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  • Android 5.0 announced

    I think they may make it stay the same for 32-bit device (that's most Andriod phone) and make 64-bit features available for new phones only because it needs ARMv8+ for 64-bit.

  • After upgrading IE8 to IE11, the most important things started to suck

    I think there's something about IE11 on Google.com too.

    For example, I found that sometimes (not all times) in result page, the black toolbar of Google will fall into middle of screen. Using developer toolbar to set it to IE10 render mode fixed that. I don't have any BHO except Fiddler and Live sign-in agent enabled on my browser.

    So I think I can fairly say Google is not IE11-ready.

  • Telerik being sold to progress software

    I don't use much 3rd party components as I prefer to write them myself. Just hope Fiddler lives well on the transition.

  • visual studio 2013 supported html5 but Internet Explorer not supported? why?

    I think the Textbox control is not Input control. If you want to use Input control, use Input control instead.

    Actually, I actively avoid using WebControls in order to avoid inconsistency between browsers (this, IMO, defects the major purpose of using WebControls) Those controls also lacks the ability to set inline styles to them.

  • Mil-spec Lumia for ASW?

    Right. That is "Adaptive Support-Weight - Computer Vision domain".

    There is even paper that discuss it.

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    @figuerres: In many production servers that I've seen, they use permanent session database to store sessions and use the same mirroring mechanism to provide fault tolerance. Afterall if the SQL server all fails, their website would be non-functional.

    I think for normal website, a onerror redirection on SqlException when cannot connection to SQL server to static page is normal.

  • SpamSpamSpam


    Embedded Credit Card Ad. in his reply..

  • Microsoft's answer to every problem...

    , vesuvius wrote

    If you want detailed and technical assistance, file a bug on connect, and the person that wrote the code can investigate this bug. Support departments function on both fixes and workarounds, you clearly object to workarounds, so connect is the best way to achieve a detailed response

    In my experience, writing to MS Connect is only effective for IE team. For other teams you have to bless your luck on the first reply, as if the issue is not taken on the first reply, most probably it'll just set there a year and then closed as "Won't fix". The more helpful ones will just redirect you to paid support where you could go into the same frustration again.

    I think non-Microsoft staff people here more or less have experienced this.

    Regarding the plan to reinstall Office, they don't understand that most of us who works as servicing company cannot just uninstall Office because when reporting "reinstall" to the IT department of client, it's the same as "non-resolved". It's the same as wasting one paid support for case that can't be paid-back. So don't blame us for keep pressing when this kind of answer is given. If no other solution is given we'd have no choice but ask for refund of paid support token(s).

  • ASP.NET session switch provider at runtime?

    I think failback to local SQLExpress would be easier and better supported.


  • Most epic method you've seen?

    @androidi: Last time, I read that you shouldn't throw exception when it's not necessary. The Blah.TryParse() series of methods are there for you to evade the need to throw exceptions when it can be avoided.

    So no, I don't want to throw Exception in validation methods at all. Exceptions are reserved for data layer where that's the proper way to receive error message.