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  • Has anyone here used DevExpress XAF? Looking for Opinions.

    @kettch: They should demand a refund if that's the case.

  • The long road to the Start Screen

    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote


    I have no problem with trying something new, 1.0 and all but they didn't have to nuke (or make difficult to access) what worked well. It's like I've said all along that they are trying to force the acceptance of these new, unproven approaches on people rather than letting them opt-in and it seems kind of arrogant on their part.


    You can opt-in to the features. Buying Windows 8 is opting-in. Windows 7 is for those that choose not to opt-in.

  • The long road to the Start Screen

    The Metro search feature is really just a replacement for the Start Menu search feature.

    The Start Menu search doesn't let you grab a bunch of files and drag them into Outlook. About the only thing you can do from the Start Menu search is right-click | Open. That's it.

    If you're pining away because you're used to the look and feel of a tiny, useless pop-up in the lower left-hand corner of the display, fine, but don't try to act like that's way more functional than the Metro search of Windows 8.

    If you intend to do anything real with your searches, you're going to use Windows Explorer search anyway.

    The Start Menu search is intended to be a quick and dirty search to LAUNCH applications. It's not intended for file management. The same goes for Metro search, but it adds the ability to filter the results and search content through an application's search provider. But the use case it covers is still just launching an application.

    Edit: You can drag individual files from the Start Menu search. Since you can select only one file at a time, it's of limited use to me, and I'm guessing the vast majority of users don't even know that you can do this. This is like drag and drop vs. "Pin to Start Menu" argument I had a few months ago. I repeat: drag drop as a REQUIREMENT to use a feature within an OS environment is a loser feature.

    Edit #2: I take that back. You CAN'T drag from the Start Menu search. Windows makes you think you can drag the item and drop somewhere else, but it does NOTHING. Sorry. Start Menu search is pretty much useless for anything other than launching an application.

    Edit #3: The reason I couldn't drag from the Start Menu search into anything was because the search results came from file attachments from Outlook. Since I had TONS of such documents embedded in Outlook messages, that's all that I could see. I had to click "See more results", which opens up an Explorer search window, to see any files that reside in the file system. Anybody who has more than a handful of files on his computer is going to find the Start Menu search of limited use even if they know that you can drag and drop from the Start Menu search results. This is precisely why the Metro search as a general search for launching applications is better (the lack of ability to drag and drop from Metro not withstanding). You're not limited to a tiny search result set requiring you to click a button to see more.

  • Has anyone here used DevExpress XAF? Looking for Opinions.

    <vague Eastern European accent>
    I think XAF is great...
    ...for me to poop on!
    </vague Eastern European accent>

  • Where do smart people go?

    @NitzWalsh: I consider arrogance a prerequisite for being a good developer. Smiley

  • Where do geeky people go?

    You look so different when your face isn't trapped inside a box. Wink

  • Where do smart people go?

    @tobleroneisbest: If you are looking for work using Microsoft technologies, I'd suggest staying far, far away from the San Francisco Bay Area unless you can get a job at the Microsoft Mountain View Campus or for a company that targets the enterprise market. IMHO, other parts of the US, like New York or Chicago, are far more friendly to Microsoft technologies. 

  • Office Customer Preview Available

    , JoshRoss wrote

    The activation warnings are like buffalo bill, from silence of the lambs. No, I will not put the lotion on my back!


    You must loving getting the hose then. Wink

  • Big Whoop

    @Bass: Is that an Ubuntu logo or a penguin with a really fat *?

  • Office Customer Preview Available

    I can't view the video. Bandwidth issues?