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crowsol crowsol

Niner since 2007

My focus is on developing business intelligence systems and web applications.

Since 1993 I have served as a consultant, application architect, senior developer, team leader, DBA, and business analyst. I have developed applications for HBK Investments, Inmor Corp., Citigroup, Verizon, The Associates First Capital Corporation, Century 21, Liberty Sports, Excel Telecommunications, Alcatel Network Systems, Microsoft, Educational First Steps and The Childcare Group.

Databases: SQL Server, Ora...
  • Business Intelligence #02a: Developing a Query-Driven E-mail Delivery System

    This is an excellent SSIS demo. I am going to use the ideas  to create a billing notification system for clients of my website development business. I will use an SSIS package similar to the one shown in this demo together with SQL Server Agent to schedule package execution. I will automatically send emails letting my customers know when their payments are due, when their payments are late and when their accounts are suspended (hopefully we will never reach that point). Thanks for the demo! I can't wait to watch the rest of the series.

  • Business Intelligence #00: Platform Overview

    Wow! What a great overview of Microsoft BI. Thank you for putting this series together.

    Is Performance Point a replacement for ProClarity?