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  • WCF Web APis: "There's a URI for That"

    Video is working for me although the fast foward doesn't seem to be working. The player starts to buffer the video and never plays again. I'll just have watch from the beginning again. That Vimeo version had horrendous PQ.

  • Hot Apps: Deer Hunter 3D, Tattoo Tester, Dotty, WorldCam, Zodiac Match

    Laura, when did you start asking for only 3 minutes? I'm still willing to give you 5 minutes. Smiley

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    People need to chill the f*** out. If you're going to use Apple as the basis for comparison, then consider that they have only a few models to worry about and that they build the hardware themselves. They can skip the entire certification process that Microsoft has to go through with OEMs. Since Apple also operates its own retail channel (Apple Stores), they can practically skip the carrier certification process too. If Apple sends out an update that bricks their devices, you bring the device into an Apple Store. The carriers don't have to worry about it. With Windows Phone 7 devices (and Android devices for that matter), you have to bring the device back to the carrier's retail outlets.

    If you feel waiting for the update process is unbearable, get yourself to an Apple Store and go buy yourself an iPhone. You can choose from the wide selection of models: from the 3.5" display model to the 3.5" display model or from the model without hardware keyboard to the model without hardware keyboard.

    See my point? There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want complete freedom of choice in terms of hardware (like Android), then you have to wait for the OEM decide when (or IF) they're going to update the device.

    If you're willing to give up any choice of hardware in favor of quick updates to the OS, then go with Apple's offering.

    If you want something in between (a decent selection of hardware from a handful of manufacturers but a consistent UX), then you go with Windows Phone 7. But you have to understand that updates will NEVER come as fast as Apple's updates. However, you can be damn sure that you will be getting the updates, something that's no guarantee with Android devices.

  • Ping 92: Cut & Paste on Windows Phone, Kinect rocks, Team Coco, Halo reach wins

    It's been a long time since the last episode. Are there not enough things to talk about? Wink


    For the next show, maybe you can mention this WP7 ad, which just so happens to be made by a guy named Brandon Foy. An aquaintance of yours, Laura, perhaps? Hmm? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHkPiU9YAQk


    Here's link to his website:  http://www.brandonfoy.tv/

  • Ping 91: PACT for gaming, Swim on Kinect, Microsoft Cookbook, H.264 on Chrome

    , Mr Crash wrote

    lol, all browsers except IE have moved away from closed source video codecs. microsoft bought a H.264 license (suckers!) and now they are realizing they bought a dying horse, ah sweat justice or karma (if you're into that)

    Did you forget Safari? Besides, IE will support both H.264 and WebM, so who cares?

    And Microsoft didn't just "buy" a H.264 license. It's a member of pool of patent owners for the technology. The pool consists of a who's who list of technology companies:

    Apple Inc.
    Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
    Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
    France Télécom, société anonyme
    Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
    Fujitsu Limited
    Hitachi, Ltd.
    Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
    LG Electronics Inc.
    Microsoft Corporation
    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    NTT docomo
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
    Panasonic Corporation
    Robert Bosch GmbH
    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Scientific-Atlanta Vancouver Company
    Sedna Patent Services, LLC
    Sharp Corporation
    Siemens AG
    Sony Corporation
    The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York
    Toshiba Corporation
    Victor Company of Japan, Limited


    Gee, where's Google? Do you really think Google would be pushing WebM if they were part of that pool of patent owners?

  • TWC9: New Features in Silverlight 5, VB for WP7, Okapi, and Movember

    VS Feature Pack 2 isn't available for MAPDD subscribers. Sad

  • Ping 85: The future of touchscreen, Top Bing searches, Kinect training, Photosynth & shop

    , Deno wrote

    Nice set, one request can you turn down the backgroun sounds?

    Best Qutoe: 3:21 "balls and things" Paul's face said it all!

    Cough (And another week with no Halo talk) Cough

    "...that you can play with" is probably what he was smirking about.

  • Ping 85: The future of touchscreen, Top Bing searches, Kinect training, Photosynth & shop

    Hey, Laura, do you get annoyed every time Paul "lip syncs" your opening lines of the show?

  • Ping 72: Open Source love, Exchange Active Sync, Yahoo! by Bing, Silverlight

    Hey, Laura! Did you hear about the new social network that Apple announced? Not a very original name, huh?


    BTW, I love your show--the original Ping. I watch it on my Zune HD every week. Keep up the good work!


    Edit: I guess you already did. I just read the posts before mine. LOL

  • C# 4.0 and beyond by Anders Hejlsberg

    Now C# can do what Visual FoxPro has done for over 10 years.  Wink