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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • .NET for iOS and Android coming ...

    @Charles: I'd hazard to guess that Scott already has a cell phone snippet with Miguel.  He just forgot its on his phone.  Smiley

  • I just got this message from my aunt about my other aunt ...

    @Richard.Hein: Isn't it AMAZING to see the gulf between techies and non-techies!

    Note: I've got aunts also.... and grandmothers ... and grandfathers ... and uncles ... and ...

  • Why do vertical lines appear on monitor, when left on overnight?

    @RodAtWork: Did the problem exist on this same machine before the new Dell monitor was installed?

    If the problem started with the install of the new Dell monitor then the drivers for the monitor may be outdated or corrupt.

    The user comes in and see the lines on the screen and you say it needs a hard power off.  Could the CPU be just fine and the user thinks it is unresponsive because the monitor output isn't working?

  • Is it me or does HTML5, CSS 3 and Javascript seem like a big step backwards?

    @SuperSpit: I don't think it is so much a big step backwards as much as just a common enough general approach at connecting disparate entities.  Much like the shopping cart concept at every major retailer, It's a very basic common concept that a customer can quickly determine how to use.

    I think web browsers are like shopping carts.  They all have the same basic operations and the operation set is simple enough for most.

    Much like a hardware retail store has lumbar carts  that work much better than the traditional shopping cart, I'd like to see the browser start being used to hand off to applications that do a much better job in their specific area.

    I think the web right now is in a struggle to make the web browser the end all be all for everything.

  • The Radio

  • Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed?

    Which line in your post is 555?

    C:\Users\Developer\Desktop\deerfield\src\core\Deerfield\Deerfield.Base\Controls\DataGridView.cs:line 555

  • Problems watching videos on Channel 9?

    I had the problem yesterday but today they are fine.

  • The hardest part about programming is...

    Programming for the sake of getting something visual for decision makers to wrap their heads around only to find out they like it as is and now we have to support it for 10 years.

  • Broomball

    I ran across a few Bing hits of microsofties playing broomball.  Nice.

    And here I thought no one outside the frozen north knew about it.  I've been playing broomball, on and off, longer than I can remember.  1996 or 7 I think was my first year playing.

    Who else plays broomball?

  • Single Digit Community?

    Yep.  The history of losing posts is a wound that definitely needs to be healed.  Web browsers.  The whole concept of "POST" which often requires session context combined with the need to timeout sessions just blows.

    @Craig_Matthews: that sounds like a horrible track record.  i know i have lost posts before but never as regularly as you describe.  hopefully you aren't seeing that frequency in the new channel9 rev.

    @mikexkearney: Dovella reposting links is a great example of the current scattering of information.  People run across things that they feel they shouldn't have run across (i.e. it shouldn't involve the act of seeking in the first place) so they post them for the benefit of others.  I can't fault them as this is the nature of the web it seems (sadly).

    I wonder what your experiences would be if a Channel9 app were the interface rather than a browser.