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  • Made my first ISIS payment today!

    Er, I mean, Softcard.

    In case there's still any misunderstanding, it was to purchase an All-'Merkan meal at McDonald's.

  • Cyber warfare and Hollywood cowardice

    , wkempf wrote

    @ScanIAm: Huh, so now you're claiming it is NK?


    No, he's saying the reaction to this act (as one that was supposedly carried out by NK) now "emboldens them" (LOL, don't you love that phrase?) to actually carry out those acts in the future.

  • Cyber warfare and Hollywood cowardice

    , Ian2 wrote

    Blowdart - it maybe time to go solo .... ;)

    Isn't evil the resident security expert?

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    , figuerres wrote


    Click Once can be a really good option but you do need to learn how to use it.


    Even Google has mastered Click Once, and they consider Windows itself to be as bad as malware.

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    , Bass wrote


    Damn right, I'm elitist. Here I am right now responding to your comment. Here I am, on a planet right now in the middle of tens billions of lightyears of space, myself a product of 4.5 billion years of unbroken evolution. Millions, perhaps billions of my ancestors lived on died on this planet, faced almost impossible odds. So that I can exist today.

    That's not even the start. I am hydrogen evolved over 13.7 billion years of cosmic time that somehow gained the ability to exist as a self aware being capable of having philosophical frame of my own existence.

    To change the world? That is NOTHING to what was accomplished simply by being * shot out of a womb.

    I feel sorry for you, since you are burdened with the human mind but no aspiration to make any worth of it. You should have been born with a mind fit for your desired purpose instead: shitting, f*cking (if you are lucky), and sleeping and dying. An animal, and not one with sufficient neurons to ever be questioned as having abstract purpose.

    I'm sure you are going to reply to this and try to come up with some really 'witty' and 'insulting' nonsense, about how I should hang my head down in shame because I want to do things with my life and you don't. But I don't care about your reply. Because by your admission - I have no reason to.

    For somebody with such lofty aspirations, you sure spend an inordinate amount of time posting here. Couldn't your time be better spent on your goal of changing the world instead of futilely trying to convince a tiny group of anonymous posters that they're going down with a sinking ship? If you're really that concerned for our professional well-being, I say "gee, thanks" in the exact same manner that I say to myself whenever I hear a Christian say, "I''m going to pray for you".

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    One of the primary benefits of web development is the ease of distribution and discoverability. You don't have to worry about installing the application on the client, and "updates" happen automatically (sort of). And discoverability is handled by search engines.

    The idea that the true benefit of web development is its platform independence is utter bullshit since you had platform independence with both Java and Flash and for a time even Silverlight.

    With the advent of "app stores" distributing self-contained apps with low-impact installation and uninstallation, the benefits of web development are rapidly diminishing.

    With bin-deployability coming with the next rev of .NET, deployment and updates will be even simpler for .NET applications. If Microsoft+Xamarin can somehow make universal apps run as-is on Windows or Android or iOS on the client-side, you're going to be able to target well over 2 billion and maybe even 2.5 billion client devices using .NET. THAT would be the Holy Grail.

    After .NET is ported over to Linux and OSX, you're also going to be able to target the vast majority of servers as well.

    For an irrelevant framework, the future looks pretty compelling to me. As long as Microsoft doesn't bail on this vision of ".NET everywhere", I don't give a rat's * if Microsoft doesn't manage to bring a single new developer into the .NET fold.



  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??

    , BitFlipper wrote

    I still maintain that it is important to fix the WinRT API so that one can have quality audio apps. It may be just one of many reasons it isn't succeeding. Apple would not have created ads showcase "musicians" playing their iDevices if that app category wasn't important.


    The horrendous audio latency on Android has never been all that important to the success of Android.


  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??

    I don't think it's the "top" apps that most people are complaining about when it comes to WP's "app gap". Other than the "hook-up" apps that have been mentioned in this thread, the most-commonly referenced apps that people seem to complain about are banking apps. When some two-bit regional bank decides to write an app for its 10,000 users that might use the app on a daily basis (if they're lucky), they're simply not going to bother with WP.

    The thing is, probably 99% of people's "must-have" apps are so simplistic in functionality, simply redesigning the service's website using Bootstrap for better responsiveness to mobile displays would do the trick. Or if they just used PhoneGap/Cordova, they'd already be able to target WP while targeting the two largest market share platforms.

    Where, I think, WP is lacking is not in the "must haves", but in the hundreds of thousands of "time wasters"--namely games. I've owned Android devices for years, and I can attest that there are exactly zero time waster apps on Android that are so awesome that they're a must to own. Really, most apps that I've downloaded are absolute garbage, as is the case on any platform. However, the difference is that if you're looking for a particular type of app, no matter how crappy it's almost assuredly going to be, you're going to find it for Android and iOS.

    Yes, I realize that an app that's both a "time waster" and "a most to own" sounds like a contradiction, but that's a reflection of what phones have become. The ability of your phone to help you waste time now trumps its ability to help when you absolutely need it. The one quintessential capability of your phone without which it wouldn't be considered a phone (i.e. the ability to make phone calls) is so far down the list of importance to most people, that it's almost glossed over in reviews of phones these days. Nobody cares about call quality anymore.

  • Bing top tens


  • Fear of new Windows ways.

    , magicalclick wrote

    What's to debate? Debate over how words should be defined and applied? That is not the point of this thread.

    Well, it seems that you posted this thread just so that everybody can hear you b1tch. Others are  trying to explain why your expectations are too high, but don't seem to want to hear the explanation. It seems that you just want other people to agree with you. Feel free to continue b1tching on your own then. I don't know why anybody would want to engage in a dialog like this.