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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Meanwhile, at Microsoft

    @Sven Groot: Flannel RULES! :)  ... oh ok ... and electric horses.

  • Why do some programmers write code this way?

    @cbae: I can see that when the developer is focused on the domain problem and doesn't circle back to give it the technical focus.

  • So much for artists rights to their material

    Arg. Google is to music what Silk Road is to the drug trade.

    I wonder if part of their algorithm for review involves number of views. i.e. if less than X we won't worry about it because the fines won't be that bad.


  • Anyone using Azure SQL Database?

    We use SQL Azure.  Although we don't connect across the internet to it.  Going from on-premise <1 ms network latency to internet 30+ ms latency could be a biggie.

    There is no concept of a backup in SQL Azure like on-premise.  Recently Azure started offering a mechanism to make scheduled backups (on my list to further investigate).  However, if you have a need for a backup to be made before a certain business process is allowed to execute or if you have a need for a user to trigger a backup whenever they would like then that is going to be a eye opener.  Right now in SQL Azure you have to make a copy of the database and then make a backup of the copy in order to have a transactionally consistent backup.

    Another thing to consider is how disjointed the life cycle could/would become between SQL Azure and the on-premise MSSQL.  Right now all things Azure are changing at breakneck speeds and that needs to be considered.

  • Awwwww Yeah...


  • Internet or a web of networks

    , figuerres wrote


    also if the internet peering billing is done the way they used to do Telco peering it's based on even sharing of traffic and getting the other peer to pay more if they send more.

    From what they have stated that does seem to be the norm still today.  What doesn't seem to be the norm though (at least in this case it sounds like it isn't) is when the network traffic is out of balance the affected party should bill the provider on the other side of the edge.  That provider then in turn bills up their stack.  Apparently that isn't the norm today I gather.

  • Internet or a web of networks

    What is perplexing me is why the market economics don't flow back up the stack.

    customer -> last-mile ISP -> backbone ISP -> Netflix

    Unless Verizon wants to be both a last mile and a backbone network.

  • Internet or a web of networks

    @ScanIAm: Yep. Level 3 says there is working hardware there with 4 more available ports (doubling the current 4 ports in use).

  • Internet or a web of networks

    (Thanks to Barry's retweet)

    Why is Netflix Buffering? Dispelling the Congestion Myth



    Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa



    I get the sense that Netflix believes, that once its internet traffic is on the internet, its internet traffic is somehow guaranteed to be equally delivered to every single end user device.  It is almost as if they think of the internet as a single thing rather than a cobbled together set of competitors who ferry traffic over a physical landscape.


    What regulator provides "ISP" status to a given entity? Does that regulator specify that the ISP must handle all edge network traffic and further the edge network traffic congestion must remain below x% threshold? I presume not based on the two posts.  I can see why too as that would allow a large ISP to crush smaller network providers with capital expenditures spent on the edge.


    It does bring to the foreground this conflict of perception about what is the Internet, doesn't it?

  • Improving the development process at a small startup

    , Kental2 wrote

    ... the guy who does all of the dealing with customers ...


    The guy has the ability to decide what the customer needs based on what the customer is saying even though the customer doesn't even realize what they are saying.