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  • Did you Walshie your phone?

    @Bas: Maybe whoever was feeding him the rumors confused NoDo with Mango?

    Anyway, I Walshed my phone (Dell Venue Pro) a while back, but still got notified of 7382 and applied it without a hitch. I guess like he said it only causes problems on certain phones/scenarios.

  • Angry Birds in HTML5

    I tried playing Angry Birds for the first time ever with this version. It's kind of fun, but mostly just made me want to play something better like Lemmings or Lost Vikings.

    blowdart's video is awesome though.

  • Microsoft to buy Skype?

    iirc the current WLM apps for both Android and Windows Phone were both outsourced (to Miyowa?), the iPhone app was done in-house by Microsoft. Everyone seems to hate the Windows Phone app too.

  • Microsoft to buy Skype?

    , W3bbo wrote

    I really feel this is going to be a repeat of the SideKick affair: Microsoft buying them out to get the talent within and to eliminate some of the competition; the Skype service itself will die in the long-run until a successor (founded by Skype employees who jumped-ship, no-less) comes along.

    I'm not sure where you're getting this. Skype is joining Microsoft as a business division - that means that it is a top-level business unit organizationally on par with the six others (Windows, Office, Xbox, phones, Server&Tools, and Bing/MSN). That's a clear indication that they are not buying it to scavenge for parts or to fold into some existing product.

    Microsoft have already released Android clients for Bing and WLM, by the way.


  • API hall of fame

    @exoteric: WPF/Silverlight have the interesting quality of being among the best and among the worst simultaneously, like those famous pictures that look like a young or old woman depending on which mode your brain is in.

  • Dev Div changes

    I don't know much about Azure nor GAE, but I do know Azure has a NoSQL key/value store built in (Azure Table Storage) and has from the beginning.

  • Attachmate lays off US Mono employees

    "Sounds great... except that the entire purpose of Mono is to provide an implementation for those OpenSource platforms run by folks that are anti-Mono. You and I aren't in disagreement, but you're not seeing what the issue is. There's a demand issue here, because the vast majority of the Linux user base is hostile towards the existence of Mono, silly as that may be."

    The vast majority of Linux-using message board trolls, maybe.

  • Dev Div changes

    Note that not only Scott Guthrie is moving, but the entire Web Platform team (= ASP.NET + IIS) is coming with him and will now be organizationally part of the Azure team, along with the WCF and WF teams (which were apparently already part of Azure). The teams ScottGu is leaving behind are the Client Platform team (= Silverlight + WPF), which will now report directly to the head of DevDiv, and the Core Platform team (= CLR + .NET BCL), which will now be part of the same group as the C#/VB teams and Visual Studio (which makes more sense in my opinion).

    The relevance of this news is therefore not so much about who's in charge, but more about the indication that Microsoft now apparently regards the primary business purpose of its web stack to be drawing developers to Azure (much like Internet Explorer being part of Windows organizationally shows that the business purpose of IE is to support Windows). That means that the future direction of ASP.NET will be Azure-centric, which could be bad for .NET web developers who prefer to avoid Azure.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

    @fanbaby: Android, plus the emergence of better languages like Scala implemented on the JVM?

    I recently bought an Android phone for development purposes, but I can't say I'm a big fan yet. I find I keep going back to my Windows phone, but maybe as I learn to use Android better that will change. However, its more flexible platform does enable some app possibilities that WP still lacks, which is why I bought it.

  • MSFT getting killed today

    What investors don't like to see is quitters and failures that don't learn. When Microsoft looked at the Courier or a WP7 tablet, they saw a new product that meant they would have to start over and compete in a brave new world of connected small devices. So what did they do? They circled the wagons. They went back to shoehorning the desktop into a smaller form factor in the hope they can extend their monopoly into a new market. You talked about history. Well, that's the problem; investors have seen this before. It didn't work back then and, with Apple ruining the market for everybody, they don't see why it should work a year from now.

    Has the other strategy worked any better (for anyone other than Apple)? I don't see Android tablets or the PlayBook flying off the shelves; they're perceived as inferior, yet more expensive, iPad imitations. At least running full Windows will be a differentiator.