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cbae cbae
  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    I understand what cbae is saying but I disagree. Driver issues can happen for any OEM especially if they use common parts or if the driver is Microsoft provided or some related OS flaw. OEM crapware only further adds to screwy acting systems. Add these two together on a new PC and Grandma will have a better experience on a new iPad or MacBook. I'm not saying I like that predicament for Microsoft. I'm just acknowledging that it exists and it sucks.

    Driver issues can happen, sure. But OEMs don't slap together parts from NewEgg, install the OS, and call it a day. They source components from specific peripheral makers and install the drivers that they get directly from that supplier. Drivers for some devices, like for display adapters, are even specially designed for the OEM. The installers for some of these drivers do hardware checks to prevent installation on another OEM's hardware. Do you honestly think that OEMs go through that level of effort to get specific drivers for their hardware and then do no testing of those drivers? Seriously?

    You're taking this as opportunity to rant about Windows 8, but what you're really really complaining about is that the stock driver that comes with Windows 8 doesn't work with the specific peripheral on your computer. Who's fault is that? Is Microsoft responsible for making sure that the latest drivers for every known peripheral on the planet be part of the Windows 8 installer? Of course not. If you're going to do any complaining, complain to the peripheral maker for not submitting the latest drivers for their 2, 3, 5, 6 year old peripherals for WHQL testing.

    I take responsibility for installing Windows 8 on 6-year old hardware, and that's why I look for hacked video drivers myself instead of b1tching to Microsoft about it. I know it's not Microsoft's responsibility and I know nVidia will NEVER update the drivers for video card older than a couple of years.

    If you want the Apple OOBE, go buy yourself a MacBook Pro and be done with it. Or go buy one that was designed for Windows 8 from Dell, HP, ASUS, or Lenovo like Grandma will.

  • When you install SP1 for VS 2008....

  • Backup and File History (Win8)

    The Windows 7 File Recovery feature in Windows 8 works pretty well. Because of the name, I thought it was intended to be a way to restore files that you backed up from your previous Windows 7 deployment prior to doing a fresh installation of Windows 8. As it turns out, you can back-up and restore files from a current Windows 8 deployment.

    In addition to creating a system image and backing it up, you can backup just your data files to any location--including a network share. You can select which folders you want to backup, and schedule when you want the backup to occur. The files that are backed up are conveniently zipped up for you on the destination folder. It's actually a pretty cool feature.

    Again, another limitation is that you can't backup a mapped network drive. Grrrrrr!

  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    @cbae: Dude you seriously need to get over yourself on the downloaded, installed DVD on crap hardware stuff. This is RTM software. This is what OEMs are going to ship. That's what Grandma is gonna buy on a new computer she gets from Best Buy -- you know comparable to buying an brand new iPad or MacBook.

    Dude, you need to get over yourself on thinking your particular hardware is what's going to be sold by OEMs. Grandma ain't going to be getting the same year-old hardware as you currently have. Grandma is going to get brand new hardware that's been tested by the OEM over and over again with drivers that have been updated by the peripheral manufacturers.

    Beyond bad drivers and browser crashes I'm sure she's going to love the quality apps included in her brand new W8 PC; you know like the Mail app that instantly crashed on me when adding my Gmail account. I haven't are near as many hang-ups and crashes so back-to-back on any of the previews.

    You must have one really jacked up deployment. I've set-up my Gmail account in Windows 8 Mail on 3 different machines without any problems.

  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    So you have an old POS notebook. Congrats on cobbling together a working solution.That still has zero impact on my OOB experience no grandma's down the road.

    You seem to have bug up your * about Windows 8 and love to complain about how shitty the overall experience is compared to Windows 7. So I brought up my old POS notebook to point out that when I installed Windows 8 on it, the video driver compatibility issues were no different from when I installed Windows 7. Considering that my hardware is another 2 years older than it was when I upgraded XP to Windows 7, having only a display driver issue is pleasantly surprising. Beyond that, the OOBE of Windows 8 was quite pleasant. The installation of the OS itself went quickly and flawlessly. 

    Microsoft certifies the drivers, the oem tests the integration and still you get BSOD, W7, W8 regardless it still doesn't compare with Apple's OOB experience and that's what Microsoft needs to meet or exceed, I was hoping for better.

    Are you seriously comparing the OOBE of installing Windows 8 on whatever hardware you yourself cobbled together vs. buying a brand spanking new MacBook Pro? Seriously? Compare apples to apples, my friend.

    And why do you keep bringing up Grandma? Grandma's OOBE experience isn't going to consist of downloading an ISO, burning it onto a DVD, and then installing it onto an old Windows 7 machine. Grandma's OOBE experience will be unboxing a brand spanking new Windows 8 notebook by HP that she bought from BestBuy. That experience will be a lot closer to somebody else's grandma unboxing an iPad than it is to your or my OOBE installing Windows 8 onto an old Windows 7 machine.

    Since this mornings episode I've had IE hang 4 times. Not a problem on any of the other previews.  Quality - it's in the box...

    Browsers are browsers, and browsers hang--a lot. And it's not just IE. I've had Chrome hang or had the Flash plugin for Chrome crash on Windows 7 more often than I can count, and it hasn't been much better on Windows 8. You can't blame the OS for a browser hanging on you.

  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Most OEMs test their computers for driver compatibility before they let them go out in the wild. Given the countless number of available peripherals, they're probably going to select the combinations that don't cause BSODs.

    I have a 6-year old notebook that's been a b1tch to find working display drivers for. Every hacked Windows 8 display driver I've been able to find causes the screen to go dim because it doesn't work properly with my computer's brightness controls.

    The thing is, I had to deal with the same * when I installed Windows 7 on it a couple years ago. It's amazing that the display driver is the only thing on this old POS that isn't working properly in Windows 8. For now, I have to live with a skewed 1600 x 1200 display (the native resolution is 1920 x 1200) until I find the right driver.

  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Thanks for the details. Not a great experience on a clean install especially using all out-of-box certified & signed drivers. I didn't even have a chance to install anything on it before it BSOD'd. I don't think grandma is gonna care whose to blame here. She'll just go buy an iPad. Perplexed

    His point is that grandma would never see a BSOD because she'd never be installing the OS from disc (or ISO).

  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    BTW, has anybody figured out what the splitter bar on the left side of the task bar is for? It doesn't seem to split anything. Is this used for multiple-display mode?

  • Windows 8 RTM is available now on MSDN and Technet, if you have a subscription

    @MasterPie: Yeah, the button has no hover effect. It shouldn't even be called a button if you're going to simply hover over it to do the peek. Then again, even if you enable the peek functionality, you can still click this button. The "Show desktop" button is certainly a strange beast.

  • I'm all in

    , evildictait​or wrote


    On Azure?

    Mostly for my local network, but I'm also waiting for them update the Azure VM gallery images to 2012 as well.

    Edit: I see that they have. Nice!