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dahat dahat inanity makes my head hurt
  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    There is no "next business"

    I didn't say next business, I said next name. Please, if you are going to poke holes in arguments made against you... at least be accurate in your reading!

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    You're gonna call the company imaginary, put your money where your mouth or keyboard is. Back it up.

    With out knowing it... I think you've come up with a great company name... maybe crash`should steal it for the company name he is searching for.

    ImaginarySoftware.com ... no... taken.
    ImaginarySolutions.com... Available.
    ImaginaryTechnology.com... taken.

    On second thought... maybe you should use such a name for yourself when you change your companies name next time... something similar to your products... shame that ImaginaryProducts.com and ImaginaryCompany.com are both taken.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    Now, with that out of the way, you made some pretty serious accusations, accusing me of running an illegal company or non registered corporation. That's a very serious allegation.

    As I read it, he’s not accusing you of running a company illegally, he’s accusing you of touting your company as some grand venture when in fact from all available information it is just a bunch of paper and assertions from you... nothing more.

    For a class back in my undergrad days, I spent a few bucks to found my own company under which I turned in a rather weighty assignment to have fun with the teacher.

    Filing paperwork for the formation of a company is worthless... doing something with the company is quite another... and as of today’s date... you seem to have done as much with your corporation as I did with mine. Of course, the difference is that I started mine with the intent of not doing anything more than using the name... you founded yours it seems with the intent of making money with it... but instead as a piece of entertainment for many of us here when it crash and burns... or at least loads horribly slow.

  • What do you do when you're bored?

    I like to flex my coding muscles building things of little general use... but potential personal use later... my current favorite is basic network protocols. After spending a few weeks on a DNS client and server, I’ve decided to take a break and work on a DHCP client and server.

    But then... I am known to do weird things when I am bored, or to prevent boredom (I do not get bored very often, mostly due to finding other things to do before hand).

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    That's false. Maybe you're computer just sucks.

    Why not just say "I’m not stupid, you’re stupid"... it would be about as mature and logical.

    Of course... blaming their PC for potentially not being able to due justice to the benchmarks is not very effective given you used a pretty non standard format (video vs text)... why not try what I suggested earlier? #’s alone based on repeated tests?

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    jaylittle wrote:
    What boggles my mind is why anybody would spend so much time on such a pointless endeavor.

    You must be new here. Not only is Beer our resident Linux apologist, he is also a great example of what happens when someone stays within their own delusional world and never get help, or see reality.

  • Music Downloading Lawsuits

    Lets not forget that things like warrants and due process are things that exist in the criminal court world… not so in civil courts.
    While such steps wouldn’t make you look very good in the eyes of the judge and/or jury, there are many more evil things one can do in a civil case when collective evidence that could not be (or would be much less likely to be done) in a criminal case.
    In a criminal case the measuring stick is often ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, in a civil case it is often lowered to ‘sounds probable’ sadly.

  • PDC

    IIRC, PDC 2005 tickets were ~2k.
    Also, the age requirement was 21+ due to alcohol being available.
    Finally, if history continues... there will be no PDC 2006 as they tend to go every other year... so your next best chance for it would be in 07.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    I’ve got a rather radical idea... one where Beer can prove his assertions... rather than just pick them out of the void and claim them as the word of God, or Linus.
    Beer, rather than spend so much time arguing your beliefs on this or that... why not actually put your money where your mouth is... and do your own benchmarks?
    No, don’t record a video of you doing some trivial tasks on your machine... but take one of those l33t gaming machines you sell, and run your version of fair benchmarks on it... under both Windows and Linux... and then... publish your numbers.
    No, no videos, but actual, honest to goodness numbers that a person can examine from a distance... not unlike what you find major manufacturers do for why their systems are better than their competitors, or what review sites like Tom’s gives..
    Heck, as a developer of custom software for Linux, just imagine the marketing you could use such tests for as well... just so long as you port your apps over to Windows and benchmark both platforms with BeerCo branded software.
    Don’t you think the world would like to know which platform can host SiteSpaces.net (or the code for it you sell) with more concurrent users without a degradation of performance?
    No no no, don’t tell me now, because I doubt you have the numbers to support your arguments... and without them, you have no chance of credibility.
    Of course if you refuse... you will just verify what many here suspect (or believe), that you are full of nothing but hot air, and excrement (human or dog? It is unclear) and that no “X is better than Y” comment when from you can be taken seriously. Why? Because you refuse even the simplest tests.

  • Desktop Linux versus Windows XP shootout

    Beer28 wrote:
    You may not know this, but linux is actually a multitasking operating system. He can actually do some other things while a program loads, like check his email in thunderbird, or im his coworker, ect...

    Similar to what Karim said... are you saying that the multitasking abilities of Linux are useful in spending time while it’s being wasted by other things... like a slow load of OO.org?
    Having to find other things to do while you wait for your e-mail client or word processor to load... like IMing a co-worker is about as big of a waste of time as the initial long load time.
    No wonder a random person being thrown onto Windows is more productive than if they were thrown onto Linux. If a Windows user has an idea or wants to do something, they don’t have to wait or change gears in order to type it out and/or explore it... instead, they jump right in and save oodles of time that could otherwise be spent watching a loading screen, or alt-tabbing to check progress, or needlessly conversing with co-workers about trivialities.