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brian.shapiro brian.​shapiro things go on as always
  • You take what you can get (patents)

    , cheong wrote

    @brian.shapiro: Is it?

    Think what if Apple registered patent for GUI OS (and success). We would not have Windows to use today because with the copies of Windows sold, the license fee would be prohibitively expensive. We'll probably have to stay with OS/2 variants, or use a Mac.

    And we probably wouldn't see Steve Jobs go back to Apple, because Apple would either win the OS market by offering the only affordable GUI OS, or get enough money from Microsoft so it wouldn't suffer financial crisis. And that means we wouldn't have iPod, iPad and iPhone to use.

    For most technology companies, the only point of hiring people to do R&D is to keep the technological advantage against competitors, safety on technological leading advantage will kill their budget therefore inhibits innovations.

    There's a reason Apple wasn't successful.

    But these issues aren't different between software and physical technology, at any rate.

  • You take what you can get (patents)

    , Bass wrote

    On various Internet debates on this topic, I always find that the biggest proponents of the current patent systems are patent lawyers. They came out of the woodwork to defend any kind of patent anything, at least they usually admit they are a patent lawyer.

    What do you mean by the current systems? The current system is supposed to cover things like non-obviousness and prior art, but often doesn't. To the degree that patent offices fail to do this, they need serious reform, yea.

    But on the other hand, I disagree with people who say software patents shouldn't exist at all.

  • I get releasing services for competing platforms, but....

    , spivonious wrote


    I was okay with it, but perhaps Zune had some bad connotations (people didn't seem to like brown MP3 players).

    To a lot of people 'Windows' had bad connotations and 'Windows Phone' even though it used to be Windows Mobile. I don't think it was really a good reason to get rid of the brand. Maybe, if they had something better or  just as good.. but I agree XBox Music really isn't good

  • triple your battery life with sand

    , kettch wrote


    Good point. Depending on the beach, it may be too organically derived to be useful.


    This seems to be the same sand used for glass production, though. Turns out there are a lot of glass sand quarries inland, places like Ohio and Pa.

  • I get releasing services for competing platforms, but....

    , cbae wrote


    So Microsoft should have kept it Zune Music?

    I'm not sure that would have been a problem.

  • triple your battery life with sand

    , GoddersUK wrote


    Please tell me that was in jest...

    Hm.. well I was thinking of beach sand, which would not be an ideal source. Desert sand would work too if its quartz rich, I guess. I don't know much about the minerology.

  • British can't handle spice?

    , blowdart wrote


    Although Americans can't seem to do hot curries. I always have to ask for more spice.

    I'm American, and I'm always unhappy at Asian restaurants here when I ask for them to make a dish spicy, it always still ends up being made relatively mild.

  • triple your battery life with sand

    I wonder how they would source all the sand..  or whether there's an alternate process to getting the same nanoscale silicon

  • No market for the Pro 2 form factor?

    I haven't held one, just seen one in a store. Even if it doesn't feel bulkier, its a bit larger..

  • No market for the Pro 2 form factor?

    I really like all the design improvements in the Pro 3 that make it more of a notebook replacement. Currently, all I use is a desktop replacement laptop, and if I were going to do a straight upgrade, I'd probably go with the Pro 3.

    However, I've been thinking about going in a different direction when I upgrade.. get an All-In-One setup, then some type of netbook replacement tablet, and share files between them via some type of home server / NAS. The reason is because I want my home setup to have more power, and my on-the-go device to be more portable. The Pro 2 size would have been perfect. The reason I wouldn't get the regular Surface ARM device is I still need to be able to use x86 apps on the go.

    Does anyone here share my feeling that there's still a market for the Pro 2 form factor ?

    The only thing that moves me back to thinking about the Pro 3 is that I'd like having a good pen-based device, too.