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  • Please Report Here If You Were Promoted Off The Waiting List

    Maybe next time they should send a email to everyone on the waiting list that, contains a link that can check the current applicant's position on waiting list.

    You know, some of us have to use annual leave to go to Build event. If you're on 100+, you can probably cancel the leave unless Microsoft opens more quota for the event.

  • Disable HTML encode on attributes on ASP.NET v4

    I'm migrating a .NETv3.5 project to v4. The website use a lot code of this pattern:

    ctrl.Attributes["onclick"] = "$('[data-someattr=abc']).somemethod();";

    which renders as the following:


    which is completely unusable. Anyone know some easy way to disable that?


  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    @Proton2:They're never required to support switching orientation. This is entirely optional.

    But switching window size is another thing. Think about applications that do alignment but counting from the right, but not exactly right aligned because they have to calculate displacement with floating variable width items. (Such as image buttons with number on the top)

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    When running a "modern" app in a window on the desktop, am I not supposed to be able to resize these windows vertically -- i.e. make them SHORTER? On both this build and the previous build (both fresh installations) I have not been able to. They simply take up the entire height of my display with no ability to make them shorter. I can resize them horizontally (make them WIDER and THINNER), but not vertically.

    Actually, since all other current "Modern" platforms does not support resizing after the App has started, I suppose enable them to resize after application launch could break things, especially those Apps that dynamically moving controls around.

    If I were to design the runtime, I may limit it that only Apps that have raised their API level can support resize, just to make sure things won't break.

  • SpamSpamSpam


  • HoloLens

    , Ian2 wrote

    @Bas:My guess is that they are simply projecting an image onto each semi-transparent (tinted) visor - with your brain joining up the dots to provide the solid image.  But I'm not basing that on anything I saw in the demo.

    If they're using this kind of trick, I wonder how long you can wear it without getting headache. You know, it'd be somewhat like watching a low FPS film. It requires more work in your brain to join the images, and you'll get tired quite quickly.

  • "I think we can declare that Microsoft’s Windows RT experiment is officially dead."

    , magicalclick wrote

    I am confused. Shouldn't I be using Win10 RT on my phone? Like, it runs on ARM (even thought RT works on x64) and it runs the same apps. It is basically WinRT without the trademark.

    They marketed the ARM version of Win8 as "Windows RT" without the "8" there, hence the confusion.

  • "I think we can declare that Microsoft’s Windows RT experiment is officially dead."

    WP7.X (consider Lumia 900 at the time) can't be upgraded to WP8, but can get some of the Metro style update. Is this kind of thing surprising?

  • Questions on the student ticket and refunds

    I think it'd be better to wait until 22nd Jan, then visit the registration page and see the "Terms and Conditions" there. That would be the terms with legal bindings. Advice on this forum is not.

    Just note that as with your airline ticket and hotel bookings, confirm you have a valid Visa before you go is considered your responsibility, and using this as grounds of refund request is unlikely to be successful. I'd think they may reconsider if you are student, but even if you successfully get it, consider it as a special arrangement.

  • google chrome on surface pro .. sucks!

    If you use Bing as default search enogine in IE and try to search in the default webpage, the text you supposed to be typing in IE's textbox will also be typed on address bar instead.

    If you want to use Google while you use Chrome, try make your homepage http://www.google.com instead. This website is not "so helpful" to help you refocus on the address bar, and the screen keyboard should work correctly.

    Now why Bing won't make your screen keyboard losing in IE but Google will make Chrome lose keyboard unless you explicitly click on address bar is definately something the browser writer should find out why, but at least it should somehow work for you now.