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  • Microsoft axes TwC

    , Proton2 wrote

    This is good because it will help reduce Microsoft's Carbon Foot Print.

    Seek help.

  • Microsoft axes TwC

    @evildictaitor: Well, it sounds like they're claiming that it's for operational improvement more than for cost-cutting.

    One goal is to integrate the Trustworthy Computing work more tightly into Microsoft's engineering teams, the company says.

    Of course, it's probably just spin.

  • Can a Surface Pro 3 (or any Windows 8 tablet) replace your laptop?

    Microsoft let the very product that SP3 competes with (i.e. the MacBook Air) have too many superlatives.

    Unless Microsoft's fine having next to no margin, there is no way the SP3 can compete on price having a touch screen, higher resolution display, and digitizer. So they should have opted for the XX50 model Intel processors instead of the XX00 models and priced the SP3 a little higher. That would have taken away the performance advantage of the MBA.

    SSD speed is another area Microsoft could have improved with a PCIe interface, which Apple always uses. Judging from retail prices of both types of SSDs, there's not much difference. Even if the performance difference is marginal, it's still another advantage for the MBA that could have been taken away.

    Another thing that could have been improved is the touchpad. It could have easily been designed larger.

    Look at all the wasted space above the top row of keys:

    Microsoft caved into Apple's way of doing things by placing aesthetics over functionality. Who really cares if the side borders would have been wider than the top border?

    This could have been solved my just making the keys wider, but they used the same size keys as on the previous Type Cover. It's somewhat understandable from a cost standpoint, but what difference does it really make if they didn't intend to continue producing the Surface Pro 2s? How much does a stockpile of the old keys really cost if they would have ended up having to dump the remaining inventory?

    Another possibility would have been to add a small black border down each side (i.e. like a letterbox LOL) and make they Type Cover two-tone. Then at least the blue part of the border would have been even.

    Had Microsoft done all of these things, the battery life would have the only real advantage the MBA would have enjoyed. Most of the remaining perceived advantages like keyboard feel and "lapability" would have been subjective.




  • considering iPhone or Android phone.

    , Ray7 wrote

    @jinx101: The desktop isn't dead; they just don't know how to sell it. 

    Are you talking about Microsoft or Apple?

  • Things to say to Cortana

    She looks like jailbait. :)

  • This has to be a joke

    That's a given. He's not really needed.

  • This has to be a joke

    This article hit the nail on the head.

    There have been more than 12 million downloads of Minecraft on the Xbox console, and over 16.6 million copies sold for Mac and PC. Hacking Minecraft requires owning an honest to goodness computer, not a tablet or smartphone. That's a potential upside for desktop operating systems like Windows. Hacking also means learning about how servers and APIs work. If kids are learning that stuff while interacting with Microsoft's cloud, they might be more willing to use it other services and products down the road.

    One question remains to be seen: Will Microsoft port Minecraft to C#?

    I predict that Microsoft eventually acquires Unity, which is already scripted using C#. They could have kids learning the ropes modding Minecraft and moving onto full-blown game development with Unity.

    Edit: I just remembered Minecraft runs on Xbox 360. Was that a version that was ported to C# or did they get JVM run in the Xbox operating environment?

  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    @TexasToast: "Going public" is the exact opposite of retaining control.

  • Paul Allen bought a * Panzer tank?

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Pretty sure $2.5m couldn't eliminate HIV or Ebola or poverty.

    But $2.5b can buy you Minecraft.

  • 2,5 Biolion only for one game ?

    , JohnAskew wrote

    I read an article about "Notch", the original developer -- he wants to run away, far away, anywhere but the spotlight...

    Xbox must be very happy...

    For $2.5 billion, I'd run too.