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cheong cheong Recent Cheevo unlocked: You got cookied!
  • Will the Internet continue to exist for decades to come?

    @JohnAskew:Yes. The students made a point and we adults agree. I'll also join them tonight.

    It's rather lame to deploy fully armed police to attack them. Afterall they are just students without weapon. Since when did the Hong Kong police tried to treat the innocents like criminals? Lots of my colleagues also decided to join them yesterday because of that (and other reasons, apparently).

  • whats the little arrow above the call bars?

    That's just telling you whether your main connection is WiFi or 3/4G.

    You'll see that it make a lot of sense when you have both of them enabled, like when you're doing internet connection sharing.

  • SpamSpamSpam


    Long time no spam...

  • Windows TH?

    @cbae:I think "Windows 9®" or "Windows 9™"would possibly fit too. :P

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    I use 920 and my front camera is not covered in dust.

    My phone is never sent to repair. Did you send it somewhere to repair before?

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    @BitFlipper:Oops, that's too bad. :(

  • 'Shell Shock' - worse than 'HeartBleed' ?

    @TheJoe: I think that's joke.

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    Btw, after all these updates, I found there still aren't Cortana and the Bing lens for scanning QR code is still gone... Who knows what's happening there?

    Update: After switching to United States, both Cortana and Bing Vision come back. And when I switch it back to HKSAR, they're gone again.

    Seriously, are these 2 Apps still U.S. only after Cyan release?

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    Today when I go to blood donation center, I found that I cannot connect to the WiFi there. (Although I did successfully connected to there 3 months earlier)

    For those who say their WiFi not working after the update, could it be because the update removed some less secure encryption protocols (e.g.: WEP)? I can't verify this because the WiFi setting no longer prompt to you to allow you select what encryption you want. Both my home and office uses WPA2, though.

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    Also updated by Lumia 920 with DP.

    If you've been prompted there's update ready and you "dismissed" it before, the first time will fail because it's still downloading the old update. Let it fail. :P

    At the second time you'll see the progress bar really move forward in the "Gear" screen. After 30 minutes or so the update is successfully installed.

    Good job.

    P.S.: Make sure your phone have enough battery before update if you're not plugging it in power source. My phone started at 82% battery and end with 48% after it's completed. After it's installed, all non-default Apps will turn into "installing" state and you'll have to wait for a while after they're downloaded again.

    And then there will be another "Update is ready to download" notification. I decided to wait until all my Apps finished reinstall to continue.

    EDIT: I've checked my accounts in Apps got successfully migrated after update, and the Wi-Fi is functioning (not that it had failed before). (Battery power drops to 30%) And then there's 3rd update...

    EDIT2: After the 3rd update completes, the migration stuck at step 5, 0% for about 5 minutes, and the remaining completes within a few seconds. The power gone to 20% now and I'll have to find a wall socket.

    EDIT3: The Wi-Fi does not work immediately after the update, but after reconnecting it works again. Maybe the DNS got disabled on the way.