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dahat dahat inanity makes my head hurt
  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , cbae wrote


    f you don't like having bombs thrown at you, you should stop getting so personal with your posts. Every time you participate in these threads, your posts degenerate into calling me or others "fascists" or "liberal" (as if "liberal" is some sort of insult LOL).

    Funny... in the process of pointing out your growing history of blatant hypocrisy in this thread (let alone others), I also highlight (not complain about, highlight) your baseless bomb throwing as another example of the double standard you act here with... and then proceed to cry about others doing the same.

    Again, hypocrisy .

    If you wish to challenge my definitions of any terms, you are free to do so, unlike you who is so quick to make up your own.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    Allow me once again to demonstrate your ignorance yet again..

    , cbae wrote


    Are Catholics compelled by their religion or their god to take away the rights of those of whom they believe are "sinners"?

    You have repeatedly spoken of people "taking away the rights" of others... specifically Prop 8 voters and it's supports seeking to take rights away from gays.

    First I must ask... why are you so narrow-minded and discriminatory in your views on this? Why do you so incorrectly believe that Prop 8 only affected those interested in same-sex marriage?

    Like it or not, marriage has long been understood to be between a man and a woman in this country*, and the 'right' to it did not care of gender... a man who is straight, by or gay has the same (in general) 'right' to marry a woman who is gay, straight or bi.

    (* and is something that is changing)

    Like the explicit right to keep and bear arms... not all avail themselves of it, some because they choose other things (priesthood, single life), some because they can't find who/what they are looking for, others because they may not be interested.

    Speaking of "marriage equality" has long been a canard, it was not about true equality as I can go through a slew of other kinds of marriages that remain prohibited.

    Instead it is an expansion of the definition to remove the inherent "of a different sex" qualifier to the existing statutes... with the same existing restrictions that were in place before (ie not already married, not close kin, of age, etc).

    That's correct... the 'right' to marriage expansion we saw here in Washington back in 2012 implicitly extended the 'right' to marriage to same-sex couples while it explicitly applied to ALL individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or type of coupling they desired.

    Again... why are you choosing to be so narrow-minded & discriminatory with regards to who these laws apply to?

    You heard that right, I (as a heterosexual man) now also have the 'right' to marry someone of the same sex... well, provided I provided I divorce my wife first... though even with that 'right', I do not have much interest in exercising it.

    If you want to have a discussion about this... could you at least use the correct terminology and fact based arguments?

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    @evildictaitor:Well said, but remember to go back to what I said earlier about the need for a blanket amnesty after any kind of civil war... but I do need to highlight something you said given the actions of one here (emphasis mine):

    , evildictait​or wrote

    It seems to me that the best resolution here is that people should be entitled to hold bigoted views if they so choose, because mob-rule declaring that certain views are "off-limits" and people holding those views should be outed and have their careers destroyed is not liberalism, it's fascism, no matter how you dress it up and pretend that it's for the "greater good".

    One form of it at least.

    The world we are now entering will see the same proponents of the evil of $1000 6 years earlier, likely equally happy to seek out other leaked donor roles from other organizations they disfavor.

    "Did you donate to an Planned Parenthood? Well you are against the rights of the unborn and are unfit to hold this position"

    "Did you donate to National Right to Life? Well you are against the rights of women to choose and are unfit to hold this position"

    Are they prepared to live in a world where a simple Like of Obama for America or the Republican National Convention will be used as sufficient reason that a person is unqualified for a position because of previous stances?

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , cbae wrote


    Oh, I know what hypocrisy means. Being a proponent of a philosophy that promotes "selfishness" and "self-reliance" and then engaging in what's tantamount to web-based panhandling pretty much exemplifies hypocrisy. How are you enjoying the low interest rates of those loans guaranteed by the "big government" that you hate so much?

    So not only you a Mussolini-style fascist and proven hypocrite yourself (with your own words no less) who favors discrimination against certain groups you find undesirable... but you base your bomb throwing... purely on your interpretations of the philosophy you believe I subscribe to.

    That you once again for confessing your ignorance in this (like so many) issue(s)!

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , Jason818 wrote

    Will you please stop throwing the word bigot around. You don't even know what it is when you your self are doing the same thing. Discriminating against some one who's views you do not like. 

    Why would you expect him to stop now?

    He has a history of throwing around words which he doesn't understand the meaning of.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , cbae wrote

    [quote]You're a conservative. You seem to be empathizing with somebody who voted to take away the rights of gay people. Quacks like a duck.

    You again try to frame it in terms of sexuality and my views about it... #Fail.

    I've a fan of free speech... not just free from government retaliation, but also in the wider world and do not support ANY orchestrated attempts to deprive or punish those who say something that others disagree with.

    I've long said that if the KKK, Democrat Party or NAMBLA want to march down my street... they are welcome to it, despite the fact I am vehemently against most of what they say.

    Spot the difference yet?

    This case just happens to be the most recent, visible and discussed here.

    Any other baseless labels you are going to try to apply?

    Why did you feel the need matter-of-factly mention that you're surprised that you agree with Andrew Sullivan, as if anybody here knows you well enough to even give rat's * about how much or how little you agree with Andrew Sullivan?

    You would think that by now... you'd understand some people have different opinions about different things... even people who others define as on the same side of some other issues may still disagree on others.


    Same sex marriage was legal in California BEFORE Proposition 8 went on the ballot, my dear friend.

    For what... 6 months?

    It's always so fun when liberals ignore history (their default state).

    SSM was legal in CA only because of a state Supreme Court ruling which threw out a previous initiative which explicitly banned it since 2000 (Prop 22)... Prop 8 sought to revert to the previous (prohibited) state... the same thing the State Supreme Court actually did in 2004 when it actually nullified marriages that were granted unlawfully in a few locals.

    But again... Yes, the anti-Prop 8 folks decided to make an issue of it in this case as they were apparently ok with his previous role for the last 6 years, only in the last month was the $1000 from a six years ago suddenly an issue.

    How so? Are you saying that companies that have its fair share of bigoted employees will operate more effectively than those that don't simply because of the "diversity" of backgrounds?

    Actually... I'm mocking those who like you who cite the policies of Mozilla as a justification for why he should not have the top job, you/they call for inclusiveness & diversity... but just cannot stomach those who disagree in their midst's... and not because the outlier is specifically doing anything harmful, doubly so when in his public comments recently does sound more tolerant than the likes of you or the mob opposing him.

    I'm willing to accept your claim if you provide evidence to support it. Until that happens, I'm going to assume that having a CEO who personally disagrees with his own company's official position is probably not a good thing, especially when the company gets so much support because of that "official position".

    Um... https://brendaneich.com/2014/03/inclusiveness-at-mozilla/ ?

    There are many parts of the Constitution that are "technical" in nature. Why do you have the right to vote when you're 18 and not when you're 17? It's a technicality.

    No... it's called the 26th Amendment... but then I understand your issues with the Constitution.


    Of course... all of this is moot as you've still not addressed the larger issue at hand... whether you will in fact be resigning from your position... or demonstrating once and for all the height of your hypocrisy.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , cbae wrote

    I never said that these people making such accusations were intelligent. It's not as much a misunderstanding of terms, as it is an inability to recognize false equivalencies.

    Yet you are the one making such false equivalences.

    I didn't call for him to get fired. I'm saying people calling for a boycott of Mozilla were justified in their actions.

    You are justifying their actions, and even supporting the outcome... sure sounds like you were & are onboard.

    It's pretty easy to say you're sorry for "having caused pain" and still believe what you did was the right thing.

    So... you want a non-apology apology?

    I thought his words on the subject in the last month were quite clear, being far more open to inclusiveness & diversity than you.

    He still has not admitted that voting "yes" on Proposition 8 was wrong.

    Like I said, you sure sound to be on board as you are clearly proscribing which is the 'right' side and which side he too should agree with and willing to allow no difference... again, we call this intolerance.

    The law was already ruled unconstitutional.

    Has he said it wasn't?

    He might as well admit that he's a flat Earther. Anybody who voted "yes" on Proposition 8 is going to be on the wrong side of history, and he's still sticking to his guns.

    Says the voice of tolerance and inclusiveness once again.

    Seriously, what's it like to be so intolerant of other peoples views?

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , magicalclick wrote

    Firefox CEO doesn't have to answer anyone, but, he has to answer to the PR mess he created. Without stepping down from the company, the boycott will escalate to a point that such negative image will become irreversible. Anyone who still work with the company will be branded as LGBT haters as well.

    You assume that won't happen anyway... the brand has already suffered damage due to situation not created by him, but brought to light by others and amplified against him and, creating a rather chilling effect of political donations that could be leaked.

    Besides, Fire Fox is now in third place behind Chrome and has been losing ground for a while... this situation will probably accelerate that.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , cbae wrote


    Why would you hate to admit that a well-known conservative blogger is "right" when it's pretty obvious that you're a conservative? Because he's gay?

    Again you seem to be revealing more about your own views than my own. Did I mention sexuality? You did... interesting where your mind goes to look for reasons.

    'Trig Trutherism' and his obsession with Sarah Palin is my reason for not spending much time reading him, and less time citing him.

    , cbae wrote


    Same-sex marriage shouldn't even be an issue. That's how backward that mentality is.

    Yet it was the anti Prop 8 folks who decided to make it an issue in this case.

    CEOs of tech companies should be forward-thinking and need to be held to higher standards than the 52% of the ignorant masses in California that voted "yes" on Proposition 8.

    Translation: Inclusiveness & diversity out! Double Standards in!

    The 48% of us knew this wasn't going to withstand Constitutional muster.

    You realize that it only was struck down in the end because of a standing technicality... right? So it on itself wasn't even judged based on it's constitutional muster.

  • Brandan Eich Steps Down as CEO of Mozilla

    , blowdart wrote


    Which is the same intolerance he showed them. So they spoke out.

    You don't see the difference between a single person and a legion?

    More so... why was this not an issue over the previous 6 years as the donor list in question was not exactly leaked this year?

    Freedom of speech works both ways, and apparently political money is speech.

    You seem to be suggesting that I am suggesting that the mob didn't have the 'right' to do what they did, I am not.

    As much as I hate to admit it... Andrew Sullivan is right on this: http://dish.andrewsullivan.com/2014/04/03/the-hounding-of-brendan-eich/