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  • Waiting for Windows 9 :-)

    , CaRDiaK wrote

    I agree, and also believe this to be Azure. 

    What Id' like to see in Windows 9 is some form of native virtual desktop. Better still something I can connect to an Azure instance. 

    I doubt it.

    Since Snowden's revelation exposed, my ex-company explicitly banned any data movement to cloud (official projects or not). I think it'd take many year for them to remove the ban even if they managed to do so a few years later.

    For now I'd still put my bets on the ground instead of cloud. :P

    Let's hope that Microsoft won't make Win9 have daily features that'd be seriously handicapped if not connected to any form of cloud. If they're doing that, I think it'd become just another OS that they won't use.

  • Back in the days of DOS, we just installed that latest version and carried on.

    While I do agree with some of the stories in there, there are some cases where I just see they're hiring incompetent technical support who won't learn new things.

    Take the case of "Dom Williams" for example. It's not like "Windows Easy Transfer" does not exist on Win8, and Microsoft even make a page list out other options if you somehow want to explore them before deciding how to migrate.

  • serial port sniffer (Windows 7, 64bits)


  • I keep logging out

    Same here. I think it has been fixed now.

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    Yes, I hope to get the update soon too.

    Having reminder to update the phone when you can't actually do it is frustrating.

    It'd feel a lot better if they can post us some update on the progress, so we know we don't have to keep waiting for the fixed update.

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    @Bas: Needing a credit card was quite a hurdle for me for buying the MSDN subscription myself. (I had no credit card at that time, and have to apply for one specifically for this)

    For cooperate developers I don't think they'll settle for Express versions anyway.

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    @Bas: You need developer license to submit it to the Marketplace.

    On the other hand, if you host the package file yourself, there's no additional cost.

    If you submit your application to Marketplace, the validation process usually takes something like a week (usually shorter, but can involve some back-and-forward passes of amendment / clarification requests).

    If you host your Android App package, you can update it as frequent as you'd like.

  • I keep logging out

    Every time I post a message, I'm logged out of C9.

    Pressing the "Sign In" link bring me to the old C9 login page instead of the usual "Live login" page.

    After pressed Ctrl-F5 to force reload, clicking the "Sign In" link bring me back to logged in status without needing me to enter my password again. Hence causing mild annoyance to me.

    Is the site doing some updates?

  • Windows Store , Modern and Desktop

    Download.com of CNet did that long time (15+ years) ago. Any reason for Microsoft to do that?

    Also, building such a site means Microsoft "endorsed" these programs published on there. While it's true for Metro Apps, it's not true for Desktop applications.

    Actually the matter about "endorsement" appears long time ago when someone suggest that we should also be able to submit application updates to "Windows Update" and we know Microsoft is very reluctant to do that. I think the chance of having Marketplace for desktop application is very, very slim, if not impossible at all.

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    , Bas wrote


    I still think it should be the other way around: create a runtime for android that allows WP apps to run on android. That way, devs get a great API and tools (.net and vs) to write "android" apps, and every app they write for android natively works on Windows Phone as well.

    IMO, what makes people build Apps for Android while iPhones did dominate the market is that, tools for building for Android is free (in terms of price and freedom)