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Dave Williamson davewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!
  • Political thread. Difficulty: no raymond postings

    , W3bbo wrote


    Well, if we're going to exchange recommend viewing material, I might recommend this one by Adam Curtis:


    checked it out.  watched every second,  wasn't quite sure how the discussion of positive liberty and negative liberty related to your original subject matter of

    "I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the role of the state in shaping society. I proposed that increased social programs funded by the taxpayer can work to prevent disenfranchisement and ghettoisation and so rise the 'baseline' of society which in turn benefits everyone eventually"

    but by minute 59:00 of the video when the end statements swung back to postive liberty then i figured out where your coming from.  i think very unsurely.

    i believe that state government should be the representative of its people and the federal government is the agent for the states.  neither the state nor federal governments play a role in shaping society as they mearly reflect their constituents and do not shape their constituents.  the people can work to prevent disenfranchisement for other people.  your question was "is it ethical to resume "the experiment" ".  i don't know that i can answer that because i'm not sure i understand what you think the "experiment" entails.  if you think the "experiment" entails the theory of negative liberty with the inclusion of force to spread the idea of liberty then the "experiment" should not be resumed.  if you think the "experiment" entails the theory of positive liberty then the "experiment" should not be resumed.  if you think the "experiment" entails the theory of negative liberty without the use of force to spread the idea of liberty then yes the "experiment" should be resumed.

    you make the statement that ""The Great Experiment" of the USA has worked, there's no denying that".  i'd have to disagree if it entails the use of force to spread liberty.  it has only been in the most recent of the 200+ year history that the USA has used force beyond defensive force on such a large scale to try and create a pocket of liberty in the middle of a zone without.  it has only been in the most recent of the 200+ year history that the USA has gotten away from individual liberty and leaned torward an inverted model where the federal government is at the top of the hierarchy, states below that, local governments below that, the people on the bottom (the reality is the hierarchy isn't quite there yet but sure seems to be getting close to it).  we do not need to resume the "experiment" if this is part of the "experiment".  the hierarchy should always be the people at the top, local government representatives, state government representatives, and the federal government who works for the state governments as an agent representative.  as such only the people have the true power to shape society.  it is up to people to help people.


    , cheong wrote

    The average price of 30 days is to be calculated in backend at day end, because of volume of data and the repeatative nature of calculation.


    I took his comment to mean that it would be better to take the performance hit executing the view at the end of the day than to take the performance hit with each insert/update/delete throughout the day.

  • Political thread. Difficulty: no raymond postings

    @W3bbo: so i guess a viewing party over chips and beer is out.  Sad


    to take ScanIAm one step further.  you could create a view that has the additional calculated column.

  • Political thread. Difficulty: no raymond postings

    @W3bbo: Here is some good timing for your pondering.  http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2011/05/20/entitlement-nation-makers-vs-takers/

    It starts next week.

  • Finish off the tag line ... "If you havn't got an iPhone ..."

    @Ian2: then your one of the majority of the 6.92 billion people on the planet who also do not.

  • .NET for iOS and Android coming ...

    @Charles: I'd hazard to guess that Scott already has a cell phone snippet with Miguel.  He just forgot its on his phone.  Smiley

  • I just got this message from my aunt about my other aunt ...

    @Richard.Hein: Isn't it AMAZING to see the gulf between techies and non-techies!

    Note: I've got aunts also.... and grandmothers ... and grandfathers ... and uncles ... and ...

  • Why do vertical lines appear on monitor, when left on overnight?

    @RodAtWork: Did the problem exist on this same machine before the new Dell monitor was installed?

    If the problem started with the install of the new Dell monitor then the drivers for the monitor may be outdated or corrupt.

    The user comes in and see the lines on the screen and you say it needs a hard power off.  Could the CPU be just fine and the user thinks it is unresponsive because the monitor output isn't working?

  • Is it me or does HTML5, CSS 3 and Javascript seem like a big step backwards?

    @SuperSpit: I don't think it is so much a big step backwards as much as just a common enough general approach at connecting disparate entities.  Much like the shopping cart concept at every major retailer, It's a very basic common concept that a customer can quickly determine how to use.

    I think web browsers are like shopping carts.  They all have the same basic operations and the operation set is simple enough for most.

    Much like a hardware retail store has lumbar carts  that work much better than the traditional shopping cart, I'd like to see the browser start being used to hand off to applications that do a much better job in their specific area.

    I think the web right now is in a struggle to make the web browser the end all be all for everything.