS (and success). We would not have Windows to use today because with the copies of Windows sold, the license fee would be prohibitively expensive. We'll probably have to stay with OS/2 variants, or use a Mac.

    And we probably wouldn't see Steve Jobs go back to Apple, because Apple would either win the OS market by offering the only affordable GUI OS, or get enough money from Microsoft so it wouldn't suffer financial crisis. And that means we wouldn't have iPod, iPad and iPhone to use.

    For most technology companies, the only point of hiring people to do R&D is to keep the technological advantage against competitors, safety on technological leading advantage will kill their budget therefore inhibits innovations.

    There's a reason Apple wasn't successful.

    But these issues aren't different between software and physical technology, at any rate.