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  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    Where is this Start Menu replacement that allows for 200+ pinned tiles/apps (without having to dig into submenus)? :)

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    Scrollbars are useful for jumping to a distant or specific part of the page faster than you can with a scrollwheel or touch, though. Especially when it's at the edge of the screen and easier to target (I do have to say the taskbar at least doesn't interfere with other stuff at the bottom as much as I was afraid it would).

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    Yeah, I actually think of it as a variant of the Office selection/commanding model, with the floating mini-toolbar and contextual tabs. I would prefer to see the floatie adopted everywhere (with the original "fade in as your mouse pointer approaches" behavior from Office 2007/2010), then they could maintain the mouse travel advantage of desktop context menus while also maintaining the simpler selection model, richer icons etc., and more consistency between mouse and touch layouts that the app bar commands had.

  • Dat Start Menu (NOT COMING IN 8.1 Update BUT SOME TIME LATER edition)

    Yeah, I don't personally find that many of the changes actually make it better for mouse and keyboard in any inherent way, they are just trading one set of problems for another.

    e.g., the right-click menu does reduce mouse travel which is a real enough advantage, and also is more consistent with desktop conventions, but at the cost of breaking multiselection, reducing the effectiveness of visual memory in finding commands, and removing consistency between mouse and touch methods for doing the same thing.

    I would say that consistency with touch commanding is more important than consistency with desktop context menus given that in the former it's the actual layout and icons of specific commands that are consistent, while in the latter it's just the layout pattern of context menus in general, which doesn't really help much in terms of finding a specific command.

    So it's a tradeoff with both positive and negative aspects, but to me the pros don't outweigh the cons.

  • Make CodeLens Available Outside of Ultimate

    My theory is that Ultimate exists largely as an employee retention tactic :)

  • WPF isn't dead

    That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

  • BUILD 2014 sessions

    that's not a "rumor" ...

  • BUILD 2014 sessions

    Thinking about it a bit, I guess the color thing could be explained by the fact that Build 2013 was mainly about Windows 8.1 a.k.a. Windows Blue, and Build 2014 will be mainly about Windows Phone Blue, so you could think about them as Parts 1 and 2 of the same thing (especially since they were spaced out 8-9 months apart rather than 12).

  • BUILD 2014 sessions

    The really disappointing thing about Build 2014 is NO NEW COLOR. They went from green in 2011, to red in 2012, to blue, to BLUE AGAIN. LAME. I was really hoping for purple.

  • My Metro / Modern IE broke

    I have a really obnoxious problem with Metro IE on my tablet whereby it somehow thinks/tells pages my screen is wider than it actually is, so pages don't quite fit on my screen horizontally. :@ 

    It just started recently, too ...