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  • Stop the madness!

    If you have experience on Linux package managers, these will not look Greek to you.

    Take "yum" (the package manager for Fedora. Actually it's for a lot more distros too, but I haven't touched Linux for a long time, so...) for example. When you open the config file, you can see the main repository, the extra repository, plus a commented section for the "devel" repository. If you uncommented the devel repository section, yum will also check and update the "still cooking" RPMs for you so use at your own risk.

    This allow corporate users to deploy test VMs to test the RPMs against their company's configuration, and alert the RPM maintainers if the RPM "does not cook right". So for each "stable releases" RPMs there will be lower chance of problem (at least there will be unlikely to be any problem for companies who participated the devel-release tests)

    That's the whole point of the change.

  • Stop the madness!


    With Windows 10, the familiar cadence of patches being delivered every second Tuesday will be replaced by background updates being pushed to the user when their PC is idle. Users will have the option to be in one of a few "distribution rings" that involve getting refined, stable updates more infrequently or being pushed the latest updates when they are fresh in beta form.
    The option to set what time it'll check for update, and what if it find an update, are there since forever.
  • Stop the madness!

    You understand it's just an option right? And it's not set to default right?

    When you know you'll be painful when your thumb is hit by a hammer, what should you do?

    Answer: Don't try to hit yourself on your thumb with hammer.

    Just don't go to Windows Update setting to set to update automatically (actually this is the default for non-server SKUs, but you can set it to wait for your direction yourself), plus don't set to install betas (The option to allow install beta updates are handy for testing VMs, think about recent update fails related to Japanese IME, but not for normal users).

  • How old net

    @figuerres:Agreed. I just revisited the forum and found someone posted he uploaded the second image again and found there's no person found, so probably a PS-ed one.

  • Build 2015 Giveaway

    @superjazz: I don't think so, those battery powered stylus are usually tied to the sensor board model they used.

    For HP Spectre x360 you need to use this one.

  • How old net

    First, someone sent me this site created by Microsoft that can show you the guessed age of people in photos.

    Then, someone in the other forum posted this.

    For those who don't know: There were rumors that the gangsters in Taiwan will kill people and bury them into those concreate blocks.

    Btw, someone got horrified when they upload this pic. There ought to be something there...

    Any pic with interesting result to share?

  • Edge

    The best (?) part about Edge is that most browser detection I saw misrecognized it as Chrome. :P

  • When will surface pro 4 be released

    I remember I heard rumors that SP4 really will be released alongside with Win10, so that they can get it preloaded, unlike S3 that you'll need to upgrade it yourself later.

  • Build 2015 Giveaway

    @superjazz: It's funny.

    When I bought my Surface Pro 3 last year and I mentioned that I have to choose the 512GB SSD model because I have some VM to run, I was told I'd be doing it wrong if I want to run VM there.

    Btw, I'll comment that i5 5200U + 8GB RAM + 128GB SSD is pretty decent spec if you have no VM to run.

    EDIT: Just took some time to view the model on HP website. The 5200U model with 8GB RAM (the $999 model) *should* come with 256GB SSD instead. Aren't the spec. a bit strange there?

    If Microsoft would buy both overpriced and underspec-ed product from HP, maybe next time it'd be better for them to hand out voucher directly.

  • Best of //build/

    @Sven Groot: See if you can answer the following question then.

    I'm building an Andriod App that utilize GPS capabilities. From Andriod Studio's article it tell people to use the newer Google Location Services API rather than the original android.location namespace.

    Is building Google API compatible components part of the plan?