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Jeremy Foster

Jeremy Foster codefoster

Niner since 2012

Jeremy was educated in computer engineering and mathematics, gathered disparate
industry experience in education, aerospace manufacturing, and insurance. With
just enough and not nearly enough education and experience, he finally joined
Microsoft with the goal of informing and inspiring other software developers to
write code and write it right. When he is not working, he is likely spending
time with his wife and son, hiking and camping, sailing, scuba diving, or
working on house projects. Find Jeremy online at @codefoster and

  • Episode 007 - Greg Bulmash (Coder Dojo)
  • Special Episode - Doug Mahugh (OSCON)
  • Episode 006 - Josh Williams (WinJS)
  • Episode 005 - Josh Twist (Azure API Management)
  • Episode 004 - Arasu Elangovan (Math Grove)
  • Special Episode - Olivier Bloch (OSCON)
  • Episode 003 - Ben Godard (Office 365 Red Team)
  • Episode 002 - Jason Short (The Cloud)
  • Episode 001 - Zhiyan Shao (CPlus for Craigslist)
  • Episode 000 - Sanjeev Dwivedi (Introduction to CodeChat)

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