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Brian Keller briankel
  • Team Foundation Server 2010 Setup and Administration

    Sorry Ed, looks like you're right - I'm trying to track this one down and will post a new version once I can. Weird thing is it worked at first so I'm not sure what's happening just yet.
  • Historical Debugger and Test Impact Analysis in Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Hi Bob -

    Brian Harry has said "soon" on his blog. Beyond that, of course, we're going to keep you guessing. Smiley
  • Better Software Quality with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    >>about that: will VS 2008 be part of that ?  can I  get an MSDN update that combines the two?  at work we have a valid MSDN premium account.

    If I understand your question correctly then yes, if you own Visual Studio Team System Development Edition with MSDN Premium, then starting October 1st when you logged into your MSDN Subscription you should see that you can also download and install Database Edition. This will install into your existing Visual Studio client to give you effectively one Visual Studio client with the combined functionality. The reverse is also true - if you own Database Edition with MSDN Premium then you can now download and install Developer Edition.

    Note, however, that if you have Visual Studio Professional Edition with MSDN Premium then there are no new changes. Only if you own the higher-end Development or Database editions.

    Hope that helps..


  • Visual Studio Team System 2010 Week on Channel 9!

    Hi Bob -
    See http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/briankel/Brian-Harry-We-WILL-be-shipping-an-updated-CTP-this-fall/
    I don't know what the dates will be yet but Brian Harry gives me the impression that we are getting pretty close. Smiley
  • Better Software Quality with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Hi Figuerres -

    Well, the marketing folks haven't announced the official SKU plan, pricing, or licensing for Visual Studio 2010 yet so I don't have many details to share there. But what they have done this week is combine the Developer and Database Edition SKU's into one. So now you can get all of the functionality from each of those SKU's for one price. Also, in the scenario where you want testing and architecting capabilities as well, that's what Team Suite is for which effectively gives you the functionality from all four SKU's for the price of two.

    Brian Keller
  • Requirements Management and Traceability with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    A new encoding of this video has been uploaded which should fix the prior index problems. Thanks again for the report, AthemeX.
  • Requirements Management and Traceability with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Hi AthemeX -

    I think you're right, I'm seeing some funky index problems with this video as well on certain machines. I'm encoding a new version now - stay tuned...
  • Agile Planning Templates in Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Hi Zeo - for some additional context Ameya and Siddharth's videos do a good job of painting the rest of the workflow context around this.

    We'll also be working on more in-depth videos in the future for you. Thanks for watching. Smiley

  • "Bottom-up" Design with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architect

    Hi aL_ -

    You're right (as usual) about using Camtasia Studio. I'll post more details on my blog later. Glad you like the PiP format.

    As for the "letterboxing" actually there's a good reason for it here. When dealing with video encoding you have to choose the best algorithm (framerate, frame quality, bitrate, etc.) for the content type you are encoding. For example, the best balance for encoding live action video may not work well for encoding desktop captures, and vice versa. For videos such as this, I believe that optimizing for the screen (so that you can see the demo clearly) is more important than optimizing for the live action video. I hope you'll agree.

    Now when the video opens and closes, and we're not looking at a demo, I'm left with how to best encode the live action video. I could have shown it in a small box, but I think that's less personal of an "introduction" to the interviewees. I could have shown it full screen, but that would have resulted in a pretty jerky and blurry video. The reason I shrank it (not just letterboxed, it's also narrower as well) is that, as image size goes up, image quality goes down when all else is equal (e.g. bitrate). And since the quality of the live action video is already suffering due to the optimization for screen encodings, I sought to strike a balance.

    Sorry you don't like it, but hopefully now you understand the reasoning behind the approach. I welcome your ideas on how to improve the quality in the future. If only somebody would invent a video format that allowed you to use different encoding approaches for different sections of your video, in much the same way that somebody might slice-and-dice a Web site design to use different qualities and types of image compression. Now THAT would be sweet.

    Brian Keller
  • "Bottom-up" Design with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architect

    Thanks, Zeo - glad you like it! I've got more in the same format coming this week and I think I'll be using this same format moving forward. I first saw Beth Massi use it on Channel 9 so this is just a slight evolution of her approach.

    I will put together a blog post describing how these were filmed in detail since several people have asked. I'm still heads-down prepping some of the other great VSTS2010 videos we have coming online this week so please give me a few days to get that blog post together for you. Watch http://blogs.msdn.com/briankel for the post.