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dahat dahat inanity makes my head hurt
  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Karim wrote:
    No, that's the truth, a concept with which you are unfamiliar.

    You need to enable private messaging Karim... because this bit will potentially give ammo to Beer... however I think it’d be funny to see what he’d do.

    In the US at least... a libel/slander case does not rely on something being untrue (as is the case in the UK and presumably Canada as well), but instead requires the proving of malicious intent... so he could drive south and file suit against you and I for our unkind words (in his mind).

    Of course, he’d lose in a heartbeat as libel/slander cases are some of the hardest to prove and are very rarely successful.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    That's also libel. Why don't you give it a rest. Do you get high on this?

    Really? Then here is some more libel for you... Beer, you are a coward. You talk and you talk. You say how grand your company is and how important it is and everything else and never show a thing. You accuse people left and right of being so bad, claiming it’s libel and what not... Do something about it.

    Sue him, hell, sue me! For once in the time you’ve spent here... back up your assertions and do something about it.

    Anything less... and we will continue to know the truth.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    I hope you realize that everything you post Karim Alim, and what Tim anderson posted could all be filed for libel.

    Filing for libel is one thing... winning a claim of libel is quite another.

    I'd be very careful in saying such things Beer... as any reasonable person who was sued by you under such claims would be likely file a counter-claim for damages brought on by your potentially malicious law suit.

    Given your history on this site, as well as the evidence against you, your claims would not likely to be successful... and depending on how you pressed it, would be likely to cause the judge rubber stamp any counter-claims for wasting their (the target and the courts) time on such baseless claims.

    You might laugh inside and say “So what if I lose? I will have hurt whoever I sued for libel by wasting their time and they can’t touch me because I’ve got nothing to take.”... which might be true... however depending on the skill of those you sue... you’d be likely to have just about anything seized of value... you’ve got a car don’t you? And a PC? Some laptops? A PSP?

    Remember, when you file a suit, you quickly and easily open yourself up to counter-suit, and anything you own or have claim to would be considered an asset that could be seized. When one does not have large amounts of resources with which to fight tooth and nail (which you do not have), one should not enter court lightly.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Cybermagellan wrote:
    See Beer no one is saying that your not a corporation....according to ... <removed for length>

    There you go Cyber, quoting the truth like the rest of us... something Beer has been ignoring.

    Notice he didn't respond to my last post about asking him to find a single comment from one of us in this thread, claiming his company was illegal.

    P.S. Karim... save me a seat, I’ll be there, trying to keep a straight face with you!

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    Karim, Shiv, Cybermagellan, jaylittle and dahat, quickly jumped on this to try to say I was running an illegal corporation.

    I'm throwing the bull(I need to watch my language) flag on that play... yet again.

    Find me a single post from any of us in this thread saying that your company was illegal.

    As I said earlier... no one was saying that, but that your company is not what you claim it to be as in the end it is just paper with no released products and just a pile of claims.

    (Edited to remove curse word not picked up)

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    dahat wrote:
    Not unlike someone with MS who has their hand too close to an open flame.

    or dahat and the refrigerator.

    Yet another personal attack from Beer. Amazing!

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    JohnAskew wrote:
    I think he believes that negative press is still press, and with the agenda of finding more adults to use his site, he is pressing for users here on Channel 9.

    It's amazing how thick his skin is, isn't it? He feels in control here.
    Troll duty.

    I disagree... it’s not a matter of skin thickness... but of comprehension.

    I honestly do not believe he knows any better.

    Not unlike someone with MS who has their hand too close to an open flame. They do not pull away quickly because they’ve got thick skin and it doesn’t hurt... but because the pain signals do not reach the brain as quickly as they should, if ever.

    I don’t think he quite understands that he is not wanted here with the way he acts, and rather than accepting that and moving on (as he is encouraging me to do oddly enough), he continues in his delusional stupor.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    jaylittle wrote:
    Beer28 wrote: take the headband off, lose the shades, and for god's sake, shave. Then see if you feel better.

    Ahhhh yes!  The personal insults!  I suppose we'll be seeing your departure anytime now, eh?  Perhaps you can goad Charles into begging you to return to C9 once again!  That I would like to see.

    Not the first time he's done so... and yet he hasn't been banned yet.

    I'm still waiting for the banning from his attacking me back in early November.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    take the headband off, lose the shades, and for god's sake, shave. Then see if you feel better.

    Interesting how you will suggest that other people do things to restore themselves to a more... level headed sense of mind... and yet you never take the advice of... just about everyone who has ever responded to you on here and do the same.

    On one side we’ve got you saying that everyone needs to change. On the other, you’ve got everyone else saying you are crazy and need to wake up to reality.

    Seems like you are... out numbered... why can’t you understand that and accept that maybe... just maybe you are wrong?

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    My favorite was:

    He says that his coders at his site have examined the coding being used by SiteSpaces, and have ascertained that much of it is directly stolen from Myspace.

    Quite a serious allegation, and quite provable.

    This is of course no surprise to those of us who've seen this 'battle' evolve from the initial C&D. I for one look forward to more details, including pictures of the barrel.

    Tix’s response to the pasted e-mail just proves how oblivious he is to what is going on. Not unlike file sharers who engage in illegal copyright infringement claiming that the RIAA is out to stop all file sharing, instead of just the illegal sort.