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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Feedback mechanism

    i'd be happy with a button to ignore a poster.  i'd like my profile listing to show who ignored me so i know that i have stepped out of line.  ignores would last 1 month.  i'd want profiles i ignore to show my profile as ignoring them.

  • My encounter with the inventor of Quicksort

    Wow.  That seems rude.  He must really hate iPad.  Wait.  You did shave this year didn't you?  Smiley

  • The Radio

    Some Friday humor

  • Interviews

    @PaoloM: Taken under advisement.  I'll re-evaluate.  If it helps spivonious then that is the point.

  • Interviews


    I like this part

    created to maintain address book entries for both businesses and people

    and then there isn't any significant differences in the rest of the description to warrant such a distinction.  That alone makes the data structures on one side of the brain fight against the data structures from the other side of the brain.  Frustration over non-sense. 

    Each business must have exactly one primary address and, optionally, one or more secondary addresses.

    Reading this reminded me of English class where the teacher stressed the avoidance of double negatives.  This isn't a double negative but it sure could have been written in a clearer manner.

    A person has exactly one primary address only.

    This just drives me batty.  What about folks who don't currently have a primary address.  What about persons who had a primary address initially but do not any more?  Why can't a person have a secondary address?  What about my farmhouse is Switzerland?  My vacation home in Rome?  The yacht docked at the South American pier?  This is a bad rule.  More frustration over non-sense.

    A business may have zero or more associated people.

    Again more frustration.  Why can't a business be associated with another business.  Why the hard coded structure? 

    A person may be associated with no more than (i'm guessing the number "1" was here and was lost in the paste) business.

    Now person is starting to sound more like an employee.  But gone are the days of an employee ONLY working for one company at a time.  More frustration over non-sense.

    I spent about 1 hour so far deciphering the assigned task, creating the database structure, roughing out the website GUI, and roughing out the WPF maintentance GUI.  The frustration of the business rules told me it was time to stop and take a vacation.

    something representative of four to eight hours worth of work

    Who said those hours had to be contiguous.  Smiley  More feedback later.

  • Challenge

    ... I will sail with my armies ...

    Sounds like you want to replace the Microsoft gorilla with one of your own.  Seems in conflict with the rest of your message.  Maybe that was a typo.  Maybe a subconscious slip.  Doubtful that will win any fans.

  • Oracle​Exception not being caught

    This may be of help.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/129876

  • The Radio

  • really microsoft... really?

    Regarding microsoft online content.  It seems there is a lot of content at a high level from the marketing folks and a lot of specific content at a low level from the techies but there is a lack of bridge content that links the two and gives context about the topic (past, present, and future).

  • Interviews

    @spivonious: Can you share the specification doc that was given to you from which to create the example app?  If so upload it to skydrive and post a link.  I'm curious.

    Depending on the specifics in the doc I wonder if you could create a solution that addresses all the requirements using tools and technologies you already know.  I know that wasn't the focus of the hiring party but this is to address the hurt confidence.